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GAMBIT ex  X-Men

"Make people realize that if we dont take care of this planet -it'll DIE! Guess who dies NEXT!"

Cajun County, Cape Verde
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About Me Sept. '07

The Cajun's Back!

ok, so this is kinda late, so SUE ME! Been busy since i got back. But i feel spiritually RECHARGED and feel GREAT! Just wanna say THANX to my great friends to REAL FRIENDS here on Care2 - and to the ones who just wanted my name to make their friendslist look longer - SAYONARA!
If you want WALL DECORS,go to IKEA or somewhere....for me a friend is someone (regardless of being online or off) who ACTUALLY CARES and says "Hi! Are u still breathing or stil on planet EARTH?".

I don't buy that "too busy B.S excuse" ,takes less than a minute to say "hi!" thru Care2's messaging system.

personally, when i GENUINELY care for someone - i FIND the time to let them know i think of'em all the time!

"Nuff said.

YEY! Another Bella Giornata!

Feb. '07

"i'd rather live on CHANCES than EMPTY GUARANTIES that NEVER LAST"

December 2006 more fighting it

all those wasted years,struggling against this inner "darkness"

that was actually a misunderstood intrinsic force

all those years of pain,

words that shouldn't have been uttered

actions that shouldn't have come to pass

years of listening to so called professionals

and their so called miracle cures

after all this time i've realized,

the darkness wasn't my enemy-

it was actually my friend

who was always there when i secretly wept when i lost my first love

and wished i could follow after her

it was there everytime my heart stopped beating and wished this fudgin' life was over

it was there when nobody else was or when nobody wants to be

it has always been there watching my back,nudging me everytime i wanted to quit...

but didn't judge me whenever i did

the Darkness was my friend,it wasn't the fog clouding my judgement

nor the misty veil playing tricks on decisions i've made

All that time,the Darkness was the one helping me face my battles and refuse to give in to my weaknesses

for the actual enemy- was me

it is a force

but it is also a choice,

a choice to use it for good-or evil

and like all choices-you have to deal with the consequences

only those who know the real me know

the choice i've made


so-is he "back"?

that part will NEVER have an answer...


august 2006

Maybe THIS IS HOW Vincent felt.......

during the last days of his life.

"HappySad"....maybe he was thinking the same exact words."Happy" because even if I ain't famous(i never wanted to be,can't remember if he did..) I've drawn what was in my heart,sculpted what was in my soul....captured images that matter to me....and created what was in my core."Sad" because there's absolutely nobody right now,even ON-LINE(just imagine Vincent without MSN ! )....and I'm tired...sick with this stupid back...migraines...most of my friends either outta the country,gone,married,relocated or like my best friend who had Leukemia- taken away from me...or mon chere:my first BELOVED,in that stupid car accident.She was and always will be my only true angel....

Whoever said that artists are never ALONE because they have their art is so F****N WRONG! You know why,you stupid f****g anal world?Because as an artist-EVERYTHING is

F****N country singers...probably writing a song bout his now.i hope they die in boiling acid!

I'm probably just rambling....not gonna shave my ear off.

I use disposables.

At least he was with somebody before he did it...even if she was a whore.Girl's just tryin' to make a living.

But he WAS alone when he shot himself...

"starry starry night
paint your palette BLUE and GREY
look out on a SUMMER'S DAY
with eyes that know the DARKNESS IN MY SOUL
shadows on the hills
sketch the trees and the daffodils
catch the breeze and the winter chills
in colors on the snowy linen land
now I understand
What you tried to say to me
how you suffered for your sanity
and how you tried to set them free
they did not listen, they did not know how
perhaps they'll listen now

(" Vincent " by Don MacLean)

.......just rambling

mumbling............rambling.......a mindless mockery of a man

a 7 year old trapped in this strange,disfigured shell

Clumsily trying to blend into a world

dictated by superficial beliefs,materialistic "ISMS"

and a selfish,evil entity that hides behind modern technology.

maybe I was born in the wrong century-

....coz the sun setting into the shadows is much more beautiful than artificial dancing lights(complete with smoke & silly drunken women dancing)

.....birds chirping...singing in the morning ...ahhh..beautiful music to mine ears....instead of hate filled,sex laced songs sung by stupid STUTTERING so called "SINGERS"(???).

