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Electra Cy

"Goddess Restored, for Peace on Earth. :) I'm not here for dating..!"

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My World and yours - Working Together for the 'Greater Good.'

Constututional Amendments Petition for the U.S.

I believe that I have figured out the true 1212 Prophesy, and it seems to be a promise of good things to come.

"There's no such things as Zombies. This myth started when Witch Doctors would drug people, and then later dig them up and revive them. They were not actually dead. They were kept drugged up just enough to keep them under control, and usually used as slaves for bid plantation owners in (?) South America, I think.

"The dead will walk the earth" is an end-time Prophesy, but people repeating that always seem to forget that there is a "New Heavens and New Earth" included with the Prophesy.

The difference in "time" is the reason that the dead "walk the earth." The new earth will be back in time. Before it got so filthy. The people who have died are still alive, and living in the new earth. Gods and Goddesses can do this. "Time" can speed up or slow down. We've all experienced it when the week has gone by so fast, or "time" drags. There are also time loops. Deja-vu, and other anomalies."


"Therefore rejoice, ye heavens, and ye that dwell in them.  Wo to the inhabiters of the earth, and the sea! for the devil is come down unto you, having great wrath, because he knoweth that he hath but a short time."

It's the end of the Devil, and quite possibly the beginning of the "New Heavens, and earth" that were promised.

My evidence is scant, but look at the worldwide turmoil in,
 "the earth, and the sea!"

I believe in all probability that it is, "The end of the World as we know it," but not the end of our true existence as some people fear that it is.

There are 2 pages that may be of interest.

Cherokee Calendar page:

My page:

Please Help me restore Peace on Earth.

With additional research I have found that I was previously mislead on a few things that I had included on my page. I am attempting to correct them.


This is what I see as the "Exodus."
It appears to have begun as a rivalry between the Gods Amen and Ra, and escalated from there to include the "followers" of both.

Some of my info was deduced from here:

The deception of the people began long before the time of Jesus, and actually began at or around the time of Moses. It began with two Gods that I believe are the brothers of the God Amen, they are Am-Heh, and Amens’ (possibly twin) brother Set. I seem to have been wrong about Amen, as he seems to be missing, and has been for quite some time now.

Am-Heh  (Soon to be Deceased!)

Yahweh in the Bible as "Lord," prior to Jesus being called, "Lord," sent Plagues, and floods, and other nasty things to the people of earth. He has proven himself to be vengeful, viscious, and full of hatred. This is the God who promises a bloody Armagedon in the "Book of Revelations." Read your Bible if you don't believe my findings. Does any of this sound like he is a "just" God?  A Loving God? The Bible is full of mostly threats from him, and love from Jesus.

Set/Seth (Deceased)

Research shows that assumptions were made about the four Major Banners that were carried by the Tribes of Israel. No one actually seems to know what they really were, but believing that they included an OX does not seem likely to me unless the 4 Major Gods depicted were actually 5, equaling 3 Gods and 2 Goddesses.

Wadjet/Serpent, Bast/Spinx-Lion, Horus/Eagle or Hawk, Amen/Ram, and Anubis/Ox. Were the Symbols meanings and significance dropped to appease Yahweh after he seized control, and the fifth Major Banner Symbol hidden from knowledge? It appears so. There seems to be physical evidence that was discovered showing a Serpent was on one of the Banners, so I believe this to be true.

This is a non-religious link, and seems to me to be unbiased.

The Symbols had come from Egypt. Anubis, the God of Death and Embalming used the Symbol of the Ox, so the Ox makes little sense otherwise.

Am-Heh would have been known possibly as a Scorpion, Volcano, or any number of Symbols representing fire, maybe even a Salamander.

I am of the belief that Am-Heh is none other than the God Yahweh, the God of the “Underworlds” “Lakes of Fire.” The Halloween looking Devil that is known to the Christians as Satan. Their assumption that he was "their God" was probably manipulated into being, but "Amen" is the God Invoked at the end of their Prayers.

These two Goddesses, and the three Gods are “Just” Gods/Goddesses, and would not have approved of the slavery, and/or the conditions that were present in Egypt in that period of time. Amen was possibly the way that the others found out what was going on in Egypt in the first place.

