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Tell us about your groups
14 years ago
| Blue Label

groups This is a space for everyone to tell us all about the wonderful groups they may host or be members of. Please offer us a brief description of the group and a link to it .

One rule – no bad mouthing of any kind please just positive stuff OK.

14 years ago


I host 2 groups here on Care2.

First of all, & to give you an idea as to why I choose to Host these groups - please let me say:  I care about what is happening in the world - and to the earth - & the repercussions it will no doubt have on US the human race.

My oldest group is :

SOS - Mother EARTH in BIG trouble

Through the media of this group we try to highlight the seriousness of GLOBAL  WARMING.   We also try to include animal petitions & any other worthy cause.  We were recent winners of a Shining Star `Award` for BEST enviromental group. 


My more recent group is :-

BiRd Flu

I started this group because I believed (and still do) that our governments are NOT very forthcoming when it comes to telling us everything that we should know.  In addition to posting the main DAILY News, we have also endeavoured via various articles to cover DIETARY issues (including HERBAL) which `may` stand to improve our IMMUNE system should this virus ever become a pandemic.  We also post links to various other `forums` online - including the FluWiki website which is now accessed by `experts`  The reason we do so is because we very much appreciate that we cannot possibly, on our own, be a total source of information, but rather we only form part of a greater number of people who are doing their best to `educate` others  at the moment about this escalating virus.


Hugz to all.  

(and THANK YOU to Tony for starting this thread) 

14 years ago

Hi everyone.  I am Host of Excentrics (very small group, I am still learning how to host)  also Co Hostess of Being a Woman the Host is Uno D and she is one of my first and dearest friends on care 2. also co hostess of Bohemian Sanctuary Hosted by Ross J.  A fun group with alot of heartfelt earthsaving topics.

I am in quite a few writing groups as that is what I do also a few art groups as I am also an illustrator.  I have so many interests I end up being in a zillion groups and rarely can keep up.

Best to all,


14 years ago


I'm co-host over at Aries Energized as well as Mind, Body, Spirit - the Holistic Way.  The first group is self-explanatory, I guess.  It's a place where those of us filled with Aries Fire can hang out and 'chill' with each other! LOL

MBS is a group dedicated to the well being whole-beings .  We discussed alternative healing modalities, energy, spirit, etc., focusing on health of mind, body and spirit. I do intuitive card readings over there, and RAIN (who is da BOMB of a Hostess) is constantly bringing wonderful articles, games and mind tweekers to the group.  She also does dream interpations!

I'm very proud to say that the group is regularly nominated (and wins) for various categories.  It's a very wonderful, pleasant place - no flaming or whatnot. loving and peaceful.

Hugs to all,


The binding freedom of the Force
14 years ago

If you want to know more about the force go here:

 The Force 

14 years ago
The Force is created by life and the same life it creates generates it. The Force is in the Star Wars movies but I don't call myself a jedi because I believe in the Force. Theoretically one could use the energy of the Force but no one I know has been able to manifest anything like that.
14 years ago
This is a long standing Unlock Reality Group which deserves a plug.

I am hosting here....
14 years ago

Prepare to Unlock Reality

This you all should know

Tá fáilte romhat i Éire   

For everyone who loves the Emerald Isle, Ireland

Bring more laughter, joy, hope and sunshine on Earth, everyday!

Keyword: Positivity (to give and to receive)  

I love giraffes!

Do I need to say more?


About a community in France and all what has to with 'their message for the world and her civilians'

My new group
14 years ago

I created a new group called the Prune Belly Syndrome.  My twin grandson has this since birth and I made this site to provide information and support to others who might have a child with this syndrome or other types of medical conditions.

I do not have a lot there except information and links but a few of my new friends from Care2 are helping me.



hi there
14 years ago

shameless plug .. I host two groups one is the beauty squad mainly about making this world beautiful through ecco stuff and gardening ...

and the second which some of you are members is the Dreamspell Connectins which is based on the mayan Dreamspell .. i decode folks and then  post the decoding for the day and for those born today ..we also work on a different 13 day calender called the wavespell which is more attuned to nature rythms and we occaisonally post really mind blowing stuff mainly astrological ..have I sold it?... well we reached 100 members whcih I reckon is critical mass for any project ever everyone who knows me knows i love a big party so come along and let me decode you with  love only love Eirwenxxx

