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Quit letting Government Agencies violate our children March 01, 2009 2:11 AM

If parents did what DCFS/CPS did to my children, I would be brought up on emotional and educational abuse of my children.

Because I took my son to the hospital for help in a rage od anger, my children were pulled out of school and interrogated for up to an hour.
Alone in a room with 2 people they didn't know on the opposite side of a table. All that was missing was the bright light and water.

My children should not be involved in adult disputes and I guess after questioning my children for for an hour with no answers to their questions, they figured it out.
But then when my children came home, they are full of all kinds of questions for me. Along with anger towards adults and police.

Lets stop the abuse of our children!

Please look at the following petitions and consider signing one or both of them.

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 March 01, 2009 6:10 AM

According to you took the child to the hospital in a fit of rage.  Why the hospital?  Who was in a fit of rage?

Did the hospital call CPS?  It is responsible for hospital to go CPS when there is any doubt about abuse.  The cps seems to have acted responsibly too, they spoke to your kids privately.

CPS is not the one who was in a fit of rage and they were not the one who called them. 

You seem to have a lot of anger but prehaps you should calm down and look at the true situation.

1500 children are KILIIED by parents yearly in the USA alone.  That is a cold hard fact and thousands more seriously injured.

The federal funding for foster care does not cover the cost the states absorbed to protect children.

From your letter, your kids were spoken to for about an hour and that indicates that your state and the hospital consider your kids important enough to act in their behalf.

I would not bother responding except I am a child advocate and know that whilen cps is not perfect, the children do need intervention and protection. 

I was a foster parent and had a false report made on me and I coorperated fully.  The report was no abuse and in fact child thriving in the foster home and she was=she went from considered unadoptable to adopted.

Certainly being under scrutiny for possible child abuse is very unpleasant but I would go through it thousands of time to protect one child from abuse.

Far too often kids are hurt because parents always claim to be falsely accused.  Even abusive parents  most of the time have the cases as unfounded (this does not mean it didn't happen) and maintain custody of the child.  That has resulte4d in many deaths.

Children are not property but human being and need protection.  Like it or not it is from their own parents that they need the most protection.  Not all parents are good.

I couldn't tell if it was you or your child who had the rage but whatever, that is not acceptible behavior and leads to worse things.

Please take time to think what you are doing by trying to destroy the protection of kids.

You say your kids shouldn't be involved in adult convesations etc  Your children were questioned for their protection, they were not interogated as prisoners.

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Yes I am Angry - At the Failure Of DCFS March 05, 2009 10:06 AM

The child is my 7 year old son. He didn't want to go to the babysitter. He wanted to jump out of the car and run home. The built up anger inside him has been ongoing since his dad announced a new girlfriend and this child was told by his father that he didn't have time for him. Dad had made many promises about coming to pick him up but all we did was wait at the door. Dad said he didn't have any money to buy  Christmas presents but when this child went to dad's motel room and saw all of the gifts that dad had purchased for the girlfriend's daughter he was mad.

Dad told this 7 yr old and his 10 yr old sister that if they couldn't respect dad's new relationship, then he would have nothing more to do with them. (his kids)

And he has help that promise to them. He rufuses phone calls, hasn't come to see them, doesn't call, ect.

I took him to the hospital because of all the anger issues. Our hospital has an anger management and counceling outpatient clinic. Of which, my son is going. The only way to get these services is to be evaluated and referred by the hospital staff.

My daughter (10ys) is uncomfortable speaking about her father. She does not respond to strangers. Her description of the event was like an interrogation. My daughter didn't know anything about her brother's situation at the time of questioning and yold the 2 male DCFS workers this. The kept telling her that "they know what is going on but they want to hear her side". She still doesn't know what information they were trying to get.
She doesn't want to play outside anymore. She told me that if "those guys see me out alone, they'll take me away".
I don't interrogate my children so I do not know all of the events. The DCFS investigator told me that his conversation with my daughter was confidential.

This violates one of the many DCFS procedures contained in their manual.

Release of Information to Subject of Record (Rules 431, Sections 431.50 and 431.60)  Adults who request access to their own records or persons having right of access to a minor’s personal information may see and have a copy of such information unless access is prohibited specifically by Rules and Procedures 431. Persons have the right to access only that information which pertains to them or the minors they represent. They do not have the right to access other information in the record. Such information shall be redacted prior to disclosure.

4.3.10 Interviewing and Observing Children
While conducting the interview, be aware of clues the child may be giving and adapt each interview to the particular characteristic of the child. In order to conduct a good, thorough first interview, it is crucial that the CPSW gather as much information as possible from the child while being sensitive to the child’s feelings and level of comfort

Th hospital is required by DCFS to report all cases of behovioral admittance through the "Mandated Reporter". There were no injuries, no physical abuse noted. DCFS was called because I chose to have him go to counceling for his anger and behavior which escalated to a rage that 1 night on the way to the babysitter.

Yes. I am angry! The investigator that came to my house did not show identification. I had to ask his name. Since I work 3rd shift, I was just getting back from picking up another child at the sitters when this man arrived, I had not seen my children because they were in school. When my daughter saw the man on our front porch, she ran past him and upstairs to her room. The man told me I couldn't go to her until I talked to him first. (I wasn't about to leave my child who was definately having a problem, alone while I talked to a man that I didn't know and did not identify himself). My daughter was told that after the interview at school, she could not go home or call her mom.
This raises a BIG question on who is protecting my kids when I'm not there. They released her to come home but didn't want me to talk to her before this man saw me?

Since I insisted on talking to my daughter instead of talking to this investigator, and I wouldn't let him in my home, He said that I would have to be drug tested and that he needed me to sign a release of information for my children's medical records.
I felt that all of this drama was unnecessary. The only information that this man had that initiated the investigation was that my son needed and is receiving counceling for anger.

My son's psychatrist is handling matters of anger and it is working well. My son is home but I am to keep him from his father for now until our next few appointments.

I agree that agencies like this one are helpful, but this is "overkill" I and my family should not have had all of this just because I cannot afford counceling any other way that to go thru the state medical plan.

I do not consider the report to be false, I did in fact take my son to the hospital for counceling. I am disputing the Mandate

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