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kidnapper given custody of child he kidnapped November 21, 2006 2:29 PM

Hi... my 3 year old grand-nephew Brady has been kidnapped by his father. The father is a criminal who just got out of prison. He is a drug addict and is violent. He has other children who he is not allowed to see without supervision. He kidnapped my nephew and then hired a lawyer and went to court to get custody. Since the mother is also in prison, the court gave the father custody. My mother (the child's great grandmother) and my sister (the child's grandmother) had been taking care of him... the father took the child from the great grandmother's yard while he was there visiting. I cannot understand why the judge gave a violent criminal custody of a child when the grandmother and great grandmother were there to take care of him. I have started petitions to two texas senators to alert them to this injustice... please, sign them and pass the word... get everyone you know to sign them... the child is with a dangerous man... we need to get him back from him before it is too late.

the links to the petitions are here:

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Understanding "Why!?!?" November 24, 2006 5:00 PM

If you want to understand "why" a judge would willingly and knowingly place a child with a violent offender.. please go to

Please contact me and I may be able to help you with some attorney contacts in your area. Do see my what's new page as you can report these acts of Public Corruption to Judicial Watch, etc. And do read my Custody Crime as well as the welcome page for a better understanding of what is happening in Family Court...

Hang in there, this has been going on for 20 years in CA and has taken off in some other states and countries.. (UK, for example). It's abominable... just abominable. Vile disregard for the safety, health, well-being and lives of children... Doesn't get more evil than that...


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the judge knew November 25, 2006 8:31 AM

The judge knew of the man's criminal past.  He was shown his arrest and prison records, and he even said and I quote "I don't feel right doing this"  [ send green star]  [ accepted]
All the more reason November 25, 2006 12:46 PM

All the more reason to contact Judicial Watch... tragically, you are not alone... this isn't uncommon.

If you speak to a man named Geoff--he's an investigator with Judicial Watch, tell him Deborah Weber referred you (I'm currently living in CA--I'm a blacklisted whistleblower--he may remember me we spoke and emailed for a bit-I also did a guest appearance on a radio talk show from NY).


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Don't feel like you're alone December 26, 2006 1:22 AM

My son's father is a violent criminal--he's literally clinically criminally insane: he has Borderline Personality Disorder that presents with sociopathy. First I tried to get this deranged lunatic help, then I tried to get this deranged lunatic to leave me the hell alone and get out of my life. Ha! Absolutely no help in CA. NONE. This state flat-out doesn't give a damn about children or human rights or human life for that matter. Read that again: CA FLAT OUT DOESN'T GIVE A DAMN. Crime is AOK and given a green-light to go all the way... But boy oh boy, there were plenty WITHIN the system willing to take bribe money from him and from the criminals he helped. Isn't that lovely? IN NY, that human garbage would be wearing cement shoes at the bottom of the Hudson; in CA, that human garbage gets a criminal justice, social service or non-profit career. Despicable conduct here. Despicable men here. I've never known men like him, never had violent men in my entire adult life, never saw criminal conduct (and I did psychiatric social work IN NEW YORK CITY!) like I've seen out here. Never. California's system is glutted with cowards, criminals and crazies. Veritable Babylon.

I wanted to know why Santa Cruz CA was letting this psychopath and others run amok..., but, as I learned, Santa Cruz is a mecca for criminal sociopaths...even run by some criminal sociopaths, and flat-out refuses to uphold the law for 99.7% of women victims of crime it generates. As I was told a million times, "That's the way it is here, it's been this way for years..." I guess it's too busy getting high and growing pot. Hey, don't believe me, ask the SF FBI--they rightfully, eagerly loathe Santa Cruz. It is a literal Sodom and Gomorrah.

My son's father has done this "gaslighting" sabotage business to me--just like yours did to you. My son's father has done this to other women, too--just like most batterers do (including his male coworkers who were on to him--some have a habit of winding up "suicided" around him...even his own brother, sister-and-law and nephew; his boss; his old girlfriend, etc.).

