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Stephen Hill

"To know myself and strive to be a better person!"

Redondo Beach, CA, USA
married, 4 children
Speaks: English, Greek, some Spanish, Some German, Animalese
Joined Mar 12, 2007

Welcome to my sanctuary
    The Following comes from my spirituality blog. Please click
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                ~~~SYNCHRONICITY ~~~

Most of us label events of synchronicity as coincidences. ~~ but are they?  Is synchronicity a revelation that there is  a rhythm  to life? Can we say that these events were meant to be? In other words, our destiny?  Deepak Chopra makes reference to this rhythm as "Synchrodestiny" and to choose to live in harmony with  this rhythm, everything we desire comes to us effortlessly. 

Evolved souls will tell you there that are no accidents or coincidences. All that we experience is by design and what we attract to our physical world. There are no accidents, just the wheels of synchronicity, the wheels of time or in other words, the wheels of Karma. The evolution of consciousness in the alchemy of time. 

Below are examples of Synchronicity:

1)  You were fired from your job and while things appeared hopeless when the rent was due, ~~ you find not only a job, but a better job then the one you lost.

2) You end a long term bad relationship and through unexpected venues you meet a person who becomes your soul-mate.

3) You go into a book store or a library, not knowing what you want, but expecting to find something that will stimulate you and a book falls off the shelve in front of you and it is the book you were looking for but had no idea of the name of the book.

4) You have lost focus in your life and depressed and one day totally unexpectedly  you meet a stranger that brings to you guidance and you are able to find real meaning in your life. 

Carl Jung, A Swiss Psychologist, coined the word "Synchronicity". He believed that events which are perceived as coincidences were not by chance. I will not bore you with all his genius on this post, but I recommend that you read his writings on Synchronicity. He has written many books on the subject.  

Remember from my last post on Abundance: You need to feel you deserve the best life has to offer. After all, you attract what you feel and are. You project positive energy, you will get positive results for your needs.  In the above examples of synchronicity the person always had a positive energy around him.

Be well in light and Love and accept divine intervention


I have just returned from Sedona where I spent a week and spoke on topics of spirituality. This was the most enhanced vibrational frequency I have ever experienced. It also contributed to my consciousness, ~~  the need for world awakening. The year of 11-11 is the year of awakening and  preparation for 2012 and all the changes which will happen to Mother Giai and all living things on this planet with which we are one.

While I was in Sedona I learned better to release my energy to my fellow two legged, four legged and winged family. Hugging was the main activity of the day. As one of my previous posts shared with you, the touch from another magnifies the energy as one gets goose bumps and the hair stands on  your body. PURE ENERGY! 

I have come to the conclusion that UNCONDITIONAL LOVE is the answer to save the planet and all living creatures which share the air we breath.

As the week progressed I was hugging everyone who was in sight, (within the group of coarse, not that I did not want to hug the people in the streets). It is just that some humans have inhibitions which can block the actions of love. Especially unconditional love. If we want to save  Mother Giai we need to open the chakra of our heart.

Symbols of which are Green & Rose Pink: Love, Harmony, Healing, Divine Love, Compassion. 

The chant of OHM in meditation can open the heart chakra as oneness healing. If we could get the message to the world that LOVE heals, regardless of race, creed and language, the universal language of love will overcome our differences and we can be one with all!

Below are photos taken from the 11-11-11 ceremony of me with a Native who performed the ceremony and a very spiritual dog:

May we all exercise unconditional love for the sake of all humanity and living things on Mother Giai. This is my wish, this is my dream, this is what I live for. I know this from my last near death accident. I have been saved for this purpose!

Reflections from Stephen  November 2011


The most powerful communication on earth is that from the Spirit. No words spoken, or written, yet Spiritual communication can be so much more clear. The Spirit tickles the body that serves as a temporary carriage for the Spirit in this journey called life on earth. Like little sparks of energy which overwhelm the body, which is a gift from our creator, that responds with tears, laughter, pain, happiness and ~~ with a certain look from our eyes.

It has been said that the eyes are the windows to the soul. They speak louder than any word written or spoken. They are pure energy. Is it not interesting that when the body ages the eyes remain as youthful as when we first entered this life. Oh yes, the skin around them my be dated but look deep into the eyes of someone who is in the twilight of his life and you will see the soul of that person never ages.

