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Ian Thwaite

""Je Suis Les Animaux""

Oldham, NW, United Kingdom
male, age 61
Speaks: english
Joined Jul 7, 2016

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                               ATROCITY EXPOSURE

Panicking outside, eyes wide with fear, they know something's not right
No fields of green; no luscious grass;
No gentle breeze or bright sunshine.
No gamboling free: useless, pointless to wager upon their destiny. 

The cold, hard rain - tears from above - lashes upon their pure white fleece;
The cold, hard concrete too firm for their gentle feet.
They huddle together for safety in numbers - then dragged apart by hideous hands.
"This is the way - get the fuck inside - you little bastards". No last stands.

Shaking now, heart pounding, anus defecating, eyes wide with fear.
Goaded, then pushed, then pulled, then punched, then kicked,
Their tormentors shed no tear. 
If only sheep could cry.

Gripped by one, head held back - confused, eyes staring, and still no tear.

The throat atrociously exposed.

The Medieval prayer is recited, humanity benighted,
And their god awaits his gift.
Words meaningless to the gentle lamb, seconds now from atrocity,
Meaningless to me and all whose hearts are broken by this obscenity.

SLICE - deeper and deeper - the gift is useless unless......
Unless carotid artery, jugular vein, oesophagus and trachea are severed through.

SLASH - THE PAIN - SEARING: twenty long seconds before consciousness is lost.

The blood spurts out like a burst pipe on the coldest, darkest day.
The eyes, the eyes, still staring as life ebbs away.
The gentle sheep tries to cling on, to breathe..........
Blood gurgles and bubbles from the inhumane, insane gaping gash.
And then the twitching legs cease to move - life dashed. 

How many care for this gentle sheep? Of self-styled humanity, just the caring few.
For the rest, rejection by polite society is just too high a cost.
So mouths are shut, blind eyes turned away - too ashamed to view.
The unspeakable remains unspoken by liberals who refuse to speak
Except to proclaim that this is a right: the 'right' to murder the meek.

I stare open-mouthed, shaking, eyes wide with filling tears.
If a sheep could cry?
Logic before, and passion now, informs me. I cry aloud and state:
"There is no god and no god is great".  

Now the poisonous words of lies and double-speak spew forth:

"The sheep calmed when the prayer was said;
Knowing its fate - a sacrifice - like all the others now dead".

"Ritual is spiritual";
"Cruelty is kindness";
"Immorality is ethical".

Cut to the truth: ritual, cruelty, immorality are blindness. 

Northern Soul was - still is, to some extent - a sub-culture among working class youth in northern England. Essentially a night-life dance culture, its followers enjoyed very rare, mainly Black American soul music. I also found that this culture was unusual in that the dance floors during the "all-nighters" were populated mainly by males. Their dance routines were acrobatic, innovative and energetic. The most well-known venues were the Wigan Casino, Manchester's Twisted Wheel, Blackpool Mecca and the Golden Torch, Stoke-on-Trent. 

If you like Tamla Motown music from the 1960's, then you may well like Northern Soul.

I list some of my favourite records of the genre.

WARNING: if you choose to listen to any of these songs, then you may experience involuntary movement of arms and legs, followed by the performance of your own dance routines. These effects may occur in the bedroom, kitchen, garden shed............anywhere, really.

Judy Street  - "What"  
Dobie Gray  - "Out On The Floor"
R. Dean Taylor - "There's A Ghost In My House
Tony Clark  - "Landslide"
Archie Bell and the Drells - "Here I Go Again"
Epitome Of Sound - "You Don't Love Me"
Frank Wilson  - "Do I Love You (Indeed I Do)"
Chuck Wood  - "Seven Days Too Long"
Yvonne Baker - "You Didn't Say A Word"
Linda Carr and the Love Squad   - "Highwire" 
Gloria Jones  - "Tainted Love" _________________________________________________




"Tell The European Union To Stop Aiding Ivory Traffickers"

"Poachers kill an African elephant every 15 minutes on average. Despite the desperate situation of Africa's wildlife icons, the EU opposes a total ban on ivory sales that would be crucial to elephants' survival."

"The EU....will be advocating the 'sustainable management' of elephants in South Africa, Botswana, Zimbabwe and Namibia at the CITES conference in Johannesburg in September, 2016."

"'If the EU prevents an Annex 1 listing, it will be the beginning of the extinction of the African elephant', says Andrew Seguya, Director of Uganda's Wildlife Advisory Authority."

