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Lost Gurl X.

"Erase the Stigma on Mental Illness and Promote the welfare of ALL animals AND let all of humanity know they have a voice if they only choose to use it"

Mira Loma, CA, USA
female, age 37
Speaks: English, Sign Language (American)
Joined Jul 31, 2006

Everything You NEVER Wanted To Know About Me and MORE!! Hello!!  My name is Danielle Jorgenson Tanaka.  A very culturally diverse name.  My first name is french, my maiden name is norwegian, and my married name is japanese lol.  I generally have decided not to drop my maiden name cause my dad a long long time ago made me promise I wouldn't.  And I always try to keep my promises.  Right now I'm 25 and a half years old.  I live in country-fied Mira Loma, California with my husband of a year, my folks, my cousin, and his roomie.  We live in tight quarters but I really wouldn't have it any other way.  For right now I'm a housewife.  I enjoy doing all this domestic and my true happiness in life has always been taking care of and pleasing others.  I don't know why but it makes me happy to know my actions directly make someone else happy.
I have one tuxedo cat named CC (Charlie Chaplin for his lil black spot on his white nose that looks like the silent era comedian) who is more like my own child then I think my own real flesh and blood could be.  I really do spoil him.  We also have one betta fish we named Squishy. 
If you  completely read through my page, you will learn probably quite a lot about what makes me tick.  If you like what you see so far as to who I am...feel free to either introduce yourself or send a friend request!! I have to say to you wonderfully awesome people on all are some of the sweetest most kind and compassionate people I have encountered on the net and knowing how incredible you are, I will never have too many of you as wonderful friends!!

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If you ever want to write or IM me feel free!! 

Hi there and thank you visiting my page...Below are 4 groups I host here on you are interested in any or all of them feel free to join.  If it does not peak your interest....maybe one day it will and we'll see ya soon

Are you bipolar?  Are you Depressed?  Do you want to give support to someone in need??  Then join Mania and Depression: A Suffering--everyone needs support now and then.

Do you LOVE the Pop Icon Tinkerbell?  Tinkerbell has become the pop culture symbol of fairies!! If you enjoy TinkerBell or just Fairy folk in general...JOIN All Things Tinkerbell today!! Use this link to join:

Are you a Pogo gamer? One of the BEST sites for gaming is .  If you want something fun to do....go check it out.  If you are aware of the hours of entertain Pogo gives--join my discussion group called Club Pogo Fanatics.  Its about all things Pogo!! If you are an old fan of or me informing you on this page of its existence has intrigued on the following link to join Club Pogo Fanatics:

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The last group I host is for anyone who is interested in learning about what exactly Paganism (yes also a subgroup known as wicca) truly is.  There are several misconceptions about what exactly that all is.  You don't have to want to switch religions or belief systems to join this group--all I ask is an open mind and willingness to learn about a counter-culture much villified for many centuries!!


myspace layouts, myspace codes, glitter graphicsReligious freedom is a must in any truly humane society.  But alas we are human and fear what we do not know--so maybe it is time to start living with open minds--then imagine the possibilities.

