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Project w/ Cofan people, Ecuador Jennifer S. 1 4 years ago
Newbie wishes to say 'Hello' Lydia M. 1 6 years ago
Help Chiles Mapuche People, sign the petition MYTJ K. 1 7 years ago
Nada Prouty Petition and Link to Information True P. 1 9 years ago
Discuss: Nada Prouty Plight to Justice UpDate. True P. 1 9 years ago
Leonard Peltier Alerts: Will Nader support... james N. 15 10 years ago
petition the govt. for an apology Linda S. 1 11 years ago
welcome members Linda S. 1 11 years ago
US Government & Native Americans a time for... Brian N. 2 11 years ago
Police Brutality Against Indigenous People in... Simon W. 1 12 years ago
best wishes for 2008 Caroline W. 1 12 years ago
Lakota People's Reclaim Sovereignty Simon W. 1 12 years ago
Land sovereignty in Indian Country Past Member . 1 12 years ago
Chavez Urges Supporters to Campaign Non-Stop... Simon W. 3 12 years ago
Columbus Day? That's like having a "Hitler Day" Simon W. 1 12 years ago
Tribal Rights in America Patty P. 2 13 years ago
protect tibet from human rights violations Linda S. 1 13 years ago
welcome and introduce yourselfs Linda S. 5 13 years ago
Care2 News ~ Please 'NOTE IT' Lauren S. 2 13 years ago
Mourning a secret Australia / Luto de una... Simon W. 2 13 years ago
(US) C. Dann + WSDP Alerts: CA Rancher Pleads... james N. 8 13 years ago
Harvey Arden Alerts: Petition on behalf of the... james N. 3 13 years ago
Bolivia: Quecha language Windows system... Simon W. 1 13 years ago
travel notes Linda S. 2 14 years ago
LAND RIGHTS IN AUSTRALIA Linda S. 1 14 years ago
ancestor's bones Linda S. 1 14 years ago
Archaeology and news paulette s. 6 14 years ago
Osiyo CD A. 8 14 years ago
American Indian Tribal Rights & the ESA, US.... CD A. 5 14 years ago
Good News for the Shoshone Myla A. 1 14 years ago
FCNL Alerts: Urge Congress Make Indian Health... james N. 3 14 years ago
everybody needs to see this Greet N. 1 14 years ago
FOEI: [Cyberaction] Violent eviction of... james N. 1 14 years ago
Wolakota Foundation: In the Four Directions,... james N. 1 14 years ago
Peru wants Machu Picchu relics returned Caitlin B. 2 14 years ago
Paraguayan Indigenous Demand Official Attention Simon W. 2 14 years ago
For 4th Time, Judge Seeks to Shield Indian Data Maria B. 1 14 years ago
Another saddening decision by BIA N. W. 2 14 years ago
Venezuela Offers Support to U.S. Indigenous... Simon W. 2 14 years ago
Unlock Reality Adam R. 1 14 years ago
Returning the land Maria B. 1 14 years ago
Hao. Act: "Leonard PelrtierTransferred to... james N. 1 15 years ago
C Dann + WSDP Alerts: PARLMT CALLS ON CANADIAN... james N. 1 15 years ago
Looking for Help John-Michael T. 1 15 years ago
Call to enter Ancient Trees as a World Heritage... Eileen G. 4 15 years ago
Wondering why this group has gone quiet Past Member . 1 15 years ago
Industrial Society Destroys Mind and Environment Sushil Y. 3 15 years ago
Petition for 300 murdered aboriginal women in... Past Member . 2 15 years ago
Native American Legislative Update Mary R. 1 15 years ago
Australian Indigenous Rights Past Member . 1 15 years ago
Thanks for the Petition links, you guys! CR R. 2 15 years ago
Unlawful Taxation Of First Nations People Past Member . 1 15 years ago
"guidelines Native Peoples Magazine - Phoenix,... james N. 1 15 years ago
What's up? Tom T. 1 16 years ago
Resources Tom T. 11 16 years ago
C. Dann: Ecuador Indigenous Summit, /W.... james N. 1 16 years ago
Just here to say hello and Doki Sunalei! Past Member . 3 16 years ago
USA Alert CLOSE THE SOA!! vote is next week Mary R. 1 16 years ago
Indigenous Rights in Columbia, Genocide, Oil... John B. 4 16 years ago
Groups Tom T. 4 16 years ago
Getting Active Tom T. 11 16 years ago
A new member Gayatri S. 13 16 years ago

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