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Thanks for joining!
8 years ago

Hello everyone,

Im new here but just looking around makes me feel that this is a good group with other people in mind.

A little about me I run a missing children and adults network i am retired have been married to my wife Veronica for forty years and we have three grown up children.

We have added so many members in the last year!
9 years ago




I wanted to take a moment and thank all of you even if you haven't had a chance to introduce yourselves!

Kristi K






Thanks for joining!
10 years ago



Habitat for Humanity is a great cause and thank you for supporting it by joining this group!

Kristi K

New to group!!
10 years ago

Hello all!! I am new to care2, I love this site and all the opportunities to meet new people, sign petitions to do some good and learn about about a lot of issues!! I recently signed up to volunteer at my local HFH center and am looking forward to hearing from them soon and doing some work!!

Looking forward to meeting other supporters and learning from their experience. Take care!!


11 years ago

Hey there! I'm Matt from FreshMinistries.

FreshMinistries is a multi-faith, non-profit-humanitarian organization dedicated to creating communities around the globe in which all people—regardless of race, gender, nationality or religion—have equal access to the educational tools, community support and economic opportunities needed to live, healthy productive lives. We have worked closely with HabiJax (Habitat for Humanity in Jacksonville) to bring affordable housing to "forgotten" communities.

I look forward to networking with some of you and learning more about why you're here!

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11 years ago



Group History

New here. Tuesday, 2:01 PM

Hey folks I'm Dave.  I'm still getting the hang of this site, I'm involved in environmentally active groups in my community, and have always been interested in volunteering for Habitat for Humanity.  Hopefully I've come to the right place!

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11 years ago

 Hello all, I'm new to the Care2 community.  I'm hoping I might be able to serve some good purpose here at HfH.  I have no experiance or even much knowledge about HfH, other than I believe it is a noble and much needed group.  I'm ready to contribute wherever possible.

11 years ago

Hi. I'm new to your group. We have several affiliates in my area of the country and many needy families now have a decent place to live, thanks to HfH. Glad to be here.

11 years ago
It is always good to meet new people, I didn't know Habitat for Humanity was a care 2 group, I think that is very cool. I am a painter and drywall man , have been for 25 years, and was wondering about trying to set up Habitat for Humanity in my part of West Virginia. There are several people in this area that could use a good home. Glad to see you all on care2
This is a group of supporters for Habitat for Humanity
11 years ago

Hallow, be sure and check out all of the links explaining about the worldwide efforts of Habitat for Humanity.


Kristi K

11 years ago
thislooks like a cool place to learn new stuff how are you all?
Thanks for joining! Invite your friends!
11 years ago


Yes, this is a wonderful organization and I'm proud to host a group in their support!

Kristi K

Contest on to bring attention to Habitate for Humanity
11 years ago

I have two contests on to bring attention to Habitat for Humanity, item

One contest is the story of your dream house and the other is to guess the number of rivets in the Trump Towers.  No one really knows this, but the closest WDC member gets a prize.  Join us and have another source to spread the word to help your causes.

Hello from Ms. C.
11 years ago


Thank you for the invitation, Kristi--this looks like a wonderful group!

I've been aware of and interested in Habitat's work for quite some time. This interest has been fueled in part by my friendship with a local woman whose parents, Martin and Mabel England, helped found Koinonia, where Habitat for Humanity got its start. So, I'm very happy to see all the interest and activity here!

I'll probably be quiet for a while, of course, but I look forward to learning many wonderful new things from this group!

Thank you,

Ms. C.

Welcome Back, AJ
12 years ago
Thank you for rejoining Habitat. I'm sure Agnes is smiling down on you .
Hi, Agnes!
12 years ago
I'm back here to try to carry on for you--I can't possibly do that I know, because you did so much during your stay here, but I can be one of many.

When I first became part of Care2, this was one of the groups that I joined because I always have believed in what it does.

However, I dropped the group because I didn't know how to control the e-mail at this time, and I was getting so much of it.

Not just this group but several groups. Then, I learned how to control the e-mail.

I didn't even realize that I'd actually dropped this group until I went to invite somebody to join it today and didn't find it in my list of groups.

The person I'm inviting to join could really use the services of Habitat.

So I went back and joined--and there you were listed as one of the hosts!

So I took it as a sign that you had gotten in touch with me, and I feel even better about re-joining now.

As soon as I sign off here, I'm going back to invite this lady. Hopefully, she'll accept the invitation, as I believe that she and this group will be a perfect match.

I wish that I had gotten the chance to know you better, Agnes. One thing that I did know was that you were--and still are--an angel!

Last night, I was studying your face and trying to figure out who you reminded me of, and I know now:

Billy Graham

I don't mean that you look just like him but I mean that you have that same kind of road map of a face with so much love and kindness coming from it.

Thanks for being you, and those of us left behind will keep on doing our best to make this world a better place.

I know that you're watching us from where you are--at least, part of the time.

hI !
12 years ago

Hi, am agnes, living in Brasil, am honored and happy to be here as member and co-host.

I have not worked with Habitat yet - am getting more informed on the organization now.

We have - in my community - worked in a communitary all together helping neighbors to build their houses. I guess that, somehow, this is more or less the same way things are done with the Habitat group.

Everyone helping the others, the others helping one...and at the end, another house is constructed.

Hello Everyone!
12 years ago

I'm Judy and I am honored to be a new co-host of this worthwhile group. I worked on Habitat houses through my former employer and found each experience extremely rewarding.

I look forward to getting to know other group members and to hearing your Habitat stories.

12 years ago
Hello! I'm new to the group and I started volunteering for Habitat back in 2002. First I started with helping in the office weekly, then later joined the crew out in the field. Working on a house with a group of like-minded, caring individuals was a really cool experience. It's a great organization and I'm looking forward to meeting other supporters.


12 years ago
| Greetings and Misc


If you would like to introduce yourself, even if you have been a member for awhile, please feel free to do so!


Kristi K


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