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My Fiance's Children Are Being Abused, Please sign August 21, 2006 2:42 AM

Dear Group,

My fiance's children, ages 11 and 12 have been abused in their mother's care since 2001. We have fought this tirelessly. We have spent thousands of dollars to no avail on this case.

Issues in his ex's home are as follows: sexual abuse, sexual maltreatment, unsafe/unsanitary living conditions, neglect, educational neglect, removal for 3 days in 04 of the children, 05 they were put into foster care for the sexual maltreatment by ex's husband. These are issues since 2003 alone. All of them substantiated.

DSS has gone out of their way to keep the children in her home, we believe to collect title IV-E monies. We have the papers on this money they are collecting. DSS workers lied on the stand on her behalf, stating my fiance plead guilty to kidnapping in 2003 when there was no such charge even, this was on May 30/06 during a court hearing. You can verify I am telling the truth if you go to missouri casenet and type in Ronald Murray Jr, follow the cases for Randolph County and Adair County, it's under Vittetoe v. Murray. NO such charge is on there.  The Judge knows this is not true and allowed it to stand anyway.

We were not allowed to present any evidence of any abuse in her home, the judgment we just received, states that the only evidence presented showed the parents fight with one another. This is so untrue. This is about protecting his children.

The man that sexually abused Ron's son in 2003 is the adult son of the head of the DSS office in Moberly, MO. ( she was transferred recently to an unknown office ). Her name is Janna Clark and she KNEW in 03 her son lived in that home and has a past history of sexual abuse of other children. We have this DSS report, yet she did nothing and threatened us with jail if we pursued anything on this, prior to his son being sexually abused.

The second perpetrator of the sexual maltreatment in 05, is his ex's husband. He has done this twice now, once to Ron's daughter in 03, offered her 35.00 to kiss an 8 yr old boy, trip to 6 Flags to spend it and then forced her to do it and video taped it. DSS and police ignored it. His daugther talks about this on a forensic interview tape done in July 05, which no one reviewed from DSS or the JO. We have a copy of this tape. Then in July 05 the children reported that this man forced and tricked them into viewing nude photos of him and his wife, he got Ron's son in a head lock and pried his eyes open to make him look at one of them. This was founded, upheld by the child abuse and neglect review board. Prosecutor REFUSED to prosecute him.

Ron was told he could not return the children to his ex, by DSS in MO and police. Then they had him arrested for kidnapping, he beat the charge Dec 16/05 in Grand Jury. Charges were dropped.

I do not know what to do anymore. His ex and her husband get away with so much abuse and apparently, DSS condones this.

We have no money left to fight this and have lost homes, cars, Ron's schooling, and yet we fight still to protect them. The psych on the case is DSS contracted and she tells the children that what has happened is ok in thier mother's home because it was just a "one time incident". It is not just once, but 3 times!

Please, sign my petition on my website on the 1st page, click on guest book to sign it. ( link is below ) I am in hopes that I can get enough signatures that the Governor will listen, so far he hasn't. The ombudsman doesn't even understand it. He is limited in what he can do legally though.

The documents to all of the abuse are on my site as well. There are thousands of pages and I put up the most pertinent ones and will be adding more when I can.

The link is:

If anyone on here knows an attorney in MO who would take payments of around 200.00 monthly or do this pro bono, most of the leg work is already done and in order and on disk, please e mail me and let  me know. or you can give them my phone number, it is: 319-439-5393  We reside in Keystone, Iowa but case is in Kirksville, Missouri.

Thanks for listening and for any help.

Hugs, Jen.

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