We may be born in different places in the world. Our spoken word may be different. Our dress we choose to cover our bodies may be different but OUR SPIRIT IS ONE!

These differences represent a different path leading to what should be the same goal in life. Peace, unity and love! See beyond the path and reveal your Spirit full of love and peace. We therefore will not be strangers.

When our focus in life is dedicated to worldly possessions and not in that which cannot be seen or felt, ~~ than we will continue to be no more then individuals in this realm fighting for treasures we can never take with us when we pass on to the Spirit world. Fighting each other and remaining separated.

Open the door to your soul and heal the planet from spiritual thirst  to plentiful spiritual nourishment.


May we strive to take the stranger out of all humans who share the air and space on this planet.

This post was taken from my Spirituality blog called ANCIENT PNEVMA and I welcome you the visit by clicking on the title of this post above

Emotions from Stephen July 2011



Songs, movies, poetry and more books than anyone can count have flooded humanity on the topic of Love since communication existed between all inhabitants on planet earth. Some languages are more descriptive than others when describing love. Greek is a very romantic language and has three beautiful words for Love. 

Eros is the erotic love, sometimes exercised without emotion. It is the raw attraction between two individuals. It can be a very passionate experience. Erotic love can be also be experienced between too individuals with deep passion and emotion which can take you into depths of the spiritual Love called Agape. I like to refer to this experience as "Sacred Unity"  One who is also in love with the spirit and soul of another. This can also lead to the Love called Filos which can be associated with passion toward humanity. Agape also represents a spiritual gathering.

The study of this love relevant to humanity is called Philosophy with the root words of "Filos" and "Sofia" which means wisdom in Greek. Thus, we call this the "love for wisdom".  

Now comes the key to unlock the love you have to share. YOU MUST LOVE YOURSELF FIRST! Do not expect to share love with another unless you like yourself first. Be kind to yourself. Let go all the negativity you have gathered over the years and treat the day you live in as the first day of your life.

How do you know that you experiencing love you ask? The Great Spirit, the Creator of all things, has bestowed a gift so powerful as your body and shell of your soul. The signs of love will be noticeable. 

Remember, your heart is the strongest organ in your body having both Magnetic and Electronic energy that affects the environment  around you. It can have a physical affect  on people around you. When a connection is made, you will know it. It will become obvious to you.
The waves of emotions will run through you like a powerful stream through the forest of feelings. You might experience a tingling sensation. You begin to feel light headed as though you have taken some hallucinogenic  drug. You feel you  are walking on clouds, etc. 

As wonderful as this sensation maybe, your work has just begun to nourish your  garden of love. Every day you need to nourish and attend to your garden. There will be weeds of challenges that can grow in your garden.  Simple gestures of kindness, caring and respect with honesty can remedy those challenges  and fertilizer for the soul.

The giving of one's self  can be challenging as you can always be on the brink of loosing yourself in another. Be a part of the life of someone else and allow a person to a part of your life. However  it is imperative to remain  the essence of who you are.   In other words, you provide the coal and your soul mate provides the obsidian. The Alchemy of your relationship creates the furnace which makes the diamond or that third entity which is your sacred relationship.   You never stop being the coal and your soul mate never stops being the obsidian.

Then there is love for humanity and all living creatures on this planet. We call this Philanthropy. The root words are Filos and anthropos which in Greek means "man", ~~ thus Love for mankind.  Caring for our fellow humans in the form of charity is another Greek word, called Philoptohos. It literally means "friend of the poor". (Filos is friend and ptohos in Greek means Poor). There is usually an organization with in each Greek Orthodox church called Philoptohos who gives to the needy.

Loving humanity and all living creatures is in my opinion the most noble task we can take on. This nourishes the goal of world unity. Is it too much to ask for us to be a Filos to our fellow Anthropos? Let us unite in our common form of love in our places of worship and in our daily life. Do not allow social pressures to infiltrate your Agape. Instead, show the world how at peace you are with your love!

May you love yourself so you may share your love with a soul mate and the world.

