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1 month ago

Do go back to last thread if you need/want to catch up. There are so many wonderful graphics, too! Thank you all for them.

1 month ago
                                                    Nance R.
Tuesday Picnic Long weekend Ahead Every one welcome
1 month ago

Happy Tuesday Chatterboxes,  

Well. we worked really hard yesterday, the "farm rescue centre" where the ponies are, had 4 more ponies just dumped on them, the pooe ponies were in a scruffy state,  then they took in 2 swans with their babies, (cygnates)  someone had scared them so much, the swans were so "freaked out" they were hooting/ honking constantly, meaning their babies just swam around terrified trying to find places to hide,  

Enter Richard  lol,  he knew somewhere the swan family would be safe, and somewhere for the ponies too, 

here's where the swans went,  there is a private lake behind the restaurant, & boat hire lodge,  in Stratford,  people can watch them swimming , while they eat their food  


here's the swan family, 


Hope this is ok Cheryl, it's the only way, to show what is happening :)
1 month ago

Don't they look happy,  we went there this morning  to see how they were, it took a specialised  wild bird handler to catch and move them,  all worth it, and the restaurant paid for the specialist,  - they will get their money back, people are booking meals to watch the swans  lol, 


The Ponies,  here they are, 

There's a huge problem of people dumping horses,  but the ponies are going to Cornwall,  a dedicated trust,   all the ponies are going,  because the farm is only a short term rescue place,   the ponies will love it  here's a pic,  


Looks lovely, and it's a permanent home for them, looks like we will be taking some of the ponies, at the end of the month, as i was going to visit Linda then anyway, but Richard will be driving with the horse trailer,  really slowly as well, ,

We are all hoping no more ponies,  because that means no more ponies abandoned 


Got one pic of Isabelle,  feeding some kids  lol, baby goats , hope you like all the pics, got to rush, have a great day all,

and if i forget, i do love all the pics and graphics you all share, i just forget to say so sometimes ,  sending love hugs x wendy k & kelly cats xxxxxxxx

1 month ago

Group History

Hi Friends,

               Youv'e been busy as usual Wendy.

Lovely pics, they will all be happy there.

Those cygnets are really cute.

Mother swans can be really dangerous if you get near them.

They are so graceful moving and I saw a video of how their legs are moving underwater.

You wouldn't think so to look at them.

Still sunny here I wonder if it is going to last all summer.

Well that's all can't seem to find time to do much on here lately.

1 month ago

Lily, I just copied your text as the pic didn't turn out. Are you having problems posting pics as some others are? Glad you're still getting some sunshine.   Our heat wave lasted about three days; now we're back to rain. I hope it reaches where we already have a wildfire.

Wendy, well that certainly was an amazing transfer for the swan family!    And the ponies will have a wonderful place to roam around. Good job!  Really nice you got such great pictures.

I hope Martha and Barb get here for their birthday wishes and hugs. Both are pretty busy these days.

1 month ago

Nance, yep... we're looking forward to that long weekend! Would love to come to the picnic!  

1 month ago

Hi, Cheryl, Wendy, Lily, Mary, Martha, Christine, Barbara, Dot, Nance, Paolo and anyone I missed!!!  I'm sorry have been so busy.  Please read my birthday post.  I"m so tired now and need to go to bed and so sorry I haven't had as much time to come here.  I'm going to be in a ballet recital June 2nd and have had some little writing jobs that were steady for awhile.  I haven't forgot you.  I need to catch up and hope everyone is doing well and healthy well, too.  Love, prayers if needed, big hugs and love all your graphics!  That was a funny joke about the pasta maker, Paolo at my party and Martha's party of course.          

Allo Friends Midweek Blessings
1 month ago

1 month ago

Hello Chatterboxes, 

Barb good to see you & get really well soon, Hello Cheryl, Nance, Lily ,

no time today i have to go shopping very soon, but wanted to say hello, so sending love hugs to all, x wendy k x & kelly cats xxxxxxxx

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                             Related image

1 month ago


Hi friends,

              No Cheryl not having any problem posting pics.

Here's that one it was showing everywhere still

Hi Barb hope your birthday is great.

Nance cute pic there.

Still sunny here.

Happy shopping trip Wendy, I used to love going round the shops.

Short and sweet today

1 month ago

Reposted from last thread...


