1 in 4 Bridges in the U.S. is Unstable: Our Infrastructure Needs Help

In 2009, the American Society of Civil Engineers issued a report card for the state of U.S. infrastructure. The overall grade was a D, with roads and water management systems earning a D-. Today, it’s not much better. To say that America’s infrastructure, our roads, bridges, sewers, and transportation systems, is crumbling has become something of a cliche.

We may complain about potholes and traffic, but few Americans actually have perspective on how much there is yet to be done.


We may not include infrastructure as one of the most pressing issues of the election, but as the graph above demonstrates, we probably should. 78 billion dollars in revenue and time LOST because our government prefers to bicker over gay marriage and birth control? Shameful.

Infrastructure has been grossly underfunded for decades, and it’s hurting our competitive edge in the global marketplace. This funding comes largely from taxpayer dollars, so before you vote this year, it’s a good idea to know where your party stands on both taxes and infrastructure funding…Not what they SAY they’ll do in speeches, but what their platform actually outlines.

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Sue H
Sue H15 days ago

Absolutely Unacceptable. Where are our tax dollars going??

Scott E.
Scott E.6 years ago

Something to ask your conservative friends and family members after you show them the above: After a pothole or two, will those lower taxes still seem such a good idea?

Ashley D.
Ashley D.6 years ago

And I thought that transportation problems were peculiar to the UK, especially in LOndon.

Terry V.
Terry V6 years ago

Our entire COUNTRY is crumbling

Bonnie M.
Bonnie M6 years ago

Scary-- roads, bridges, power grid, sewerlines and other issues of infrastructures. So easy to get involved in other countries problems and oblivious to what's needed in your own country.
I am not an American, but infrastructure in many countries desperately need attention. This is a safety issue. Should not be a political one. If there is money to throw away to other places, won't that be better spent at home?

Dr Clue
Dr Clue6 years ago

@Michael K.[The problem is that regardless of partisan politics it comes down to economics when these bridges were built. The contracts would go to those construction companies either who were promising the local politicos something in return; or were compatriots of the incumbent.]

Indeed. Obama did his part in creating infrastructure bills to create jobs here in America and made it a requirement that those using such dollars actually hire Americans.

It is those that @Michael K describes that rather than showing some American pride or even the corporate intelligence of knowing those employed would return any difference in cost many fold by both spending in the community and not needing social services of the community that made the penny wise pound foolish choice to offshore.

Some people just don't F-ing get it. Even if hiring an American company or employee may SEEM to cost more , it actually costs far less if one can adopt a breadth of though wider than the distance between their near term eyes.

Obama is not King nor Dictator , so while he made the right choice to support America, those down stream and in congress need to support America too not just their short term hip pockets.

Michael Kirkby
.6 years ago

In retrospect perhaps all of these international conflicts; economic crises and natural disasters; as well as the failure of local infrastructures is part of a grand design; whose purpose is to bankrupt the American nation and its people in every aspect of society. The American nation is the last bastion of true freedom of speech and thought. If you don't think 300 million Americans rising up and telling the PTBs NO doesn't scare them; guess again. This is all part and parcel of their plan to weaken the nation and to bring it to its knees in despair and hopelessness so that their people can be bound in obedient servitude while the nation's resources are raped and pillaged and the nation's wealth redistributed to the undeserving. Of course I could be full of horse cookies too. LOL

Michael Kirkby
.6 years ago

The problem is that regardless of partisan politics it comes down to economics when these bridges were built. The contracts would go to those construction companies either who were promising the local politicos something in return; or were compatriots of the incumbent.
Yep, they all promise to fix the problems but nothing ever gets done.
LBJ = the never finished social revolution; Nixon = Viet Nam; Carter = destruction of the economy and the Iran crisis; Reagan = destruction of the Evil Empire which almost bankrupted the US while he started introducing Friedman's economic reforms; Bush 1 = First Desert Storm and economic disparity; Clinton = indecision on foreign policy, the Balkan fiasco, Black Hawk down not to mention the outsourcing of American jobs and globalization; Bush 2 = 9/11, Afghanistan, Iraq, Bailout implementation with the help of Senators Reid, Boxer and their ilk; Obama = the unfulfilled Hope & Change programs; continuation of Afghanistan and the failure of economic stimulus plans through bailing out of financial and commercial entities that should have been allowed to fail.
Every time you have a war the economy take ten to fifteen years to begin to recover. How do you expect the nation to recover when it is constantly employed by the PTBs to be the World's Policeman solving problems that the nations in the area of any conflict should be dealing with?
The US debt is 16 Trillion Dollars, more than Spain which doesn't have America's resources but require

Dr Clue
Dr Clue6 years ago

@Georgia A.[But Obama says he was going to fix the infrastructure and put Americans back to work. Oh yeah??????]

The state of California rejected federal funding for a major portion of the Bay Bridge in order to go with a Chinese company that offered the lowest bid.

So it's sorta ridiculous to blame Obama for a California decision that rejected the Obama infrastructure dollars because they would require American employment.

Typical republican photo-shopping.

Georgia Armstrong
Georgia a6 years ago

TO MARTHA E, LINDA M, LINDA R: Did you ladies miss the article about the huge infrastructure job now going on in California in excess of a billion dollars or more BUT no American company got THOSE JOBS. It went to a CHINESE firm. You know those firms. The same ones who build those marvelous buildings and bridges over in China that we hear are always collapsing are now over here building them for US. The reason given was the US could not supply a certain area of workers while the Chinese could. Bullcrap. With all the workers we have just dying for a job, any job, don't tell me we could not have filled any job they needed. But Obama says he was going to fix the infrastructure and put Americans back to work. Oh yeah??????