Yahweh seems to have started out okay, but quickly changed when things did not go his way. He wanted power, and his only inclusion with the group seems to have been the smoke and fire that led the way out of Egypt. I believe that he did not lead the people out of Egypt on a Banner. It seems that his thirst for power overwhelmed him. With the help of Set he was able to deceive the other Gods and Goddesses so that they did not know that Amen had disappeared and Set had taken his place.

Their power was probably fortified by Demonic forces. Evil had won before anyone even knew, or had the chance to change what was happening.

There are no "Lost Tribes of Israel."
The slaves came from all known Nations of the time. Many of them were captured travelers. When they were freed... doesn't it make sense that some of them just simply took their families and went home?

Some of the ex-Slaves were the "Masons...," the "Builders" of the Stone Temples, Pyramids, and the Sphinx of Ancient Egypt. Not adhering to the Religious beliefs of the time (Christianity) would have certainly gotten them, and probably their families killed. A "Secret Society" was born from this.

This page gives more nonreligious info, and seems unbiased to me.

Which brings us to the Crucifixion.
The Apostles betrayed Jesus first, and then they went on to deceive the followers, and all of humanity. When Jesus stated, "Forgive them father for they know not what they do."

The answer was "No," because Amen was no longer in charge as he should have been. Am-Heh and Set were. Without evidence showing that the brothers had caused Amens' disappearance Am-Heh could legitimately assume his role as the God of the earth.  Set however could not, because he had assumed Amens' identity, and had allowed for the Crucifixion of the child God Jesus in doing so.

Had Amen been in charge he would not have allowed for Jesus to have been Crucified. This is possibly how the deception of the brothers was found out.

After 2000 years some people still have not figured this out. Because of this they have been invoking the "missing" Ram headed God of ancient Egypt with every Prayer they send. Set did not care, and neither did Am-Heh/Yahweh. The Prayers of the people went unanswered because of this.

The Apostles knew at least some of the truth, and that is why there is so much hidden from the "followers." Had they told the truth then they would have been stoned to death and/or Crucified sooner.

Lying still did not save them from being Crucified anyway as punishment for their betrayal.  Am-Heh/Yaweh made sure of this, and thus the truth was well hidden.

Denial of the truth comes easy when you are looking for hope, and that is what some people are clinging to.

Nature worship was "Demonized" as
"Witchcraft" by the people worshiping Yahweh because he does not want "Pagans" to be strong enough to join against him. His time is through, but he is unwilling to let go of the Earth, and prefers an "Armageddon" instead of allowing the Goddess to take Reign.

Histories of the Gods and Goddesses were rewritten to appease Yahweh. Slander and lies were put in the place of truth to make the other Gods and Goddesses seem abhorrent to humans so that they would no longer be worshiped or “Invoked“ for guidance. They were wrongly accused of every "Sin" possible to make this happen. Sadly, it worked.

They were also turned into mere “Myths and Legends,” but I am of the total belief that they do exist, and they have not forgotten the Children of the Earth, the plants, or the animals.

Jesus tried to save “Humanity,” but now it is up to all of us to join together to save our Planet, and its children. We need the Goddess free to Reign. I believe that she is in a trap, but I cannot explain why. I have probably said to much as it is.

I can only hope that the "Religious" people of earth wake up soon, and realize the truth.

and with the greatest sincerity,
Electra Cy

CREDIT: "The Moses Mystery" BY Gary Greenberg,
and "Against All The Gods Of Egypt (#1) "
by David Padfield from , The Church of Christ, in Zion Illinois.


Help me restore Peace on Earth. 

HUGZ,  Electra  :)

I grow trees from seed and would like to start a tree farm/Orchard someday soon.
I love people, animals, and all things of Nature.

White Dove
where are you..?
I hear your morning song.
It has a note of loneliness.
I know I can't be wrong.
You are a symbol of love to me.
Please don't be lonely too.
For you can show what love can be,
and tell me what to do.
Though the one I love can fly away,
I'm trapped, and I must stay.
So White Dove
sing nice songs for me,
and help to mend my heart.
Cause if you sing a lonely song
my hope will fall apart. END

Writing and art are two of my true loves, the other one, the main one is Singing!

