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Kimberly Renay

"Change of venue...adventures in they are three"

female, age 64
married, 2 children
Speaks: english, psycho babble
Joined Jan 4, 2012

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You are never alone,
so why should you Feel alone??
only if you make it so.

anuary 19, 2013What to expect in this Year of the Snake:

Saturn through Scorpio this year: will Saturn serve to consolidate and stabilize the intensity of this deeply intense water energy? Or will it serve to repress your inner emotional reactivity? It all depends on your personal natal chart; if the energy is afflicted you may experience intense obsessional energies that are difficult to control; power struggles that bring you to your knees; issues of being controlled or oppressed. What will this mean for you? It's influences will be reflected in your natal birth chart.

The Chinese New Year begins on February 10th , along with the New Moon in Pisces, which is all about 'emotional and spiritual promptings' from the psyche, dreaming, imaginings, retreat and relaxation and the yearning for compassion and understanding in close personal connections.

Traditional symbolism & lore: from :

Thiais a year of the water Snake, and all things will be possible. Saving money and being thrifty should be your top priorities. Delusion and deception are common in the year of water Snake. Stay alert! To gain the greatest benefits from this year, you must control spending and use your talents wisely. If you are planning to get married or to begin a business partnership, be sure to thoroughly investigate the other person's finances and background before you legalize the alliance. People born in the Year of the Snake are keen and cunning, quite intelligent and wise. They are great mediators and good at doing business. Therefore, you should have good luck if you were born in the Year of the Snake. The serpent also sheds it's skin, thus relating to transformation; slithering through the grass in surreptitious ways; it bathes in the sunshine and retreats within and under rocks; it suggests walking on slippery ground and it can have a 'startling' effect.
Now we combine that with the energy of Scorpio as well, as an underlying background influence during the next year; Symbolism of the Scorpion: the psyche, occultism, evil, deception, temptations, stinging: other associations:
Satanism, self-defense, power struggles and control issues; emotional intensity and the potential for violence or crimes of passion...sounds like another interesting year!

January 9th, 2013 

Hello all and Happy New Year.

I am happy that we are still here and that the Mayan prophecy once again seems to have been grossly misinterpreted. In the news yesterday, there is now a new book out the 'past predictions that supposedly did come true...the article reads: The Maya, best known these days for the doomsday they never foretold, may have accurately predicted astronomical phenomena centuries ahead of time, scientists find. A new book, "Astronomy in the Maya Codices" (American Philosophical Society, 2011), which was awarded the Osterbrock Book Prize for historical astronomy here at the American Astronomical Society conference Monday (Jan. 7), details a series of impressive observations made byMayan astronomers pre-16th century.

Anthropologist husband-wife team, Harvey and Victoria Bricker have devoted their lives to understanding the pre-Columbian Maya and how they understood the world around them. The Brickers conducted most of their work by translating complex hieroglyphics to see what Mayan scribes felt was most important to record on parchment. The manuscripts warned that if Venus shines upon children, old men and women or healthy young men at certain points in its orbit, then harm would come to them. Because the Maya wanted to make sure these potentially dangerous moments didn't interfere with the lives of their people, Harvey Bricker said, they kept extremely detailed records of where Venus and other planets appeared in the night sky on certain days.

Personally, I would need a great deal more proof and evidence to show the accuracy of the translations of the hieroglyphics: ever consider that the messages were actually misinterpreted? I believe strongly in that: how could it be anything other than a record of the times and changes that they themselves again, we did they not forecast their own collapse, through invasion: the thinking mind needs to know!! And another factoid: the Sun always comes into contact with the Galactic Center, every year at the same time.

So I hope everyone had a happy New Year and that this year will be better for us all. It seems that a majority of people endured a rather onerous year in 2012, especially in relationships and marital matters. The stars did predict that over the past two years! On January 11th the New Moon will occur in the sign of Capricorn [authorities, politics and organizations, burdens, heavy duty domestic responsibilities]. The New Moon represents the beginning of a new monthly cycle; a time for us to plant the seeds of our intentions for the coming month. Afflictions to this New Moon could portend potential difficulties and conflicts in regards with these things. If you have any of the cardinal signs [Aries, Cancer, Libra, Capricorn] prominent in your chart you may be personally affected by the energies gathering around this time. The next two weeks will be the building up of energies that will culminate with the Full Moon on the 26th of January and you know the references to being romantically overloaded or emotionally disruptive during that time. The Full Moon relates to crisis, or clarification and consolidation. It is meant to enlighten us, but often the resistance to such enlightenment is strong. What might you learn under these influences? Do any of you notice the changing cycles of the Moon in your life? Blessings to you all, and may providence serve you well in the coming year. Namaste.