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The Basics
1. First name
2. Age
3. Gender
4. Happy with it?
Yes of course
5. The current time is?
6. Eye color
7. Happy with it?
absolutely, my eye color shifts as I move from mood to really its pretty cool
8. If not, what would you change it to?
9. Hair color
Darkish Strawberry Blonde (this is my ABSOLUTE natural color!!)
10. Happy with it?
Eh, I could change it again
11. If not, what would you change it to?
I think I wanna go to a racey unusual color like platinum blonde streaked with like a lavender
12. Hair length
just slightly below my shoulders
13. Hair style
long and striaght
14. Have you ever dyed your hair?
15. What color?
blonde, red, dark brown
16. Do you dye your hair frequently?
I used to, but now its EL NATURALE
17. Has it ever gotten damaged?
when I had it permed it did but not dyed
18. Are you clean-shaven?
um huh?
19. What's your body type?
20. Are your fingers long and slender, short and fat, or somewhere in between?
my fingers are short, but really not fat at all...I just have super tiny hands
21. Thin or full lips?
22. Thin hair, thick hair, or somewhere in between?
completely too thic
23. Have you ever had lice?
when I was young in school
24. How old were you?
between the grades of 3rd and 5th
25. Nicknames
P-nut and Tinkerbell
26. Happy with them?
good as any I suppose
27. Aliases
Danielle Tanaka
28. What made you choose them?
married name
29. If you were born a member of the opposite sex, what would your name be?
my dad swears he wanted to name me Jack Daniel Jorgenson if I had been a boy (mom said no way, but she never even considered a boys name cause she was set that either she was having a gurl or else!)
30. Think of the situation above. What would you want your name to be?
I wouldn't change my name I think its really pretty to begin with
31. If you had a choice, would you drop your last name?
I don't feel like I have that ONE name sums it up persona so I don't think I would
32. What heritage does your first name imply?
Danielle Hebrew Origin but French root that means "Judged By God"
33. Middle name
Marie Hebrew Origin but French root that means "bitter sea"
34. Last name
I don't know at all what my last name means, but I know its norwegian
35. Place of birth
Whittier, CA USA
36. Date of birth
May 29, 1981
37. Nationality
Caucasian American
38. Were you named after anyone?
39. Who?
Both my parents---dad named Dan and mom's middle name is Marie too
40. What side of the family does your name come from?
41. Did your parents immigrate?
42. How about your grandparents?
born here
43. Your great grandparents?
I know that both sets on my dad's side immigrated from Europe...more specifically Norway and Great Britain
44. Farther back into your family?
Most defintiely but I don't know where
45. Where did they emmigrate from?
Unsure its like mom's side is Heinz 57
46. Where did they immigrate to?
47. Skin color
48. What's your facial structure like?
I have sorta real rounded cheek bones, pointy slightly turned up nose, and big eyes
49. Height
50. Happy with it?
sometimes I wish I wasn't exactly SOOO short but I sure am glad I'm not freakishly tall@@
51. Weight
give or take a few pounds about 135
52. Happy with it?
I have no reason not to be
53. How old are your parents?
Dad 62 mom 55
54. What's your father's name?
Daniel Charles Jorgenson
55. Your mother's?
Linda Marie Harris Jorgenson
56. Do you have any siblings?
yes 1 brother
57. How old are they?
58. What are their names?
Roger Dale Harris
59. Do you get along with your family?
We have good and bad days, but overall pretty much
60. Do you wish they were different?
I think when people argue they always wish SOMETHING was at least lil bit different
61. Were you ever abused by any member of your family?
absolutely not
62. Were you ever betrayed by a member of your family?
I think it happens so you gotta be prepared for it
63. Did your family ever disown any other member of your family?
Yes its only happened once
64. If so, why?
My Aunt Becky, I don't think any of us clearly understand anymore at all why we don't speak to each other
65. Who do you get along with most?
All Time Greatest Album
66. Color
anything purplish
67. Month
68. Year
69. Decade
this one
70. Century
this one
71. Millenium
this one
72. Animal
Kitty Kats and MeerKats lol
73. Movie
Walk the line
74. Book
Bipolar WorkBook
75. River
Kern river
76. Lake
lake tahoe
77. Ocean
Pacific Ocean
78. Country
USA USA USA *chanting*
79. City
Los Angeles
80. State
California baby
81. Province
now what is that?
82. Place to go in your neighborhood
home lol
83. Person
84. Relative
85. Pet
86. Actor
Jake Gylenhall
87. Actress
Angelina Jolie
88. Celebrity
Nicole Kidman
89. Musician
hmm don't know
90. Singer
Christina Aguilara
91. Band
Green Day
92. Movie genre
Everything but foreign I enjoy
93. Book genre
Mostly educational/informational or straight out fantasy
94. Play genre
95. Play
They're playing our song by neil simon
96. Musical
97. Poem
anything by jack keroauc
98. Writer
J.K. Rowling
99. Song
Wake Me Up When September Ends
100. Sport
if you are gonna make me choose I'm gonna
101. Drink
102. Food
Fried chicken
103. Brand of cereal
friuty pebbles
104. Candy bar
I don't like much candy at all
105. Disney princess
106. Disney prince
107. Disney villain
108. Disney character
109. CD
American Idiot
110. Director
Stephen Speilberg
