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child abuse during birth - please read August 02, 2006 7:50 PM

A message from Donna Young:

In North America, guidelines protect those who it is not beneficial for them to
donate their blood.  The health guidelines, in Canada and the USA, state
that one must be over 17 years of age (implied finished growing); over 110
pounds and known (tested) to be in good health; and able to give informed

That stated of the guidelines, no one is protecting the newborn child born
in North America from being harvested at birth.  Forms of appropriate
discarding take advantage the blood is not always burned, or wasted, but is
being practically used.  I know the Witnesses believe if they are not the
one sinning, they trust appropriate discarding is burning of their infant's
tissues.  Not always so.

If there is no birth contract to leave the umbilical cord alone, not tied,
or clamped until after the placenta is born, The Lippincott Manual of
Nursing Practice, 3rd Edition, page 1032, under the chapter of Physiology of
the Newborn, regarding Circulatory Changes, Blood Volume, 5. states
"Placental transfusion at birth increase in blood volume of 60% if cord is
clamped and cut after pulsation ceases."

This causes the children who are being victimized of early cord clamping,
30-seconds or less, even those clamped at 5-minutes, to be caused an anemic
condition.   Such disadvantaged children are  yet anemic 6-months later.
Testing of a medically caused anemic condition is done by a simple blood
test of a prick of the finger to read for full blood count of red and white
cells and platelets.  Low red cells, white cells and platelets can be tested
for a few hours after birth to confirm the children have been weakened and
vulnerable to low immune systems.

The means to be safe and not sorry, as to advocacy of our babies, then is
to wisely wait until after the placenta is expelled, including for C-section
babies, and premature babies, too, before cosmetic removal of the cord and
placenta is agreed to.

This can be by a signed Birth Contract to prevent any and all infant from
being weakened and exploited for stem cells.  Stem cells are just one of the
components of the whole blood sought and valuable in transplant experiments.

The value of stem cells has been more or less established at a value of
$30,000 per a collected blood unit.  Midwives, doctors and nurses may only
receive $100 to $250 for the collecting of the baby's blood.  The research
labs that obtain the blood are the ones to gain the bigger financial reward
of $30,000 per collected unit of stem cells.

Of course, all other components extracted from the whole blood has dollar
values per its collected unit, too.  Therefore, the North American babies
are being exploited in democracies, with health standards and duties to
protect those least able to advocate for themselves.

I am a medical researcher, since 1998, on child birth.  More information
can be found at a medical site of an obstetrician, Dr. George Malcolm
Morley, at  My own website is over 4000 pages long, or
400 urls, of many subjects on health, at

Thank you for possibly sharing my concerns to your readers who have free
choice to have a signed birth contract of what is not done to the children's
umbilical cord, and revival is done on the untied cord.  There is no harm in
removing the untied cord and placenta after many hours of the child's birth.
This if the risk of cosmetic removal is wanted.  The parents can use the
Dupont sterilized cord clamping and cutting tool kit, easily purchased in
advance of the child's birth.

There is also no harm in practicing and contracting for a primal natural
birth, in not removing the cord and placenta, and not tying the cord.  The
pioneers did this method of care, prior to the 1920's, in North America, yet
practiced in small villages, in developing nations.  Thus, the pioneers
actually avoided the risk of blood infections by not tying or cutting the
infant's umbilical cord.  Most of these wiser pioneers had strong healthy
babies and of strong immunity systems, yet living today, as to my living
parents, born in 1913 and 1914.

Therefore, the parents of my parents had avoided during their children's
childhood days, much of the internal disorders today, on the increase of
today:  cancers, tumors, heart murmurs, holes in the heart, and other
internal organs. And brain disorders of attention deficit disorders and

All these internal organs damaged by dehydration of low blood volume, at
birth by early cord clamping, have led  to higher costs of medical services,
today, as well as higher special needs education for children now impaired
and compromised.

Please, let us all become wiser today in the care of birthing methods
during and following the baby's birth.  I pray we can get the message out
for the right of choice of signed birth contracts of what is or not done to
our babies, world wide.

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