"..... the European Commissioner for the Environment, Karmenu Vella asserts that 'scientific criteria speaks against a total ban'".

23rd. June, 2016: NO LONGER IN MY NAME.




The rather predictable attempt to overturn the democratic result of the UK Referendum on EU membership has now begun. It is being led by the liberal/left parties - Labour, Liberal Democrats, the Scottish National Party, Greens and Plaid Cymru - and Euro-fanatic Conservatives. In other words, the Metropolitan, political class.

It is essential to understand that this class refuses to accept the democratic will of the people. The reason for this is as follows, and make no mistake about this: the Elite in the UK, and in all other nation states, possess a seething distaste, loathing and contempt for ordinary people. Indeed, it was the working class of England and Wales which was in the vanguard of the vote to leave the "European Project", a project of international capitalism, with all that this means for the exploitation of people, the planet, the environment and animals. 

The Elite consider us to be, variously, paranoid, swivel-eyed, uneducated, semi-literate, xenophobic morons, who cannot be trusted to provide the required answer when requested to do so.

As a result, we now see a new collection of examples of Orwellian double speak:

"Majority is minority";
"Democracy is dictatorship";
"Sovereignty is xenophobia:
"Acceptance is denial".

Their strategy is now clear and it begins, appropriately, with an example of this double-speak.

1) The member of the Elite will say something like this: "This is not about not recognising the result of the Referendum".
2) There will be then a call for a Parliamentary vote on any Brexit deal. The aim here is to mobilise the aforementioned groupings to defeat it.
3) If this is successful, it will be repeated if a second proposal is put forward.
4) A call for a second referendum will be made following such Government defeats in Parliament.
5) A Phase 2 "Project Fear" will be instigated during any second referendum which will make Phase 1 resemble a picnic in the park on a hot summer's day.

A tactic to be used by the "Remoaners" as part of this strategy - indeed, it is already being used - will be to patronisingly state that those who voted to leave the EU did not know what they were voting for. We did.

At the start of the Referendum campaign I wrote to "Britain Stronger In Europe" outlining the animal welfare and animal rights case - vitally important to any animal lover- for leaving the EU. I reproduce its contents here. I did not receive a reply.


In reply to an E-Petition against the "Live Transport of Farmed Animals", the UK Government's reply included the following words:

"To ban the trade, either indirectly or by direct means, would be illegal and would undermine the principle of the free-movement of goods enshrined in the Treaty on the Functioning of the European Union".


An E-Mail I received from Compassion In World Farming (23/9/15) outlined their exposure of

"....the horrific slaughter suffered by European animals who are being shipped through Israel into war-torn Gaza".

I will continue by using the words of CWF:

"The route we tracked reveal that calves are travelling to Israel from as far away as Romania, Hungary and even Lithuania. Their journeys can be over 2,600 miles. Europe's politicians must be held to account for the atrocity of live exports".

"In Israel they will be killed inhumanely, without stunning. .... A dreadful end to a life full of suffering".


The UK Government response to an E-Petition in 2015, which gained 118,956 signatures, and was entitled "End non-stun slaughter to promote animal welfare", included the following words:

"Both EU Regulation 1099/2009, on the protection of animals at time of killing, and the Welfare of Animals (Slaughter or Killing) Regulation 1995 (WASK), as amended, permit slaughter without stunning to be carried out in accordance with religious rites".


CWF has identified and raised five major concerns at the time of slaughter with the European Commission.

Again, I will use the words of CWF:

"Each time they have failed to show any compassion".

The five issues are as follows:

1) In the EU around one billion chickens a year are ineffectively stunned prior to slaughter.

2) It is becoming increasingly common across Europe to use CO2 gas to make pigs unconscious prior to slaughter. CO2 gas results in a burning and then drowning-like sensation and can cause around 15-30 seconds of very severe suffering prior to the pigs losing consciousness.

3) Every year 2.6 million animals are exported live out of the EU. Many face agonising, drawn-out slaughter.

4) Roughly one billion fish are farmed and slaughtered in ways that are inhumane and illegal.

5) Huge numbers of animals in the EU - roughly 18% of all sheep, and 27% of all goats - are not killed in official slaughter houses.

CWF has written to the European Commission about these issues, but

"....each time we have been shocked and appalled at the Commission's complete indifference to animal suffering".