Thank you for visiting, and have a wonderful day! :)

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Hometown It doesn't exist anymore. I've been here since 1y 
Birthday May 20, 1900  
About Me Loyal, friendly, discreet, and honest!!!

'Uncommon Valour', I would die for you, sight unseen, it made me cry.

I believe in Destiny.
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Wild Fact About Me I was once 'smoke-bombed' in a building I was working in by the fire department. I was on the 3rd floor. I took cover in a Carpet box and pulled insulation into the opening to protect myself from the smoke. Strange thing is that I have an image of me standing next to my co-workers, looking up at the room I was in, but I wasn't on the ground. (lol) I couldn't bring myself to sue them, they do too much good!!!

I may be related to General 'Stonewall' Jackson. :) My dad said that we are mentioned in the book, "Jackson." lol I bet you didn't know he liked to plant Fruit Trees. :)

Too many others to get into...!

A Green and white Spiral entered my third eye while I was dreaming of the Crucification of Jesus. I was 16 at the time, and should have been dreaming about boys. lol

It was a physical event that awakened me. It entered as he died on the cross. I was running through the hallway of the Palace in an effort to stop the Crucifications from happening, but I was too late.

In 1997 I was injured in a car accident. I was left with a form of Amnesia. My memories were taken from my Left brain, but I recognized people by instinct. I knew WHO my friends were,but I could not remember any info about them, including their names. :(

The memories have surfaced again,but it was gradual. I learned to trust my instincts from this, and they have become increasingly stronger over the years.

On or about May of 199. There was a "Reality Shift." I watched it, and I remember it.
It sounded a lot like a train screaching to a halt. lol No one else noticed. :( But there are others who know. *fingerscrossed*

We are all caught in a God/Goddess "Reality trap," and even though I know this to be true I cannot prove it. :(

I mass emailed Congress my Petition a few years ago and, "to our U.S. Representatives, Senators, The Bushes, The Supreme Court, and just about every Newspaper in the country.
This was done in 2003.
Before I began my quest for signatures."

"Care2 has ALL of my 'Factual' information. My real name, address, and age, so does everyone of our Representatives, Senators, etc... (lol) from 2003 from across our Nation.
I tried to get it considered for change by Congress and the Supreme Court before getting any signatures on it.
I was Naive, and thought that they'd do the right thing by changing it. (ROTFL)
I asked for help from ALL of the Presidential Candidates. Some of our Colorado Senators emailed me and asked me to keep them updated, if it changed." *hmm* Nothing's changed yet, but with others help I've made progress at changing the law.

I have actually saved someone's life... More than once.
My Philosophy The glass is always full. Part of it is filled with air.
What Gives Me Hope Angels..! All of you!!!
Most of all is Children.
If I were Mayor, I'd make the world a better place by I would hire the poor and middle class, the people that our laws really affect!

First Law of the Universe, and the only Law we should need? "Do no harm."

Protect the Children, and all others that need it from bad Laws.
Run for President and replace Congress entirely. Get rid of corruption in all areas of our Government.
Then celebrate with a bubble bath with candles floating in it to relieve the tension. lol :)
What/who changed my life and why Angels..! They saved me more than once throughout this lifetime.

Movies - 'Against a Crooked Sky,' and 'Uncommon Valour.' I have actually saved many lives, so I understood this Movie and it made me feel like I wasn't alone.

Books - 'When The Legends Die,' and 'The Secret Garden,' and the Poem - 'Natures first green is gold', It's a Poem by Robert Frost. I hope I got the Title correct. It's beautiful.

S.E. Hinton, she was 12 when she wrote 'The Outsiders' and Jack frosts poem is found in her book, 'That was then, and this is now.' heartbreaking, both books!
Quotation "When the Legends Die,
the Dreams end.
When the Dreams end,
there is no more Greatness"

From the book 'When the Legends Die' by Hal Bordan
"and then they came for me..." - Unknown..?
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