Hi everyone. 

Christine, yes you are a Mom to Lilly. You just have to look into her adoring eyes to know that's true.  Glad you enjoyed a dinner with your Mom.

Lily, wow... Pat Boone is going back quite a ways. I notice some of the same old.. same old movies being shown over and over as well. Then there are those not in English, and those that have the same old vampires in them! Cute fox face there.

Paolo,  I like watching some of those races, especially during Olympics. One really really has to watch where they're going and not take their eyes off the road for a second.


Hope everyone is getting along just fine today.


1 month ago

Barb, so glad to see you! You sound very busy and I'm keeping my fingerscrossed for you. I  hope you're doing something happy for your special day today  and all your birthday wishes come true. 

1 month ago

Thank you Chery, Wendy, Nance, Lily, Paolo, and anyone I missedl!!!  My sister is taking me out to dinner tomorrow.  I have ballet class tonight I don't want to miss.

Look at this precious family of Great Blue Heron birds!!!    for all" border="0">

Allo Friends Great bd Barb loads of fun for you and sister along friends
1 month ago

1 month ago

Hello Chatterboxes,  

Barbara, glad you are going for a lovely meal, great little bird family there, xxxxxx

Lily, Cheryl, Nance, Christine, have a great Thursday everyone hope the weather is being kind to you all xxxxxxxxxxx


Well the sun is shinning, the kettle has boiled, time for me to take my cuppa , out into the garden & join the cats for a few minutes, see you all tomorrow, sending love hugs x wendy k x & kelly cats xxxxxxxxx

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1 month ago

Hi friends I am late coming on here today'

Been a bit out of sorts with this enema which is hanging on.

Nice birds up there posted it  twice lol

Hope you enjoyed your dinner with your sister.

Cheryl I enjoy some of the old films but not one that is in the 40's.

Enjoy your cuppa Wendy I envy you sitting out in the garden with your cats.

1 month ago

  Happy Thursday, ChatterFriends.

Barb, I hope your ballet dance practice went well last night and you are all ready for a delicious birthday dinner with family tonight. That's a wonderful Heron family.

Lily, I find some of the great classic movies from war, romance, thrillers are done in the late 30's and 40's. Like Gone With The Wind, etc. Hope you will get a better variety of the kinds of movies you like. Summer often gets slack. Cute kitty couple there.

Wendy, Nance, Paolo, Christine, Barbara,Mongi and all, hope your day is going well.

Somewhere in the World at this moment there is an elderly woman making a special brew of coffee for the millionth time, like this one:

Such a great painting!  Is it in Morocco? Turkey? Afghanistan?  Unfortunately, there isn't an answer that came with the painting. Coffee looks strong and potent... and I wonder if there's a drop of alcohol in there? 

1 month ago

We've lost another great fellow who brought laughter to the world. TIM CONWAY has passed away. His maddening Old Man character who took us to the brink of anxiety and impatience, gave us so many wonderful moments. Not to mention the DENTIST we would never want to visit, as one of his most loved.  RIP TIM CONWAY, and thanks for  all the great memories. 

1 month ago

Allo Friends Great Tim Conway Fun Times Indeed
1 month ago

1 month ago

Hi friends,

                   Late again, everything been going slow on here too.

Ollie may be coming today so hope I don't miss him again.

Can't seem to get anything done here.

It's a shame about that fella although never heard of him myself.

Guess never shown over here.

Won't be watching about teeth will put me right off dentist when I have to see one.

Cheryl 'Gone With The Wind' is my favourite film. I have a video on my profile page

And I have the book and video.

I don't dislike all of the 40's films just some and earlier ones.

Well weekend is on us again, sure come round quick.

Hope all is well with everybody

1 month ago

Ahhh  Rest In Peace Grumpy Cat , now over the rainbow bridge ,  you will be missed but never forgotten, xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Image result for grumpy cat age


Image result for grumpy cat age

Friday 17th May, & Endangered Species Day
1 month ago

Hello lovely Chatterboxes,  

Have a great Friday, hope everyone is well, and that your weather is being kind today   hey it's almost the weekend,  keep well everyone, 

see you all later, sending love hugs to all x wendy k x& kelly cats xxxxxxxxxx

Related image


Endangered Species Day 

Related image

1 month ago

Poor old Grumpy Cat. RIP. On the inside he wasn't grumpy at all.   So many species to fight for, including humans. 