In addition, according to the Humane Society International,

"EU legislation continues to permit the use of gas produced from engine exhaust".

"EU legislation also continues to allow the use of carbon dioxide as a manner of killing mink".

"Finally, anal electrocution is also a permitted means of killing animals on factory fur farms. However, electrocution requires restraint and the use of electrodes inserted into orifices".


PETA has described the EU's Registration, Evaluation, Authorisation and Restriction of Chemicals (REACH) Programme as

"..... the largest animal testing programme in the world, causing thousands of animals to be used in painful and lethal tests".

I will continue to use the words of PETA:

"....tests include painful skin and eye tests and acute toxicity tests in which animals were given massive doses of chemicals, leading to terrible suffering and death even though reliable non-animal methods exist for many of these tests. Mice, rats, guinea pigs, fish and rabbits have all been used - and even worse is to come".

"In reproductive toxicity tests, pregnant animals are force-fed chemicals to see if the substances will cause abnormalities or death in their babies"

"Enlightened scientists and regulators around the world recognise that in addition being unethical, animal tests simply cannot do the job".

"REACH means that Europe...... is, for now, wedded to archaic and cruel testing methods that are causing untold animal suffering and deaths".


CWF have launched a campaign to outlaw all cages for all farm animals across Europe. Their Investigation Unit visited 16 factory farms in five EU countries and discovered that, for example, rabbits are kept in small, wire cages. 330 million rabbits are kept in these conditions across Europe:

"Rabbits are the second-most farmed animal in Europe, but are not protected by species-specific EU laws".

The EU is very sensitive to the factory farming lobby. This results in limited legislation, which, in turn, is very hard to enforce. I agree with the words of CWF:

".... much of this legislation, because of its broad general language, proves to be a facade, the thinnest of veneers, which provides no real safeguards for animals. It acts as a legislative fig leaf to cover the depredations of factory farming".


As for yourselves, I would like to echo the following words of Falstaff (Henry IV, Part II, 70-71):

"... let men take heed of their company".

Finally, I would like to quote the words of Mahatma Gandhi:

"The greatness of a nation and it's moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated".

I would extend these fine, beautiful ways in two further ways.

First, the same criterion can be applied to any political movement, including one which promotes the political union of many nation states.

Second, I believe that one can judge any human being by standards expounded by this great man.

And so it is I judge you.


Many good stories have a twist in the tale. But this is not a story; it is the brutal truth. However, even the truth can possess a twist in the tale. And here it is.

Once upon a time.

".... the European Economic Community ..... was never designed to suit us, and our experience as a member of it has made it more difficult for us to deal with our economic and industrial problems."

"The next Labour Government, committed to radical, socialist policies for reviving the British economy, is bound to find continued membership a most serious obstacle to the fulfillment of those policies. In particular the rules of the Treaty of Rome are bound to conflict with our strategy for economic growth and full employment........."

"For all these reasons, British withdrawal from the Community is the right policy for Britain.....That is our commitment."

"The New Hope for Britain; Labour's Manifesto, 1983", page 33.

Interestingly, on the same page, the following policy is also advocated:

"We will ban the export of live food animals".

How times change.

The Green Party in the UK used to call itself "The Ecology Party". This is what it said in 1983 in its manifesto, "Politics for Life":

"... most people in the green movement are strongly opposed to the common Market - there never was a less ecological document than the Treaty of Rome!" - page 20.

"We should withdraw from the EEC." - page 27.

"The live export of farm animals for slaughter would be banned..." - page 32.

You couldn't make it up.

And I haven't.
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About Me People are free to form their own opinion about me. If it's bad, then I always try hard to hide my disappointment.
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Wild Fact About Me In the late 80's, whilst working for the Town and Country Planning Association, I wrote a booklet entitled, "Planning for the Disabled". We only sold a few copies, mainly to Community Groups. But one copy was purchased by the Sultan of Oman.
My Philosophy Truth doesn't come knocking on your door; it has to be discovered.
What Gives Me Hope When someone rejects religion and embraces reason.
If I were Mayor, I'd make the world a better place by Provide all the necessary resources to enable people to liberate themselves from religion.
What/who changed my life and why The ongoing activity of education because, it's true, you really do learn something new every day.
Quotation "Those friends thou hast, and their adoption tried, Grapple them to thy soul with hoops of steel...", Polonius's advice to his son, Laertes. Hamlet, Act I, Scene III, lines 62-63.
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