The above comes from my Spirituality Blog called
"Ancient Pnevma"
and I welcome you to visit my blog by clicking on the Title of this post.

Reflections of Stephen, May 2011


I am blessed that I live near the Pacific ocean. It offers an opportunity to exercise yet one more method of meditation.  I am Surrounded by one of many forces of nature.  A stroll on the beach can satisfy all five major senses we were born with: The sound of the waves caressing the skirt of mother earth, her shores:  The visual of the sun fading below the horizon to prepare for another session of warm love and light the next day:  the smell of mother earth's perfume  emanating from the water that has been kissed by the her beautiful sea life: Last but not least, with cupped hands, touching my face a piece of a wave slightly seasoned with the taste of salt, and the feel of the liquid love from Mother Nature. 

This is an incredible recipe for tranquility. 

In the depths of my meditation watching the waves as they engulfed  my feet I realized that each wave is different from all the others, before and after and all times on this planet.  Very symbolic of how we as humans are all unique. After all, two humans can not share the same finger prints, let alone the same psyche. This validates how special we are on this planet. We were born special and we can pass on to the spirit world as special,  ~~ if we so choose.  It is up to us to develop the gifts given to us at birth! 

 Painting by Benny Anderson

We have been given many gifts from our creator of all things. Please do not waste them. Like all the sand pebbles on a beach, you may believe you are not seen among the billions of pebbles, but you can be seen by sharing your love and light. By sharing your wisdom and your  enlightenment. You can turn into a bolder of support for mankind and animals on this planet. Please do not waste the power and positive energy you were born with.  This was taken from my spirituality blog called  Ancient Pnevma. You may access it by clicking on the title of this post.

Emotions from Stephen April 2011


Darkness is part of life. The irony is,  that without darkness,  light cannot exist. In fact, without darkness there is no way to gauge the strength of your light. Character cannot be developed in calm seas. Our souls need to experience trials and tribulations to to evolve and to clear the path of life towards peace and strength and spirituality.

The enemies of Spiritual development are:  Apathy, Materialism and Indifference. The allies are Compassion, Love and allowing your inner light to shine.

Know yourself, see the shadows of your past. Doing this can direct you to the path of your future where you can be one's  lighthouse amidst  storms and darkness. 

As I gain more experience in life and acquire more wisdom, I realize that often in life we only understand the value of an emotion or spiritual treasure when we lose it, such as love. I recall the wisdom of one of my favorite poets,  Poet ~~ Khalil Gibran " Love does not know it's own depth until the hour of separation". 

Recently I watched a TV series about people who were clinically dead and returned to life. Numerous people with such experiences had one major experience in common. They realized that all the materialism in the world cannot give you true happiness. During their experience, none of them were thing about the house or car, they were leaving behind, they were thinking of family and love, etc.

They all believed they returned as they have some purpose they must fulfill before leaving this world. They also have no fear of death as they experienced a peaceful energy.

They would agree with me, about the allies and enemies of Spirituality as indicated above. They may not call it spirituality, but they certainly would call it treasures of the soul. Their attitude now is to help others, to be a light in the darkness of others.

Post taken from my Spirituality Blog ~~ Ancient Pnevma. Please visit for more inspiration and peace by clicking on the title of this post.

Emotions from Stephen February 2011



The months of November and December are very significant for me and for all of us. I like to refer to them as a time for contemplation and review of what we can be thankful for the year which just past. It is not a coincidence that it is also a time for giving.

Mother Earth experiences her shortest daylight and it is an opportunity for us to kindle a new light for another year.

There are certain emotions that envelope my spiritual progress through the process of my thanksgiving. They are:

Purpose~~Passion~~Courage~~Goals~~Dreams~~Laughter~~and last but not least ~~ Kindness!  This contributes to my evolution as a beautiful person.

As I sit before my computer screen and feel the love I have experienced this past year, I begin to tear as I press letters on a keyboard and a magic carpet takes them to the screen and I see what I am feeling.

I am so thankful for all the beautiful people I have met this past year. For the inspiration that has propelled me into another opportunity to express love and share in my Spirituality. I welcome your visit to my Spirituality blog called ANCIENT PNEVMA. You can Google the name which will take you to my blog and find peace.