Lily, sweet birds -- so pretty and alert.

Yesterday early evening I saw the most unusual thing down on the trail behind us -- a ginger and white rabbit and a crow playing with each other. It was SO CUTE. The crow would fly really close to rabbit, then land. In turn, the rabbit would race after the crow and chase him into the air. Then they would scratch and peck in the grass close to one another. After a minute or so it would start all over again!  Really made my day.

Have a great day, everyone .   

1 month ago

  Happy   ~urday  Chatterboxes, 

hope you are all well, and enjoy S/Caturday   lovely graphics from everyone,

and Cheryl  wow , what a shame you couldn't video the rabbit & crow, they could have earned you a fortune on "youtube"  , you are so lucky to have seen that, once in a life time viewing i would say,  

 got to get on,  hope to see you all tomorrow, sending love hugs x wendy k x & kelly cats xxxxxxxxxxx

Image result for happy caturday images

1 month ago


Hi friends,

             Yes poor old Grumpy seems she couldn't cope with an uti, I know how they feel. Poor puss.

Cheryl what a nice thing to see, lucky you.

It seems very warm here today.

I had to call them in at 5 am as I woke with a wet top on my back so they had to change it.

Still looking for that fan.

One of the carers dog, Ruby the Labradoodle is going to have puppies.

She said she will bring one in then to show us so I will have to get the camera ready  lol

Ollie never came, maybe the owner is on holiday.

1 month ago

Poor Grumpy Cat.  Happy Saturday everyone!

1 month ago

Happy weekend, everyone. So good to see you! It's Victoria Day long weekend here.  

Yes, Wendy and Lily, I wish Shawn had his phone with him when we snuck out to look at them over the fence. I don't imagine we'll ever see that again. It really showed the humour in both the rabbit and the crow.

Lily, hope you can hold one of those wee Labradoodles one of these days soon. I absolutely love puppy breath!

Everybody ready for the big beautiful moon tonight? We certainly are having fun in the Adorable Moon group.

Have a really beautiful weekend, everyone. Hope you're all doing something relaxing and peaceful.

1 month ago

Would like to relax here Cheryl.

Late coming here today much to catch up on and no time to do it.

That's a cute pic.

Yes you can be sure I will give any puppy a good cuddle,, watching its teeth if have any by then lol

Last one I held was coco a wrigling mass and teeth everywhere lol

Go never going to catch up today

1 month ago

Happy SUNDAY, dear ChatterFriends. Yes Lily, that certainly is a relaxing place to sit a while and enjoy the moments.  

Yesterday we set up a little planter in the backyard with a LED water fountain in it for the birds to have a bath in.  It's so cute.  As long as the sun is out it works great. So I'm taking my morning coffee out there to enjoy. Hope the blue sky and sun stays for the day. 

Wishing everyone a really peaceful day.  

1 month ago

Hello Chatterboxes , Happy Sunday,

love the pics, great place to chill there Lily, have snagged your pics, Cheryl, and Lily's relaxing bench be great to see those pups Lily,  and good luck setting up the planter Cheryl, xxxxxxxxxxxx

sorry i am really late so in a rush , 

 I was here earlier, but then got a surprise visit from Luke, with Isabelle, in her Princess dress,  before i knew it the afternoon was gone, 

i bought Isabelle some Minions, they all talk and one dances,  she was amazed, and a little scared of them at first, i think she thought they were real, here's some pics, 

I will show you the one with the minions,  Isabelle called Bobo cat over, to be with her,  you can see his head bottom right  lol, 

Here she is showing her outfit off, 


This post was modified from its original form on 19 May, 12:48
1 month ago

Isabelle requested  a "choccy biscuit",  so i said "sing us a song then, to pay for it", 

so she did  ha ha ha,   "I can sing a rainbow"  Buni cat is saying "very good see ya later" ha ha ha

Did anyone see the flower moon last night?, we did, it was really beautiful, see you tomorrow sending love hugs to all x wendy k x & kelly catsxxxxxx

1 month ago

Hello everyone!!!  Love and big hugs, prayers if needed.           

Cheryl, how adorable to see the rabbit and crow playing together.   How blessed that you saw them!!!

Wendy Isabelle is so adorable !!!

Lily such pretty pink cockatoos!!!  I hope you are feeling well!