...coz the sight of a child's googling eyes or that painfully sweet innocent smile of that certain girl could turn whatever evil in you into Mother Teresa

..or the scent of mornin dew ......or that after the rain smell....or just a women's natural scent could make the angels sing...or forget the lyrics coz they're all mesmerized by her untainted,UNPAINTED,unaugmented beauty....

Ramblings...just ramblings.....

ramblings of a fool.....ramblings of a madman...

i think....i'll just....

see what's in the fridge...

All this ramblin's MADE ME HUNGRY!

"what would you like on yer pizza,Vincent"

"Anything....(Van Gogh replied) long as it's not VEGETARIAN! You 'modern people' know how to ruin everything!Now give me that iPOD....."

and Vincent starts singing "..o-woh..oh, Mercy..mercy me.....ow things aint what they uuuuuuuuuuused to be....uhh....Radiation in the Sky & in the full o' Mercury...."

* saw this foto from my favorite website(,after I sent an e-mail to a close freind I met here on C2,thanking her for her friendship and nice e-mail..and HOW I THINK ov her as my "Angel DeLa Guardia".
This was taken by some people who caught this "thing" on their camera,which they think is an angel.I don't believe in concidences.
But if this is a sign that another one of my dear friends is about to be taken away from me again,I swear-I'll come up there and ____ you up myself: WINGS or NO-WINGS!



May 2006

Haunting -

for some, that certain place where restless spirits stay as if there's unfinished business to resolve.....

Haunting -

for some, memories of some secret location that holds a special place in our hearts...

Haunting -

A memory (or memories)of some special person from the past- someone who first taught us the joys of being in love or the sorrow of one not meant to be

But...what is Haunting

to me?

They are my goddeses, mostly nocturnal,who come in my most lucid dreams....

my nameless muses who draw themselves on paper,mostly with their deep,strong,sad yet beautiful eyes...

my indescribable feelings ov emotions that live within the boundaries of sadness & joy,

melancholy and love...

What do I do when I come face to face with someone who looks exactly like one ov them....

but living,


a real being ov flesh & blood,

looking back at me with those sad,strong yet beautiful dark eyes

From across the room

the other side ov a window

seated on as subway train or on the bus....

How do I unthaw that cold,icy spirit that envelops my entirety,

at that exact momnt???

who are they-

are they my muses?

or are they my unconscious ghosts of a previous life-

Previous loves that left a tragic or glorious imprint on my soul

or in my heart....

my Haunting...

my gift...

my curse...

my OWN....


Since the dawn ov time,mankind has believed in
celestial beings called ANGELS
Though some are INVISIBLE,most blend in and look
just like you in me!!
But the important thing is they come to us in our most
desperate moments,when we feel the whole world
has abandoned us.....
yet there's another kind ov angels,
simply earth-born but also kinda "celestial" in some ways
no wings but as if by magic,always seem to be at that exact moment
when we need a warm hug
an angel who accepts us for who we are,no matter how much wrong
we've done or on occassions when we uttered harsh words at them
always full ov love,sweet,ever forgiving,self-less,self sacrificing & much,MUCH MORE
who are these earthbound ANGELS???
we call them MOMS



from the dawn ov time we came,

moving silently down through the centuries many secret lives

Struggling to reach the time ov the Gathering,

when the few who remain.....

will battle to the last

No one has ever known we were among you,

until now.......

Juan Sanchez Villalobos Ramirez(Sean Connery-"Highlander")

* * * * * * * * * * * * * *

January 2006

People once believed that

when someone dies a crow

carries their soul to the land

of the dead. But sometimes,

something so bad happens

that a terrible sadness is

carried with it and the soul
can't rest. Then sometimes,

just sometimes, a crow can

bring that soul back to put

the wrong things right...

The Crow


October 2005

"the world will always need a hero but what the world sometimes forget is that heroes(like anyboby else) can not be perfect......" - smallville

"There's no mistake in dancing the Tango,not like Life.If you get all tangled up,you just keep on Tango-ing on!"
Al Pacino "Scent of a Woman" (Tango scene is my favorite scene ov all!)



What does it take to be an angel?
SACRIFICE yer life for another?
Strangle tht annoying bitch on her cell phone inside the bus?
Rescue a kid’s cat stuck up in a tree?
Somebody please tell me???