Happy Winter Solstice
the Return of the Light

My Holiday Wishes December 2012:

I wish to thank all who have contacted me for personal assessments and guidance. I am especially grateful to the Indigo generation, speaking up about their unique and unusual perspectives of the world and sharing their specialized challenges. As we approach the day of the 'Solstice' I feel deep regret for the many who are undergoing significant depressions at this time...there is much healing to be done these days during this highly transitional phase affecting the masses: we must be armed with attentiveness and awareness of the deep changes underway, however we must not surrender to fears that serve to paralyze us from embracing the beauty and the joy of the world. To live in a state of fear is unnecessary, once we become empowered enough to realize it. Remember that the Solstice on the 21st means, the return of the light. Pluto is challenging us to take control and purge all the darkness that is locked up in our souls. Feel the fear and do it anyway. Pluto also tells us that we all have the power within, to heal and move beyond our personal limitations. Pluto can also incite resurrection and renewal, not just destruction. Uranus, the 'Great Awakener' is also impelling us to break free of our own mental prisons and circumstantial ruts. Change is necessary; evolution could not continue without it. It is important to release your higher creative intellect; learn to be innovative, independent and in control; be willing to express your true identity in humanitarian ways, which serve to help others, rather than just the self. Uranus demands adaptability and encourages a co-operative spirit with the Greater All. It is also about learning to live 'creatively, rather than instinctively, based on programming and condition. Neptune is home at last! The hope is for a return to divinity,consciousness and spirituality. Release yourself from the illusions of the material reality and embrace the loving compassionate spirit within. “Life is much more than scrabbling after fish heads.” It is also about coming to terms with your own sense of reality; what reality are you living...your own, or one that has been created for you by others? In the words of Mark Twain: “you can't rely on your eyes when your imagination is out of focus.” These three 'big players' of the Universe are setting us up for some significant plan to unfold and we must prepare ourselves for the changes from within. The so-called Mayan prophecy is nothing to fear, as doomsday predictions have been misinterpreted drastically. Rather it is better to live in light and hope, rather than drown in the darkness of the subconscious.

 I pray that you all will re-ignite the true spirit of Christmas this year; may you all enjoy peace, harmony, love, understanding, compassion, hope, faith and joy during this most festive season. And please remember to keep the spirit of generosity, co-operation and gratitude in your heart all year long. And to all a good-night! Blessed be. 

  Welcome  to 
  The Scorpion's den: 
The energy of Scorpio goes very deep
November 23, 2012: What's the buzz...tell me whats happening:
Moon in Aries still; aggression, conflict, outspokenness, activism,individuality,
energy, exciteability.

The Universe speaks:  

Man's primordial faith in the hidden sustaining power of life.

November 22, 2012

Happy thanksgiving to all my American friends.
I would ask that you send your prayers of Thanksgiving out to your fellows still suffering from the impanct of Sandy. And don't forget about all the homeless and disenfranchised out there who may be struggling to survive in your own community. It still upsets me that your President is off and away doing his own holiday gigs, while ignoring those victims, especially at this time of the year. Are you still glad he was put back into a 2nd reign? 
Dictatorship and you believe it now. 
today I am feeling a little rebellious, in response to the Moon now transiting in the fiery sign of Aries. tension and more conflict could arise before the end of the day now.

Protests against the TSA could interfere with travel during the coming days, as overall energies are apt to be quite volatile under the Moon in Aries.