Hi Nance I hope your weather is much warmer now.

Hi Christine how are you?

I had a good birthday dinner!  Thank you.

I found out I have osteoporosis.  Do any of you have that?  I'm not very happy about it but I am still the same person   I was real worried and felt sick to my stomach, but then I thought how I'm not any different than I was before I found out.  I'm taking loads of supplements expecially calcium and Vitamin D3 and B complex.  I take a multi vitamin too some eye supplements and the Plus with amino acids.  I'm going to see the doctor Tuesday and she will talk to me about it.  I was sick to my stomach after I read my report, But I am sure I will be just fine.

I love all of you          

1 month ago

Sweet pictures Wendy.

Hi Barbara.  I'm good thanks.  I hope the supplements help.  

1 month ago

Hello Chatterboxes, 

Barb, yep i have that, don't worry you will cope, you need to take vit d and calcium every day,  and don't worry so much,  you will be ok,  just be careful of falls , keep cheerful,  glad you had a lovely Birthday dinner xxxxxxxx


Hello Christine, thanks, Isabelle is such a funny little thing, she lights up my days  have a good week xxxxxxx


Hello Lily, Nance, Cheryl  Well the weekend for us is over, Cheryl is still enjoying an extra day , forgot to say Happy Victoria day Cheryl xxxxxxx


next weekend is "Whitsun"  for us, so lots have the week off from Friday, but all of us have a long weekend, (except our emergency services of course) 

Today i am doing long awaited house work, plus grooming the cats, =

Bobo, Jimi, Buni, Nipper, Alby are easy to groom, ~  but Mini !!!!!!   she has two big clumps of fur, i just managed to cut some out,  but still have to get the rest,  going to have to get help,  i will get Mick to hold her wrapped in a towel and i will just quickly snip the rest off, -

 "mats" in cats fur are very uncomfortable for them, it pulls the fur tight, and it gets them really hot, 

so i am not even going to try to brush them out gently over days, like i have before,-  this time it's snip snip,  off, job done,

i do brush her daily,  but  she will only stand a 5 minute brushing, and her claws hurt !!! i don't know why her fur goes into clumps, then of course she leaves them , doesn't groom herself there, -

guess i will just have to get tough with her,  she will be better for it, - re- mats gone, i have a lovely spray that will help her skin feel better too,  trouble is she is scared of sprays, so i will dip the soft brush in the solution, and brush it in to her skin, 

next week it's flea drops and worm drops, -  then they all will be fine for a month

Now it's time for this --


Then hopefully we can relax in the garden with biscuits & coffee, for me, 

biscuits and water for the Kelly cats  lol,   see you tomorrow , sending love hugs x wendy k x & kelly cats xxxxxxxxxxxx

1 month ago

Hi friends,

               Wow that weekend went fast, cant believe we will soon be half way through the year again.

Wendy lovely pics of Isabelle, reckon she might grow up to be an entertainer lol

Cat grooming yes can be a hard job especially those with thick fur.

Had a cat visit me often years ago, only lived across the road and that owner never removed clumps of matted fur.

I brushed carefully and untangled them and she let me do it.

Cant understand owner leaving it like that.

She was a beautiful white cat too.

You may have seen a video of her long time go, on youtube too.

I will only be seeing one of those puppies, don't know how near she is to having them but will still be a while before big enough to bring one out.

Cheryl I used to have one of those fountains in a bird bath but we never had enough sun for it to work hardly

I used to love watching the birds bathing.

Barb don't worry just take your medications reguarly and you should be fine.

1 month ago

Happy Monday, dear ChatterFriends. Yep, Wendy... Nance and I are still on the weekend. Nance is probably having a good visit with her Mom.   It's going fast, though. Must enjoy the moments, even in the pouring rain we have today.

Hi Christine, glad you are well.

Wendy, I'm having deja vu with those cute pictures. Isabelle is quite the princess and has such lovely dresses... or gowns. It's definitely a time of life when we learn to use our imagination and dance everywhere with it. 

Lily, I think I remember that cat. Sounds like the owner sent the cat over for you to take care of.  

Barb, so glad you got out to have birthday dinner and hope you had some laughs. Sounds like you are really taking care of the problem as best you can with your supplements. I will look into the eye supplement for the early glaucoma I told you about.  Can you give me a link to it?

