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The Deadly Truth About Pet Foods October 27, 2005 8:14 PM

For lots of information on Healthy Pet Foods, the Deadly Truth About Commercial Pet Foods, Quality Holistic Pet Foods, Foods That Are Dangerous for Dogs, and much more please visit the following threads/topics in my group Poodle Lovers / Doggie Adorers.

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Toxic Pet Food Ingredients November 01, 2005 2:23 PM

Ingredients to Avoid in Pet Foods
Beef Fat
Bone Meal
By-Product (of any kind)
Chicken By-Product Meal
Chicken Fat
Fatty Acids
Fish Meal
Fish Oil
Ground Yellow Corn
Meat and Bone Meal
Meat By-Products
Meat Meal
Poultry By-Products
Poultry Meal
Propyl Gallate
Sodium Nitrite
Yellow Grease
Reasons To Avoid Those Ingredients
A large percentage of commercial pet food is made up of meat by-products, a toxic brew containing diseased and contaminated meat from slaughterhouses, animal heads, toenails, chicken feathers, feet and beaks. It also includes dead animals picked up from the nation's roads, rancid kitchen grease and frying oil from the nation's kitchens, unsold supermarket meats (still in their plastic and Styrofoam wrappings), and millions of pounds of dead (and euthanized) animals from the country's animal hospitals and shelters, including their flea collars containing toxic pesticides, ID tags and a variety of powerful drugs.
Many toxic chemicals make their way into the rendered products. In addition to the unused meat from the livestock slaughtering process, dead, dying, diseased and disabled animals are also included. These animals are known as "4D meat" in the trade. Along with the meat comes disease, antibiotics and other drugs used during the animals' lives, pesticides, cattle ID tags and surgical needles.
As a result, "man's best friend" has skin disorders, flea allergies, hypersensitivity to flea and insect bites, arthritis, obesity, heart disease and a variety of cancers. Without speech, our animal companions cannot tell us of the insidious, often life threatening ill health they experience.
The deceptive product label names to watch out for that indicate the presence of this deadly soup include meat meal, meat by-products, poultry meal, poultry by-products, fish meal, fish oil, yellow grease, tallow, beef fat, chicken fat and fatty acids.
The grains in pet food bear little resemblance to the nutrient rich cereals we assume are present. Pet food grain consists of the leftovers after the grain has been processed for humans. (Example: Ground Yellow Corn) It also contains moldy grain that has been declared unfit for human consumption. Some of the mold is toxic and potentially deadly.
The preservatives added to pet foods, and human foods, are highly toxic. Sodium nitrite, a coloring agent and preservative, ethoxyquin, an insecticide, BHA and BHT have all been linked to cancer. Your dog could be consuming as much as 26 pounds of preservatives each year if it is fed these foods.
For more info visit:
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Quality Holistic Pet Foods November 01, 2005 2:25 PM

Most pet food you can buy at the grocery store have by-products, meat-and-bone-meal, cheap fillers, and cancer-causing preservatives such as Sodium nitrite, a coloring agent and preservative, ethoxyquin, an insecticide, BHA, and BHT.
I've done a lot of research and found some good holistic, natural pet foods. They are a little harder to find but worth the effort. The only one I've been able to find at PetsMart (with no by-products) is BLUE Buffalo.
I feed my dog Artemis Dog Food. It's the Holistic Approach to Pet Food. A lot of people think Quality Holistic Pet Food is expensive but it's really not. You can order it or find a distributor in your area at:

Some Quality Holistic Pet Foods Include (Just to name a few):

~ Artemis Dog Food -

~ BLUE Buffalo -

~ Chicken Soup for the Pet Lover's Soul -

~ C&P's Organix Pet Food -

~ Flint River Ranch Dog Food -

~ Ultra -

~ Wellness -



*I found some useful information about this at the following sites.

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