November 19th: Remember the suffering children and the forgotten storm victims. ..the misery persists.
storm sandy.jpg 
Lunar prognostics for today; today the Moon is in Aquarius: some may experience a sense of heightened optimism and enthusiasm today; there can be some rather unexpected surprises for some. This energy is about freedom and independence; it also represents the Higher Mind; possible revelations or surprising news media reports involving significant change or upheavals are possible today. Today there are plans to host major protests about the TSA , which will be interesting to follow. The protests are planned for today, and through to the 26th: I hope this will not interrupt your holiday plans, my American friends.
October 30th 2012 
      "Behold the sky," he said, "for when 
             the northern lights
are affected by                 
the mighty forces of the sun 
returns to the Earth." 
                 A New door shall soon be opened.

Indeed we are about to enter a New Door in our humanitarian evolution. As such I am creating a new venue on this site. I will be focusing on metaphysical considerations, planetary signs in the sky, and offering free astro-counsel for interested souls. 

Having worked on an astrology forum for much of the year, I have found that lately more and more people are becoming concerned about what is going on in the world: most times they feel stuck in a moment' and cannot find the reasons for their dissipating energies and lack of motivation. Some say it is like 'time is standing still'. And they always ask WHY?As an astrologer I can usually find the 'Why' of their dilemmas and conflicts by analyzing their birth chart, as our potential circumstances are written in the chart. It is not only about destiny, but that does play a role. Admittedly some of you may view this avenue of exploration as all hokey-pokey, however this comes from an attitude of simply not knowing about it. In truth it is highly scientific, based on mathematical principles. Analyzing the chart requires a knowledge of the metaphysical symbols that have been passed down through the generations, and this is what confounds so many. It also requires a sensitized intuition to be able to put all the pieces together. And has been said by my own mentor:Astrology is not something to believe in, it is something to know about.And so I shall leave the explanations at that. There is much uncertainty going on in the world today, combined with grave tension and conflict. People are feeling confused and disoriented without knowing why. The sensitives among us can pick up on the increasing vibrational energies, that is part of the Universal Plan, yet they don't know why. We are approaching a new Awakening, as part of this greater plan: political instability, economic collapse, drought,famine, disasters, oppression and secretive orders with their own agenda in mind: one must focus on the bigger picture to truly understand what this plan is all about and where it is taking us. If things were tense before, they are about to become much more intense: November is apt to be a highly stressful month for the collective; and there is much apprehension about what is to unfold for humanity.Can you feel it? Can you see it? The buzzword echoing around the world currently is 'Preparedness'. That concept does not have to involve major scurrying around and worrying, however. I see it as planning for any general disaster, akin to packing for an extended camping trip. As we have seen recently, even in New York the entire system was unprepared for what they had already been warned was coming their way, in the form of Storm Sandy. They did not prepare, because other priorities, like the upcoming election BS, held their attention and focus.Is this all about the upcoming Mayan Prophecy? I do not believe in that, so much as knowing that there will indeed be a time of Reckoning for many, but not all of the world. But along with it there is also the hope for possible Rebirth, Resurrection and awakening to a new paradigm of reality. I believe we are being cautioned to increase our attentiveness, open ourselves to a Higher consciousness, and to realize that we do create our personal realities. The problem is that for generations reality as we have known it has been actually created by others, and in turn, people become more like sheeple, willing to follow the orders and the instructions of the Elite. This is how oppression of the people becomes a rather simple formula. I strongly urge you to visit 'PrisonPlanet' on the web for there is indeed a war on for your mind. Soon the drama will be about Power and Control, with the aim of oppressing the people to the point of compliance and willing to accept such oppression and tyranny.

Are you one of the sheeple walking around in a daydream with your 'eyes wide shut'? It's time to wake up, dear friends.

What I offer through my astrology is a more holistic perspective: this is not about mundane astrology based on ridiculous predictions'; it goes much deeper into encompassing more about the psychological-spiritual aspects of the chart. Before proceeding I must state that any references to 'spirituality' is far removed from the dogma of organized religious institutions. It relates more to that which is divine within each individual, which can be revealed through an in-depth analysis of the psychic aspects of astrology. For some, it will help them to reconnect with their personal divinity within. That is one of the important connections that has been consistently suppressed or lost by external oppressive influences in these tumultuous times . In simplistic terms, this means getting back in touch with your true inner essence, that is often lost to a world concerned primarily with territory, money, consumerism and power over others. Are you ready to re-connect with your own individual divinity?Here I will then offer generalized information about astrology, and how their energies do have their influences over us: in my blogs, I will address specific topics, and you may leave comments if you so desire. I am also available to work with you on your individual chart analysis, free of charge. Just message me.