Have a good day, everyone.

Allo Friends
1 month ago

1 month ago

Good Morning to all Chatterboxes,   

  re - Mini,  i managed to cut lots of the knots out yesterday, still have 2/3 more little ones, to remove, i cannot comb them out it hurts her too much,  such a shame,

she is the only one that gets mats,  Bobo & Alby are long haired but don't get them ? 

Nipper, Jimi & Buni are short haired so it's unusual for them to get knots of any kind,  plus they are easy to brush,   i never bath them,  although in summer i have brushed them with a wet brush to try to help cool them, 


Any way how's your weather, it's beautiful here today,  so i am going to Evesham, **on my own**,

I am borrowing Richard's car, but i am having lunch first, 

I want to go to a garden centre, and drive through the blossom trail, i will have "tea" at the garden centre, and drive back around 7:pm, 

don't know about you, - (sorry Lily, i know you would love to get out )

but sometimes i just want to get out on my own,

potter about somewhere nice, buy a plant, have cake & tea, then come home, so best get moving,

Evesham is about an hour and twenty minutes drive  away,

have a nice day Cheryl, Lily, Nance, Barb  and  everyone ,  here's where i am off too, sending love hugs x wendy k x & kelly cats xxxxxxx

Blossom trail 

Image result for evesham blossom trail images

Then here 

Related image

1 month ago


Hi friends,

              Have fun Wendy although you aren't likely to find any like these lol

Late on as usual this time Windows was updating!!

Weather is lovely out here too. what I can see of it.

So much sun lately and it starts early in the mornings.

Cheryl I will have to put a video on sometime with that white cat.

You would have thought it was mine the way it carried on.

I was on a sun lounger out there and she got on too next to me!!!

That's a lovely rose Nance.

Wendy how do you find screenshots that they say copied to clipboard , what clipboard?

Blowed if I know I had some lovely pics of Prince Louis etc and I did screenshots but what happened to them I don''t know.

I did them because you could not copy and paste or anything.

Don't know why some of them make it awkward to get them.

1 month ago

Well doesn't matter now as I found the pics elsewhere and copied.

1 month ago

1 month ago

The "Sovereign Commission of Fine Arts and Playful Affairs" of "Adorable Moon" would like to see a video with Isabelle "singing a rainbow" to award her with the coveted Title of Princess of Adorable Moon!

1 month ago

dear Chatterboxes.  Good to see you back, Nance. Did you have a nice long weekend?

Wendy, I'm sure your Mini feels a whole lot better now. It's good to see you take some 'alone' time. I am a person who always needed that. And you're taking it in such a gorgeous place.

Awww... Lily, I remember this gorgeous cat who obviously thought the world of you. Lovely little fairy garden there. And hasn't little Louis grown!
Paolo, good idea for Princess Isabelle!    Hope to see her there!

Just got the pj's we ordered on line (for me), and the magnetic wristband I ordered for Shawn. When he's fixing the car or using hammer for anything, he just sticks the nuts, bolts and anything else he's working with on the band so he doesn't have to hold things in his teeth, drop them, etc. I am a newby at the online ordering. I can see why people are having so much fun!

Have a great day, dear ChatterFriends.

Allo Friends Greenhouses are up loads of itchy fingers
1 month ago

1 month ago

Hi friends,

                Here's another with Prince George and Princess Charlotte with Prince William and Prince Louis in the background.

It was the Chelsea Flower Gardens/show

They look so natural don't they enjoying themseves like everyone else.

They have a much more normal life than older royals ever had.

Yes Cheryl online ordering can be good but watch out for what some add on total.

I just received 2 tops I ordered.

Weather is still fine here.