This December 21 will be a very special Winter Solstice as there will be not only a full moon, but also a total lunar Eclipse at 8:18 PM.

My wish for you is that you also were blessed this past year and that the new year will bring to you and your family good health.

Emotions from Stephen December 2010

               YOUR CANVASS OF LIFE

As we close in on our mortality we begin to reflect on our life and what we have accomplished and where we are going. Suddenly we realize a synopsis of key words and expressions describing and symbolizing our life.

 These are mine:

 my soul caresses me with tears~~imagine all the people ~~ the wind beneath my wings ~~ nothing in life is owned, it is borrowed~~ born free ~~ love me tender ~~ getting lost is an opportunity for a lesson in life ~~ stand by me ~~ love amidst chaos~~Thomas Newman~~ the sounds of silence~~life is reflected in movies but movies do not always reflect life~~ the fellowship of the rings~~Ennio Morricone~~the ink in my pen is the love I share~~events in my life are my shadows ~~ Kyrie eleison ~~ steps to the Acropolis~~Climbing Meteroa ~~ Mount Athos ~~ Anam Cara~~I love the unseen and I feel the seen~~I am one with all ~~ a mother whose ashes have been spread in a rose garden.


Your reflections are like a paint brush and these key words and expressions are the colors used on your  canvass of life!

 Perhaps a mirror of your life may come from a fellow human, a tree, an animal. It is in these instances that we can reflect on our life! A fellow human and friend here on care2  has inspired me to create this post!

 What colors do your paint brush use on your canvass of life?

Emotions from Stephen October 2010

            Your garden of Life

At birth you are bestowed a gift from the creator. This gift is a garden of life and you are the keeper. What you plant in your garden will be what you reap during your Journey.

Not a seed goes by the way side. It is embedded in your garden as you live each day.  Each action, thought and word is a single seed. The beauty of your garden maybe the beauty in your heart. If your heart and soul are dark, so shall your garden be.  Each keeper has a spiritual seed pouch which follows you throughout your life.

To invite all living creatures into your life, you are inviting them to your garden. Sharing the drink from the well in your garden can be a blessing. It can create an alchemy so powerful that you can become soul mates and share a common garden of life which can feed from your energy.

Your garden needs spiritual attention as weeds often infiltrate your garden. The nourishment for your garden can be the tears you shed from both pain and happiness.


Emotions from Stephen March 2010



This is a movie that is one of my all time favorites. In fact this same poster is hanging on the wall of our love nest where my beloved and I share our peace and inspiration at the end of each day. There is a statement in the above poster " LOVE IS THE ONLY INSPIRATION". How true this can be when it comes to writing. In the movie it took Shakespeare to fall in love not only to overcome his "writer's block" but to change his play from a comedy to a love story called Romeo and Juliette. One look at his beloved and immediately  his pen was full of ink.

Not just new found love, but pain from a lost love can spur feelings to jump onto a page. Maybe in the midst of a long term love something is said or witnessed which inspires writing. Such is true for me, in all of the above. These emotions can materialize in the form of a poem, song, music or a simple chapter in a book.

When two people share a love and a bond, a third entity evolves which has a life force of its own. Two hearts, two spirits, two souls now see the world through the third entity. It seems as though you are experiencing life all over again. Places and things you have experienced prior to knowing your beloved suddenly are experienced as new. Everyday life becomes special and a new experience with the one you love. Suddenly I don't just see the colors of life change in the fall, I see hear the sound of each color. I just don't just see the snow in the winter, I can smell it! I don't just see the blossom of new life in the spring I can taste it.  I don't just experience the warmth of Apollo's sun in the summer, it caresses me.   I feel the purpose and the beauty of Mother Nature's Life cycle. The experience of the seasons with my beloved is a catalyst for my writing.


All my senses are blessed by the woman I love, to whom I dedicate this emotion: My beloved Regina

Emotions from Stephen November 2008



Poetry is the manifestation of Passion and Compassion for and from our fellow human. Each human has an inner poet. Passion and Compassion are branches from the same tree of life and love. Poetry is not just the written word, but it can be found in music, songs, paintings, motion pictures, sculptures, or all living plants and creatures of Mother Earth.