Astrology is my passion, service is my mission.

Peace be with you and with us all.

Humanity needs to understand that the cosmic dance currently underway represents a paradigm shift of reality on a global scale. There is a purpose for the drama now playing out ; as such we must act from a perspective of preparedness for big changes that lie ahead. It is in simplistic terms a battle for our very souls, against our emotional investment in the physical body: yet is not the physical that survives, it is only the consciousness that moves on, while the physical returns to the earth. Spirit is consciousness, plain and simple and I believe that individuals are soon to be undergoing their final exams regarding what they have learned about living. The choice is whether to become a victim, or a victor in their own realities. Do you choose the Red Pill, or the Blue Pill? Now is the time to decide.I will begin by addressing the Nature of Neptune, involved in keeping us in the dark and behind closed doors. Neptune has been away from it's own sign for a very long time, and now it has returned back home: this means it's energy will be amplified in the coming years. Also The energy of Scorpio is activated this month until the 21st. This energy can be emotionally intense, with heavy emphasis on emotions; at times it can also be quite volatile, if we allow ourselves to react in out of control ways. After the last full moon in Taurus, the lunar phase is now waning, in preparation of a Solar Eclipse on November 13. How will this influence your own actions, emotional reactions and experiences? Allow me to peek into your personal chart. IF you wish a personalized reading, I can begin with a Lunar profile for you: just send me your full birth information including: date of birth, time of birth [a.m or pm] and place of birth: choose an anonymous name if you wish. It is also helpful to give me a reference to your current concerns or questions. What is of most concern currently or causing conflict for you? I welcome any feedback from you on any of my offerings, and you can easily leave a comment on my comment board at any time. Or you can email me here: any time.
So, if you are ready to enter the rabbit hole, I will begin.

August 15, 2012: I am engaged in a time of 'restructuring' my life as so many of you are also having to such I have been busy elsewhere trying not to focus on the current global affairs...more and more people are inquiring about astro-logical counselling and I am an active
participant of a forum about the topic...for my two best 'galfriends', Taylor and Dandelion, I thank you for all the messages and support you continue to send my way ...

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    Sheryl G. (360)

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    Happy Birthday sweet kimberly.......luvlinda

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    linda n. (3877)
    To find a Seashell is to Discover a world of Imagination..
    luv linda

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    May your day be filled with love, light, and joy....

    Jun 14, 2014 8:38 AM

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    Northern Hempishere to Southern Hempishere both with an important message for our New Year. Listen to your tribal voice inside and get those fires burning be you Navajo or whatever Nation. Bring all the fire (life) lights into action for hope and love. Mitakuye Oyasin.
    Dec 17, 2013 3:43 PM

    Sheryl G. (360)
    Top song: performed by Lindsey Stirling American violinist, dancer, performance artist, and composer Bottom song: Robert Mirabal Pueblo musician, songwriter, vocalist, drummer and author. Flute player and maker whose flutes are are world renowned. I hope you will enjoy.....
    Oct 22, 2013 8:33 PM

    linda n. (3877)
    Oct 13, 2013 9:48 AM

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    sending love to you sweetie.....luv linda
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    Sheryl G. (360)
    "Kahkeshani Az Noor"- Light of the Infinite This is truly a magnificent 10 minutes. Listen to the words the dance. Oneness. Persian Mystical Dance performed by Miriam Peretz at the Silk Road Festival produced by Ballet Afsaneh 2009.
    Aug 3, 2013 8:34 AM

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    Climb a Tree it get's you closer to Heaven .Luv Tree Hugger Linda
    Jun 28, 2013 7:15 AM

    Sheryl G. (360)

    Jun 19, 2013 3:42 PM

    Sheryl G. (360)

    The name of the song is Until the Last Moment by Yanni. Yanni once said before playing this song in concert to appreciate life as it is very fragile and short. So enjoy your birthday, be it spent in a whirlwind of family joys or quietly alone with a good book, a walk among nature, or with a special someone. Today Life is your Gift! I'm honored to spend this small part in it.

    Jun 15, 2013 3:03 PM

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    Is spring coming along up there or would this guy still have
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