Visitors today so have to get moving

1 month ago

Hello Chatterboxes, Hope the day finds you all well   


Lily great pics, i couldn't have helped re-Clip board, i think it's in "word documents", but i can't retrieve them when they go there either lol , lovely cat Lily xxxxxxxxxxx


Paolo so sorry i cannot add vids,  the links don't work, and Isabelle's Mom & Dad wont put her on youtube ,  so it's just photos that i can post,

please apologise to the "Sovereign Commission of fine arts and playful Affairs "  from me   & thank you for the kind thought though xxxxxxxx


Happy Wednesday Nance, have you been in your Green House ? xxxxxxxxx


Cheryl it was a lovely afternoon / evening, i think now & then to be on your own, clears the clutter from your mind, especially if you pick a time, when all is well, - no particular worries, to spoil the "freedom"

- "free to be me" - what song is that line from then  lol, 

have a look at this link, it explains what & where Evesham is 


On The Beautiful Blossom Trail in England's Vale Of Evesham - a packed life


Hope you have a great Wednesday Cheryl  and all Chatterboxes too, 

I am going into the garden for lunch today, 

oh i bought 2 hanging baskets, in a village shop on the trail,  2 for £8  all potted up, an absolute bargain, 

even got a flagon of cider,  some organic honey,  lots of fresh salad,  vale of Evesham cheese , & a lovely cob loaf,  (one of the big round crusty loaves)

i am going back in August, during the plum season will get some strawberries too -- then in September for the apples, & pears  as well, = yep all by myself,   

i don't think that's too bad,  "3 me days" in a whole year, 

will get a photo of the hanging baskets, when they bloom,   now on with lunch ,  i will put the vac around while it cooks, and do Mick's meal for when he returns from work,  see you tomorrow, sending love hugs to all x wendy k x & kelly cats xxxxxxxxxx

Black and white cat

Bad News
1 month ago

Our beloved Garfield lives with us at home, but he usually goes out for walks in the courtyard. A couple of months ago he get the worse in a fight with a stray cat and came home with a big wound on the scruff of the neck. We treated him with local antiseptics and oral antibiotics, so that after a week the wound healed completely. But since then he has become lazier, lost a lot of fur and a lot of weight, although he is always a glutton. We thought of a parasitosis, but now we have heard from our Vet he is suffering from FIV. Now we are thinking to treat him with a homotoxicology therapy based on interferon, interleukin and vitamin C. Have you heard of it?

1 month ago

Paolo i am sorry to hear that,  here's a link for you, it is really good & informative, 

Garfield must be an indoor cat now,  and can lead a full happy life with the right treatment, here's the link for you  love hugs, purrrrs & cuddles for Garfield, x wendy k x & kelly cats xxxxxxxxx

How to Treat Feline Immunodeficiency Virus (FIV) | petMD

1 month ago

The "Sovereign Commission of Fine Arts and Playful Affairs" of "Adorable Moon" is unanimously weeping bitterly!!

3 weeks ago

Hi ChatterFriends.  

Lily, that's such a cute picture of George and Charlotte. I agree they have so much more of a normal life than previous royals. Boy, it seems each time I see them they are so much older.

Wendy, glad you had such a good time in that beautiful place. It's a necessity, I believe, that we get alone time to putter about with things we love to do, hobbies or whatever, or just sit, walk, etc. in a peaceful place. You picked a beauty! 

Paolo, so sorry to hear about your Garfield. It does sound, however, that you are taking as good of care of him as one possibly can. I hope the treatment works. 

Nance, hopefully you will be able to get those itchy fingers into the soil soon. 

Hoping everyone is having a pleasant Hump Day.
I can't put any pictures in today as Smugmug is down.

3 weeks ago

3 weeks ago

Hello Chatterboxes,  Happy Thursday everyone, 

Yes Cheryl, it was great to get out,

Mick & I are going back on Sunday, they have a great  "out of town"   shop,  where you can buy clothes very reasonably,

Mick needs some jeans, and cords,  so we want to see will there be any to suit him, he is so fussy about clothes, =(doesn't like wearing new clothes !!)

but he is lucky , he still has a 32" waiste , he eats loads, but doesn't put weight on, - it's not fair !!!    hope you have a great Thursday  Cheryl, xxxxx


Hello Lily, Nance, Paolo, Barb, have the best day you can , thinking of you all xxxxxxxx


Well the sun is up, and i want to get into the garden,  sit with the cats and have a late breakfast out there,  see you all soon,  sending love hug to all x wendy k x & kelly cats xxxxxxxx

Wish you could all pop into my garden for coffee,  here's one i made just incase  lol, xxxxxxxxxxxxx

Image result for it's a lovely day clipart

Allo Friends Yes indeed Plenty of rain
3 weeks ago

3 weeks ago

Hi friends,

             Hope all is well wih you all today.

Paolo sorry to hear that about Garfield, he must have caught that off of that stray.He will have to stay indoors now as he could spread it to other cats.