Often, when I find myself at the modern day typewriter otherwise known as a key board of a computer, it is usually because a connection that  was made with something or someone who touched my heart. The anxiety of getting to my keyboard is so overwhelming, it is almost painful.

I often throw a spiritual net into the sea of life in hopes that I catch a glimpse of life's beauty which will embrace my heart and soul.

From the time of that embrace until the time I am at the keyboard, my soul caresses my face with tears of passion. My soul is giving me a spiritual bath and my heart beats in unison with the rhythm of Mother Earth. The tears of a poet are like rain drops from the heavens that caress the leaves of the tree of life and love. With the tears, he returns the beauty he borrowed  back to the sea of life.



Emotions from Stephen February 10, 2010

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About Me I find it amazing that events in our life, tragic or otherwise, spur the essence of who we are. I am proud to say I am a survivor of a brutal attack on my spirit and heart. In November 2007 I experienced the most challenging, vicious out of control anger from another human. This has caused deep pain that will probably come with me to the spirit world as I affectionately refer to as "going into the west". HOWEVER I thank the great spirit for allowing me to experience this pain. In me I had the spirit to write but it took pain to bring it out in me. I rediscovered myself and now know that I am a very passionate person who is spiritual but not dogmatic. I believe in the spirituality of the earth. I believe painful experiences we have can be instruments of creativity. We can gain a lesson from pain and channel it to productivity. Some of the best music, songs, movies and poetry have come from pain. The loss of someone I once loved was painful but yet necessary to bring me to the point my spirit and heart have evolved. I do pray that the Gods watch over that wonderful soul which inhabits a weary shell of a body and protect her.

I am looking to improve myself with each breath and be with those while in this realm who share the same appreciation for mother earth and all the great mystical powers this world has to offer. To inspire others to be at peace within and with others. I feel the core of any relationship is communication, whether it is the spoken or written word. Whether it is in images, sounds or scents. Whether it is in a certain touch. If you block communication, you will be deprived of a connection that could be make you a better person and this place called earth a better place to live. We can be open to all forms of communication from all living creatures and nature.

I do have a place in my heart for the American Indian. I feel the American Indians have the best awareness of all the elements of mother earth and all living creatures with their spirits. We can learn from our native people how to best live in harmony with all living creatures. My spirit animals are the Jaguar and Beaver as I have been told by my brother in spirit, Chief Runningfox. I had always known I have been guided by the Jaguar but I now know the Beaver stands close to me at all times, wise and very creative with passion.

We must learn how to respect the need for each person's requirement for solitude and introspection that will eventually lead to a sacred unity and harmony for a peaceful voyage into the "West". Know thy self first and be true to thy self. Only then can you be true to others and help others. To help make this world to be a better place! Peace be to all these wonderful people on this site who share a common goal to make our journey in this life a rewarding one! I NOW LOVE MYSELF and I am ready to help others in the quest of sacred unity!
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Wild Fact About Me I was very involved in the church who became very dis-enchanted with structured religion. I still maintain my spirituality but it is more from the elements of the earth than from a scripture or book.
My Philosophy Having studied in Greece with a degree in Theology and Philosophy for six years I could talk all day long. I believe the soul drives the spirit and the spirit controls the heart. The brain records all events of our life and it is the events of our life which makes us who we are today. Knowing thyself and being true to thyself will assure you are in the right path in this journey we call life on earth.
What Gives Me Hope All the poems, books, paintings, movies, created by those very talented people who offer a dream of positive energy for a peaceful journey we have on this earth.
If I were Mayor, I'd make the world a better place by Encourage environmental awareness and preserve the planet in the state it was created so future generations may benefit from it's wonderful and multi faced spirit. That peace is the most important factor in earth's preservation.
What/who changed my life and why Lord of the Rings. Gandhi. Mount Athos in Greece. Because I see good being victorious over evil. I learned meditation and soul searching finding tranquility amidst chaos. Each experience in life teaches us more of who we are. To know thyself with all the frailties and goodness makes one more at peace with himself and others around him. What scares me is ignorance and biases based on perceptions which are developed from childhood. We must discover ourself so that we can overcome the enemy of peace.
Quotation Love knows not of it's own depth until the hour of separation. Quote from Kahil Gibran
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