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Message: poem I wrote, Celtic Music  
celtic voices bring all to standing applause
druids of old made forceful gales pause
if colors of the rainbow were sound
in celtic music it would be found

waves of tears splashing eyes
swelling of the heart to lion size
bagpipes exorcise armies  and dispatch fears
in rivers and streams of emotion that last for years
with their ancient instruments of string
reach the farthest parts of heaven where angels sing

the harp with all it brings
is a twin,to heart strings
heard in deepest mines
most every where the sun shines
their drums created thunder
quite a spell to be under

dreams made for the wide awake
dams of depression they break
wit and tradition  sung in poems who soar
for rare beauty celtic music opens that door

some say it makes the beer green
a ale of forty shades of green
music defines the heart and soul of my fellow celt
when you listen,your heart will melt

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