He will do ok on medication as it is controlled now.

Wendy nice for you to get away sometimes ;Far from The  Madding Crowd' lol

Hope your baskets turn out good, I guess not in bloom ones then.

I used to pot them up myself (making a mess) LOL

I was lucky I had the store practicaly opposite me across the car park so I was a regular visitor over there.

It was  B&Q store.

Love the cat pics Wendy and Nance.

I have a new fan coming next week.

Needed to get one before it turns hot, shorter than other one but as long as air is in room that's the main thing.

Yes Cheryl those children sure grow fast.

3 weeks ago

Hello Chatterboxes. For a moment I couldn't think of whether it was Wednesday or Thursday -- those long weekends throw us off sometimes.

Thanks for the coffee, Wendy. Nice trip with Mick to look forward to. Yes, it would be nice to pop over to each other's garden for a good chat and so me laughs.

Lily, I do hope your fan comes on time. I have to feel a breeze or air circulation all the time. I sleep with my face practically in the window.  

Nance, the rain is so necessary as it's supposed to be super hot this summer. We've already had a forest fire and Alberta certainly is seeing wildfires right now. Predictions for drought in many areas. So bring on the rain!  

Lovely graphics, everyone. I really enjoy all the colours.

I think I'll just find a cozy spot to hang out and read today. Have a good one, everybody.

I'll start a new thread in the next couple days. There's still some room left here.

Allo Friends Last weekend of May Safe Travel USA Memorial Day Weekend
3 weeks ago

3 weeks ago

Hello Chatterboxes, Friday at last, 

Glorious weather, so today is washing day,

i want to get the bed linen done, and all the bits and pieces,  nice clean bed clothes for the cats,  and best of all , all put away, before the long weekend really begins, 

Jack & Luke are coming over tomorrow, to help Mick do the big hedges, so i will be doing burgers for them, easy grab & eat food,  plus Lukes washing machine has packed up, and the new one he ordered, hasn't arrived yet, 

guess i will be doing more washing tomorrow  ha ha ha, 


Lily  no the hanging baskest are not in bloom yet , 

I do my own normally , but honestly at -  2 for £8, i couldn't beat that,  they have the purple flower, trailing plant, plus Geraniums, the yellow trailing flower plant, some ivy, and trailing fuschia ,  they are coming along nicely, once they flower, i will get Mick to take a pic,   - glad your fan is on the way,  it's going to be a "flaming June" so they say,  enjoy Friday, xxxxxxxxxx


Cheryl, must tell you something i heard from the actor Bill Nghye,  he said he had tried to take "Marmite" into Canada,  and was stopped by the customs, because Marmite is banned in Canada,  the reason being,  there is a secret ingredient in Marmite, - so the Canadian Gov , said to the makers of Marmite, "if you want to bring it into Canada, you have to say what the secret ingredient is, "

The owners/ makers of Marmite said "No we wont tell you because it's a secret ingredient"   - so Marmite got banned,   I was laughing so much at the actor telling the story,  i must find the clip for you, - anywho  have a lovely Friday, hope you get into your garden, 

Lovely pics by the way Nance, Cheryl, Lily, 

Oh our Prime Minister has resigned at last,  be interesting to see her replacement, !!   

sending love hugs to all, and yehhhh the start of Whitsun  is here,  x wendy k x & kelly cats xxxxxxxx

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Hey! Happy Whitsun
djabbi teddy emerging, sun flower
Happy Whitsun Pentecost e-cards

3 weeks ago

Cheryl - found the clip for you xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

3 weeks ago

3 weeks ago

Hi friends,

             Very late on today as they had a barbecue lunch downstairs today.

So I got that late.

I don't care for barbecued food anyway, more like burnt offerings lol

Wendy the plants sound good so will look nice when in bloom

One year I had a bird nest in one, good job I looked before watering as there were babies!

It was high above my door and no garden where I lived then.

I guess you don't get nesting in those hedges having all those cats.

My in laws had about 6 different species all in there hedges until they fledged.

Very cloudy out there all of a sudden, good job they finished the barbecue.

It was sunny ,, some ladies were sitting out there at a table and they had there sun hats on.

Cute Kermit gif Nance and Cheryl that one of cats funny.

The expression on ones face after being sat on  lol

Well must get on other places to catch up on now

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