My son's father would break into my email accounts online and send emails posing as me or delete emails to me (especially regarding my business). He opened new email accounts in my name without my knowledge and sent emails posing as me, too. He broke into my online banking accounts, store accounts, memberships and subscriptions and changed passwords, canceled accounts and memberships, etc.  He engaged in IRS fraud, cc fraud and county child-support fraud. etc. etc. Whenever I blocked his emails, he created others--one day he created 10 accounts and beseiged me with abusive emails... Think about that... 10 new accounts, the accounts he had made in my name, plus his regular accounts... boy, sociopathy is full-time work...

He also aided and abetted violent sex-offender felons while they were under criminal investigation, had also engaged in obstruction and interference of this very important criminal investigation and was fundamental in sabotaging it which now puts thousands of women and children in Santa Cruz at risk. He also aided and abetted a scumbag CA employment attorney (named BUZO who sold me out) and the criminals' attys. He also solicited every and any criminal that I had ever reported or tried to keep my son and myself safe from. He endangered 100s of seriously injured line-workers and employees by aiding and abeting a company under CalOSHA and criminal investigation. He has a life-long history of drug and alcohol abuse, was a former well-known drug-trafficker (I didn't know, I don't do drugs or loiter with criminal scum--these predators are all over Santa Cruz, like I said it's a mecca with flaccid idiots, criminals, crazies, and cowards for enforcement) who hired Meltzer to get him off (if you hire Meltzer, you're guilty, you're just paying a lot to buy off the judges) hired a violent, father's rights' atty whose daddy was a family court judge, paid off and bought off anybody he could, and even killed my cat.

He used to hide my son's homework and say I wasn't  helping my son do his homework assignments, he used to break into my apartment, he put spyware on my computer (he's a software engineer w/a genius IQ), spyware on my son's cd-rom copied games, he hits my son, his co-dependent wife hits my son, and he hired a criminal to slander me because she sold two young girls to a violent, felony sex-offender I was asked to report (had tons of evidence)... He also hustled the local FBI, lied to them, manipulated them (those guys are sharp as marbles).. he threatened and terrorized most of my friends--many of whom were dying of cancer--some of whom have since died. He slandered numerous NY State private and public Institutions, 30 UC professors, NY Judges, sheriff's dept, therapists, police dept, doctors, academicians, clinicians, child-care workers, directors, his own therapist, etc. etc. etc.

He pummeled me when I was 9 months pregnant, hit my kid, terrorized me and my son and used our son as a tool for unimaginable violence. He did a million things... No matter how impeccable my background, how much overwhelming evidence I had--no help or assistance period. CA flat out doesn't give a damn.

Listen, you're not alone. The violence, oppression and corruption against abused women and children here in CA is absolutely heinous. The apathy is stellar. It is tantamount to the evil the Bible speaks of.. it may even surpass it. And it's beginning to happen in other states, though not as bad as it is here in CA.

So, do know that you are not alone. Do know it is not your fault. You didn't "pick" this criminal--he picked you--that's what criminal predators do. Do know that most men are NOT batterers...many men are basically good men: WHILE ALL MEN WHO ARE BATTERERS ARE CRIMINALS. A good lot of this blame goes to the CA criminal  [ send green star]  [ accepted]

Continued... December 26, 2006 1:24 AM

A good lot of this blame goes to the CA criminal gun-molls lobby (evaluators) who are also violent CRIMINALS...who have aggressively lobbied alongside the sex-offender/child-abuser lobby for decriminalizing the rape, murder, violence, assault and battery against abused women and children...

Personally, I think Human Rights Watch, AI and the anti-death penalty groups have a legal claim against them: they make it far more difficult to argue against the death penalty because they're undeniably the best candidates on the planet for it...

One more time: you're not alone.. not now. not ever. Get angry, get focused... join our statewide appeal or start one in your state... Go to my website for information, contacts, assistance and strategic recommendations...

Don't ever give up or shut up... Keep posting and bugging the media, keep threatening politicians with exposure--remember; most people do not now or ever approve of any of this criminal, kid-killing, conduct they just need to know about it...

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