111. Videogame
super mario bros
112. Computer game
Sim City 4 Deluxe
113. Game
Texas Hold Em
114. Board game
115. Word game
I don't like word games generally
116. Clothing style
whatever is convient and comfy
117. Truth or dare question
I don't play this dumb childish game
118. Fairy tale
The Princess and the Pea
119. Lullaby
twinkle lil star
120. Holiday
121. Mythological creature
122. Miscellaneous item
123. Storybook character
I don't remember
124. Movie character
Queen Elizabeth I in the movie Elizabeth
125. Play character
don't know
126. Musical character
MC from Cabaret
127. College
uhhh UCLA???
128. Football team
My baby's favorite team, the Chiefs
129. Soccer team
I don't watch or know anyone actually that watches any soccer
130. Tennis player
One or both Williams Sisters
131. Hockey team
I don't even understand hockey, but really do you?
132. Basketball team
133. Baseball team
134. Swimmer
I dont' know any pro swimmers lol and if you do, I'm really sad for you
135. Track star
there are some track names I ought to know but I don't
136. Vegetable
Sweet White Corn
137. Fruit
138. Toothpaste brand
Vanilla Mint
139. Type of computer
any lol
140. Medication
141. Poison
I don't think I have a favorite poison and yes that sounds entirely TOOO TOOOO weird
142. Type of sword
143. Type of gun
I hate guns so NONE
144. Planet
145. Space feature
no gravity intrigues me
146. Breed of cat
What my CC is, Domestic Short Hair...nice way of calling him an alley cat lol
147. Dog
148. Spider
I don't think anyone sane has a favorite spider...but maybe that's JUST me
149. Fish
I like my Squishy so I'll say betta
150. Penguin
Emperor Penguins are sweet
151. Species of crustacean
Shrimp....or lobster...mmmm delicious lol
152. Arachnid
no no no not thinking about those
153. Insect
praying mantis is creepy
154. Pair of socks
which ever ones I can find and put on
155. Scooby-Doo character
Scrappy Doo
156. Spongebob Squarepants character
I've not watched one second ever of that I don't know
157. Quote
"I'd rather be hated for who I am than loved for who I am not"
158. Adage
Tomorrow never comes
159. President
160. Astrological sign
161. Chinese zodiac sign
162. Number
163. Short story
I dont' know off hand anymore but I used to have a lot of short story favs
164. Word
165. Definition
166. Time period
I like the 40s a lot
167. Dictionary brand
168. Series of books
Harry Potter
169. Publishing company
170. Illustrator
I don't know any of those
171. Artist
172. Childhood story
The one where my parents told me that my hamster committed suicide by cutting himself on the edge of bookcase instead of the blatant truth...that he had gotten out and my dog caught and bit him
173. Childhood memory
My grandma's
174. Facial expression
smiling =)
175. Serial killer
Eileen Wuarnos
176. Medieval torture device
Iron Maiden
177. Instrument
178. Brand of chocolate
I don't like chocolate enough to have a fav brand
179. Candy
everlasting gobbstoppers
180. Brand of candy
Willy Wonka
181. Time of day
182. Codename Amour and Adori use
I don't know what the hell this means
183. Letter
184. Inside joke
I'm sure there are many but I don't know how to explain em
185. Joke
I'm just not good at delivering a punch line
186. Scent
187. Onomotapoeia
I look at the word....and I go I USED to know what the hell that meant lol
188. Alliteration
Danielle Definitely Down
Funniest Stand Up Comedians
189. Least favorite color
pee green
190. Animal
elephant...I've just heard to much lately about how they are really purposefully mean and vindictive
191. Number
192. President
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Hometown Downey CA 
Birthday May 29, 1981  
About Me That's a very good question. How does someone just lay out their entire personality in a paragraph or if they get really detailed two? Well my name is Danielle. I'm currently 25 and will be till May 29. I am married to the single most wonderful person I've ever had the honor to meet--my soulmate Neil. He ahs been instrumental in me wanting to better my life and actually strive for happiness. He is 25 too and is just an awesome, laid back type of guy. I've never had perfect trust for any guy, like I do for him. He first thing I think of each morning, the arms I feel rubbing my back and running through my hair as I catch some zzzzs, the first person I look for when my eyes pop open. He has been a lightening bolt of inspiration and happiness. I truly am one of the luckiest most blessed people in this world to have found my other half. It just doesn't happen as often as its dreamed of.
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Activist Aspirations Enthusiastic
Political Leaning Very Liberal
Wild Fact About Me I believe in fairies
My Philosophy Live for today, cause yesterday is gone and tomorrow isn't even here yet.
What Gives Me Hope My soulmate
If I were Mayor, I'd make the world a better place by I wouldn't want to be any of them cause effective change in democracy comes from the masses and the masses in this corrupt world are fed propaganda that will never lead them to start doing what's right
What/who changed my life and why Angelina Jolie, because of her dedicaion to her causes and using her money and influence to further the greater good of this world
Quotation I would rather be hated for who I am, than loved for who I am not
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