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I am writing this petition on behalf of my children, Libby, Eva, and Caitlin. I have turned to various agancies and they turn a deaf ear. Permanant Custody of my 3 children was given to my 73 year old grandmother due to financial instability on my part. Let me first tell you about me. I am a health care professional with stable employement and stable housing. I began having children when i was 16. I was a ward of the state due to the abuse i suffered growing up. My grandmother was my safe house. Naturally when i got divorced and lost my home , my job, and consequently my drive, I placed my children with my grandmother. My intentions were to get back on my feet. I was in one bad car accident after another, totalling 5 in 2 years. So getting back up was a hard thing to do.My Grandmother called child protective services and told them i abandoned my children. They made me sign a Voluntary protective agreement stating that I would leave my children with my grandmother untill i was financially stable again. I was ok with that. Then they dropped the bomb that i could only have supervised visits on specified days. Thats where everything went wrong. After 5 months involvement with Child Protective services, my grandmother filed for custody. I could not afford an attorney so i represented myself. My grandmother won hands down with her high priced attorney. Shortly after she gained custody, she would not allow me to have unsupervised visits. She soon started to be abuive twords the children. Hitting them with fly swatters for getting a math problem wrong.Pulling their hair,talking very hateful,telling them they are fat, stupid, and other things. She inspects their teeth with a flashlight after they brush, and spanks them with a belt if they arent clean. I have recieved several phone calls fom my children wich were recorded and still no one will listen.My oldest daughter has mentioned killing herself because he is so miserable there, my middle daughter had become unruly and dishonest, and my younger daughter has become overweight with a very bad self esteem. My children also have medical poblems that have not been adressed. Libby's father is a carrier of the CF gene. Libby has problms condusive to Cystic Fibrosis and has been recoimnded that she be screened, yet she has not been screened yet(2 yrs later). Eva is Bi polar and has anger outburst, yet is not seeing a psychologist. Eva was molestd by a family membr, yet grandmother denies it happened and continues to allow her around his man. Eva also has a midline hernia tha could be extremely hazardouse to her health if not corrected, yet has noit seen a doctor yet. Caitlin walked around with a broken hand for a week with no medical attention until I took her to the ER on our visiting day.Her grandmother has her moving concrete blocks around the yard.I was a young mother with financial struggles like other young single mothers. I make mistakes. I never abused, Mistreated, endangered, or done wrong by my children. Their best interest was always my focus. I am asking that you sign this petition to bring my children home. My children want to come home. Thank You  [ send green star]
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