Random acts of kindness?
Coz no matter how good I try to be,
it’s mostly garbage that gets thrown back at me…

I’ve read somewhere…
Angels don’t feel pain,
No sense o’ touch,
Aren’t normally allowed to intervene
But ALWAYS THERE for you,
e'en in d'middle ov the night
Yet, their sole purpose,
The only reason for their EXISTENCE..
is to assist desperate souls-
for the good of Mankind
But how could we "mere mortals" prove the fact...
that Angels have never FALLEN in LOVE????

I’ve always DREAMT of being one,
To have wings with a 30 foot wingspan!
NEVER revealing myself to anyone except…
To those poor souls-
Shattered in their hopes of going on
In this sometimes senseless,wicked thing
That they call LIFE…….


Vigilantes are just ordinary people in a mad scramble for SELF GRATIFICATION - but if you DEVOUT yourself to an IDEAL and you discipline yourself to BECOME MORE THAN JUST A MAN become "SOMETHING ELSE"....

Ducard/Ra's Al Gul:Batman Begins)



wouldn’t it be nice?
Flapping your wings in slow motion
Thru sweet, cotton candy clouds
Warm loving Sun
Soft breezes..ahhhh - "eternity?"
wouldn’t it be nice?
without Morons trying to capture and sell me
End up in a CAGE & die of "daytime T.V?"

Wouldn’t it be nice?
To swim the seven seas
Hide and seek in liquid labyrinths
Colours so rich, so warm ,no HUMAN EYES have seen
“Hmmm…PLANKTON pizza?”
Asked Mr.Manta to the wise ol’ Humpback
Seals swimming with whales…
Singing their sweet silent sonar songs
Wouldn’t it be nice?
If instead of being a Great hite’s “sushi supreme”-
he’d eat those idiots who snare his mighty brothers,
Just to make those stupid f*****n “SHARK FIN soups”!!!

Wouldn’t it be nice?
To be the giant,elusive & stealty Arkituthis Dux(giant squid)
With my 50 foot tentacles i'D GALDLY STRANGLE those stupid fishers ov men..
Those who wouldn’t let the children of the sea just play and be free…
(to be continued)


August 15,2005

Mental volcano,
Molecules vibrating
Madness or metamorphosis?

Anger, erupting(?)...inner rage?
Gotta get all these words outta my head
Sporadic yet still mundane
Or so I thought..

Human hurricane?
Veins ever tightening
Into WHAT am I changing?

Serenity is the center of this storm
Surrounded on the outside by chaos, uncertainty
My biological “tsunami”??

A fool to you I seem,
Babbling senseless group ov words
Almost illiterate, just a lil' crazed
Yet I feel slowly slowing down
The calm “after the storm” ???
Qi Gong, anime, "Liv Tyler"
or even my photography....
still isn’t enough…
to tame this Beast,
which hides inside ov me.....

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

"...Fathers be good to your daughters
Daughters will love like you do
Girls become lovers- who turn into Mothers
So Mothers be good to your Daughters, too.....
So Mothers be good to your Daughters, too.....

(from "Daughters" by John Mayer)

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

without Darkness,
there would be no LIGHT
without ERROR,
no sure path to the truth
In a world where absolutes reign,
what maybe most important is-
Finding the balance & the CHILD WITHIN


"and once again...they wept"
(for the friends we lost in London)

another day when the angels wept.....

and we hear the weeping woes of whales....

for we are all connected,

in ways much more than our tangible shells...

be strong,be strong.....

for the thought that maybe

once they are on the other side,

They are given their mighty wings-

to watch the ones they left behind

& try ...try thier best to fight for that elusive thing called PEACE...

@~~}~~}~~~~~~(a rose for each soul...)

“ what if..what if? ”

what if there was a parallel universe,
an alternate reality where the animals, the birds,the fishes were the intelligent, superior species…and we were not.
where humans were the ones hunted for sport, abused, used for drug & cosmetic testing…or hunted,breeded for “FOOD”…
“American Burgers?....Polish Sausages?...Jewish Matzo balls?...Italian capocolla?..French Toast"?.......


what if??…what if??

what if a bird loses it’s wings,
and was given a Corvette instead? Would he marvel at this sleek, marvel ov a machine?
Or would he miss the exhilaration,the freedom of flight?
Gliding over great oceans, rushing through the clouds…
Pooping on people below…ahhhhhh
What if ?? What if??