14 years ago

I would like to introduce one of my groups in care2 too. It is the group welcome to the evolution. It is about the Mayan Calendar mostly about the Tun Calendar which is talking about the evolution of our planet. This is a different version than the Dream spell Calendar. You will find mostly information from Carl Johann Calleman and Ian Ixel Lunghold . Their teaching which are verifed by the Mayan Elders are very connected with the Oneness Celebration.
Ian Ixel Lunghold was a very intuitive man who found the key to translate the Mayan days into the Gregorian Calendar. ( veryfied by the Mayan Elders) He past away last year after a long illness and was asking his friends to spread the information. I did.
Carl Johann Calleman was his friend and both worked together. You will find many links on this site so if you think this is something for you .. Have a look YOu are welcome
all look good here...t
14 years ago

i am co-host of the jazzgroup. if you pop by my page and click the second link it will take you there. open and free to all who wish to partake. i believe in covering a broad spectrum of music in that field and most musical topics that only  hint at jazz are deemed acceptable and of interest.

if you happen to click on the first link by mistake it will take you to my own music.(oops .. am i plugging here?) laughing.

Felicity's Groups
14 years ago

Thanks for allowing this thread as many hosts are against it.

I host Spiritual Name - Address :

I host Happiness Psychic Counselling - Address -

And to feed my face, I do it professionally at :

If any address is typed wrong, I apologise but I have a dyslexic guide, so just let me know.

L & L


p.s. I manage a lot more but do not wish to make extra work for myself at this time, because studying to be a professional Counsellor, so can handle what I have given out.

14 years ago

 59 members

Make A Difference
 237 members

Survivors' Safe Haven
 64 members

A Woman's Prerogative
 82 members

Art and Mental Illness
 34 members

 12 members

Hello to are more than welcome to come and join any of of the groups. We would love to have you.

14 years ago

My name is Lynn  and I host a group called Absolutely Single. You will enjoy this group probably more than your favorite TV show.

14 years ago

A shameless plug for the group I host on my chosen adopted homeland...please come and visit...

 Isle of Man - Ellan Vannin 

14 years ago

Linux for Newbies

Hi Kids, I am the one called Eddie, and I don't know how
it happened exactly, but I host a linux group. I'm new to Linux and Love it because it works great, it's FREE, and it offers an alternative to the shackles of micro-$oft.

" Let freedom reign "

14 years ago


For all the thousands of groups on Care2 there wasn't one for trannys!

There is now!   %#&!*%

My groups...
14 years ago

To teach others....

To help myself....

Also, check the books for sale on spirituality.

God bless, J

My groups.
14 years ago

 Century Yours? and Time travel

I am  one of the co hosts in this group. You pick any time you would like to live in and 'run' a 'village'.


I am a member in here. Everyone is so supportive and friendly.


This group has helped me come to terms with the loss of my family members and my friends. Such words of encouragement from all in here.

 Yah Yah Yah Sisterhood Cyber-Spa and Chalet (THE PLAY) Frenc h Alps

On a lighter note this group realy gets you involved. You pick a character you want to play. It certanly gets the grey matter

14 years ago
I host a group for the program Macromedia Flash..basically for flash support and to get help with projects..

14 years ago
Here is a good UR site I found, specially if you like Bill & Ted. click the Play music button.

Jesus Is The TruthThe Way And Life :Peace in Jesus amen
14 years ago
14 years ago
There’s a New UR group just kicking off over on MySpace. I’ve had a look around and lets just say ‘the gloves are off’ on MySpace – so it should develop into something fun!

UR Boy
14 years ago
One more, Sunglasses for this one!

The UR Effect
Groups - you may join any of them!
14 years ago
14 years ago

I host Memoirs. It's really neat because people from all over Care2 come here to share there art. Whatever type of art that may be. We have painters, writers, car designers, furniture makers, and even people who work with wild animals.

Feel free to come check it out!

UFTO Consciousness Group
14 years ago
Hi, I'm a co-host of a group called "Unified Field Theory of Consciousness" along with a couple of wonderful gentlemen I have been blessed with as friends.

The purpose of the group is to discuss recent advances in Mind Science (ie...The Quantum Mind, Psychology as defined through physics)

We are new (1 week old) and are still building a base of topics and gathering thoughts.  Please come join's bound to get interesting!
14 years ago

I host some interesting groups to help.


There we chat, I do Spiritual names, we have readers and just have fun.


Also readings, names and fun, just no chat room.

L & L


14 years ago


I have two groups that I host...One I am host, the other co-host..

SAVE FELINES FROM TORTURE (183)Yankees Always The Champs (20)

Save Felines is a group where our goal is to educate people about animal cruelty and how people should not test on animals and that animal experimentation is NOT needed..

Yankees, always the champs is a group I started just because I love the Yankees..also I seen a Red Sox group so figured there had to be a YANKEES group!! LOL

14 years ago

Ref: Topic FAILURE!