What if Superman loses all his powers(except his laser vision)
Would Lois still love him?
Would he end up in trade shows..the "Human Welding Torch"?
Barbeque king??
Or would he miss SAVING THE WORLD,
Would he feel betrayed and hang himself with a Krytonite cord?
What if?? What if??

What if an ANGEL was finally allowed to love an Earthian girl?
becomes human - experience pain and all of our frail’ties
But before he could enjoy his new life,watch his beloved... wither and die of cancer
Would his endless, tormented, torrential tears be enough to stop this perpetual slicing pain from within?
Or would he curse the Heavens and make a deal with the Darkness,
if that’s what it takes to bring her back?
Would he??? Would he???

What if you can do somethin’ to end all ov life’s EVILS :
Poverty, hunger, pestilence & disease…reality shows, the shopping channel?
In exchange, you must work for the Dark side…become his HellSpawn,
born out of Hellfire’s might!
Would you chicken out and let the world suffer?
(They don’t know ‘bout this deal anyway…)
Or would you sacrifice and sell yer soul??
What if ?? What if ??

What if you find out yer life is actually a never ending TV series?
All d’events of yer daily life a script written in advance by media writers and college nerds
And dying only means a new ‘season’ has begun..
Would you rebel and escape…
Would you have the courage to start life all over like “a blank tape”
What if??…what if??
(to be continued??)

june 21,2005:(thoughts from last night-maybe from now on i'll just call it "InsomiaS")-

summer sun,humid air
stil bettter than bitter snow,meltin in my hair
so freakin cold,felt like my ears
would have cracked & fallen off...
Fearing if it didn't warm up soon...other parts of my anatomy would follow eventually...


"wtf" is this?
gnawing feeling without a name
like wanting somethin so bad,xcept you dont know what
Like bein' starved for days...
a hunger so intense,no known food can please
"wtf" is this?
Crawling,undefined pain..
almost as if a giant SCOOP-
left a gaping hole in my chest
Leavin no blood,no visible stain

"wtf" is this?
pain with out a name,
coz yer drivn me insane!
this invisible need,
no matter how much I feed
an ever maddening itch....

"wtf" is this?
a super,unquenchable thirst
makes me wonder...
is this how it feels what Vampires go through?
once they realize that they're now part of the nocturnal Undead....

smart,quiet yet funny,spontaneous,artist,photographer,sculp
tor, into the simple joys of life.Loves nature and animals.Loves to eat,try new foods!Occassional vigilante-part time superhero,celestial outcast(i have to earn my wings back..har2!)
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Activist Aspirations Casual
Political Leaning
Wild Fact About Me My Spontaneity plus other things--depends on how strong your heart is :
-Saw actual "ghosts"-when I was 6/after my Dad died(15)/& at work(24)!Also my best friend who passed away a week after 9/11....he's actually STANDING behind you,making funny ears!!!Not KIDDING!(mwaa-ha-ha-ha!)hey,don't asl if u can't handle the truth!
-an anime FREAK!
-A big Puffy Ami Yumi fan
-obsessed about the Paranormal
-uncanny Sean Connery impression!(also Al Pacino,Nicolas Cage..)
My Philosophy { B A L A N C E }

"...a teacher can only show us the doors to life-it's up to us to open it & enter...
What Gives Me Hope the innocent smile of a child..and the awe of wonder in their eyes...something that somehow gets lost as soon as one "MATURES"(?)
If I were Mayor, I'd make the world a better place by I'd fine ANYBODY who litters anywhere!Then advocating the DEATH PENALTY to anybody found GUILTY of harming CHILDREN AND ANIMALS!!!Oh and not just simple death-but SLOW TORTURE to make them pay for the evils tey inflict on the young and innocent.Serve snacks to a viewing audience,including the victimized animals or their kin,while sentence is carried out!
What/who changed my life and why The Tao of Jeet Kune Do(Bruce Lee's philosophies of THE LIFE,disciplines and Harmony of the Martial Art-which is much more than that, he created).From the Ashes of Angels,some Anne Rice books,Jonathan Livingston Seagull,Carlos Castaneda,Celestine Prophecy,Man the Manipulator,The Secret Life of Plants,others-too many to pick just one right now..
Quotation "....there's a whole lot more between Heaven and Earth ,Horatio..much more than you can imagine or dream of.."

" everything there is a reason,
a time for every purpose under heaven"
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