I've just finished a session in a form I co-moderate and was doing a reply on Bush and why USA airforce is busy dropping bombs on Australia in training exercises! It was just what I needed!

come and visit us!

not hard to miss me - I'm the only woman around the place!

14 years ago
Oops, that last one was from:

Megan has received 17 new, 82 total stars from Care2 membersMegan has been awarded 24 butterflies for taking action at Care2 Megan B.
 6:57 AM

14 years ago

Hi, my name is Lynn and I host the group Absolutely Single. We are over 1700 right now and growing everyday. Check us out ?

14 years ago

The only really important group i host or cohost is:


13 years ago

Arthor has received 45 new, 517 total stars from Care2 membersArthor has been awarded 5 butterflies for taking action at Care2 Arthor R.
 Tuesday, 6:46 AM
While I'm sure many of us are happy that you are enjoying your visit here Kenneth, others actually can't help but feel sorry for you.

You see, we know you have been banned from other groups, and that you hang around here because we are one of the few groups who would tolerate a troll like you.

But don't mistake our tolerance for ignorance, and don’t mistake our responses for valued attention. You may be getting some words said to you, but there is little or no respect for you here, and there won’t be until you stop swearing at us, and start acting like a decent human being. The choice is yours.
13 years ago
I everyone, i have just made a little website to UR and thought you might like to check it out.

Here is a link.....

13 years ago
Hey, that's cool!
13 years ago
Nice one BFG
13 years ago
Hi guys this is my bro's web site, he's not around at the momment so i thought i'd post it here for him!
13 years ago

What we can do to stop Global Warming (Cohost)

Flea market

A Dog-Gone Good Natural Pets Group (Cohost)
13 years ago
Well I joined your Happy Destiny group and am now awaiting approval. The tension is killing me. Hope I pass the audition.
13 years ago

I am the Host of Pits In Canada here on Care 2. I decided to start this group because  many people are uneducated on these dogs & believe everything the media says "Ya, because the media never lies"lol. It is also a place where people with the love for the breed can come & share stories or just talk! 

eW Lvoe to Lguah in Sramt Lnagauge
13 years ago

is a new goup stared by myself and friend Litha M and everyone is welcome to join!

"You are wlmcoe to jion our guorp if you lvoe to lguah, and you can raed tihs and witre lkie tihs. Its smilpe all tpoics are jkoes wittren in tihs from. So gvie us yuor bset, and rmemebr the frsit and lsat ltteer is alyaws in the prpoer pclae. LOL LMAO OTF"
13 years ago
Just One

Spirituality/Consciousness of ONE where reigns love, peace, calm, compassion, tolerance, kindness et al. Discussions on the concept of ONE and Oneness; Soul; Beingness through acceptance and allowance; evolution/ascension and similar


Welcome to JUST ONE group where we wish to participate in the growing desire for universal understanding on the conscious spirituality of ONENESS. All we ask is for genuine loving and caring for all our brothers and sisters here and a willingness to participate through sharing and desire to seek a more conscious understanding and expression of unity and oneness in our lives. While religions are fully respected, ONEness goes beyond the religious life to seek the understanding that all are connected in and through the divine. Thus all is ONE being expressed through the myriads of individual and group aspects which we all uniquely image. Thank You for being here. The Hosts

13 years ago

Hi My group is just on its totering legs and it is about the meanings behind certain words. It is a Pagan based group mainly the Goddess but we do enjoy all opions. My co-host has a thread for those intrested in rune readings. WE have topics on moon magick (and yes that is spelt correctly). We are intrested in what your own name means or what your home town/city might have got its name from. We also have a thread on what the deities names mean in the modern day English language. So come on come and have a peek at

Care2Guru ! ! !
13 years ago
What does it mean to be a Hare Krishna? What can I do to end suffering in this world? How do I revive my God Consciousness? Does chanting really help? How can I become a human being instead of a human doing?
Care2Guru (1016)<------with Subhadra doing 99% of the work we just went over 1000 members.
My group RedMoon Lodge
13 years ago

My group is the Red Moon Lodge. A group for women to share their experiences of menstruation, blood magick and mysteries. to celebrate the uniqueness that is woman. Come to the moon lodge for retreat, rest and sisterhood. I hope it can be a place to share help and advice on the practicalities of working through the joys and the difficulties women can have with their cycles. As well as a place to discuss and experience the more mystical aspects of the blood mysteries. It is also open to the sympathetic men who support us and want to understand what this can mean are welcome too.


rae x

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13 years ago
I find that, without exception, women are relieved and grateful when they find that I'm willing to discuss this with them.
Tell us about your groups
12 years ago

I have a yahoo group which discusses tantra, unconditional love, sharing motivational messages, and techniques to enhance all subtle energy of your body.




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