10 Adorable Goat Videos That’ll Brighten Your Day

Ever feel like it’s just going to be one of those days? Like nothing seems to be going right and it’s Monday no matter what the calendar says? Sometimes, you just need a dose of cute animal videos to get through the day without tearing your hair out, and today, we’ve got some goats on tap for you, because I’m having a little bit of a goat video obsession right now, and I can’t help but share the bounty. Really, it would be mean not to!

1. Goats in wheelbarrows

These goats like rolling around in wheelbarrows. Along the way, they illustrate the fact that goats are extremely smart, and they’re great at solving (as well as creating) problems. My favorite part of this video? The strange earnestness with which the goats approach the task. This here is serious goat business.

2. Buttermilk Sky jumps on her friends

This video has made the rounds a few times, so you might have already seen it, but, come on, you can watch it again, because it’s hilarious. Baby Dwarf Nigerian goat Buttermilk Sky is a jerk. A big fat furry adorable jerk who likes to use her pasture pals as springboards for play sessions.

3. The only office assistant you’ll ever need

Derby’s an orphan, which means she needs to be raised by hand. In this video, “bring your kid to work day” takes on a whole new meaning, as a commenter points out.

4. Goat versus cat

Everybody was kung-fu fighting, and I’m pretty the winner is us. This particular selection blends two of my favorite YouTube ouvres: cute baby animals being ridiculous, and cats.

5. Myotonic aka stiff-legged goats aka fainting goats

You’ve probably heard of fainting goats, who sport one of the most bizarre genetic traits ever: when startled, their muscles seize, causing them to fall over in a distinctive stiff-legged pose. I’m not sure what sort of evolutionary advantage that’s supposed to confer, but it’s hilarious to watch. Don’t worry, it doesn’t actually hurt the goats. This can happen from something as simple as being excited about eating.

6. Attack rabbit!

You never know when a goat minding its own business will become a victim. Be on guard against attack rabbits at all times, my four-legged friends. CONSTANT VIGILANCE! Or you’ll end up perched on top of a feeding tray, bested by an animal a fraction of your size.

7. Kids see snow for the first time

These baby Pygmy Goats at the Saint Louis Zoo were nervous about all that white stuff on the ground, but willing to give it a go. The result is absolutely adorable.

8. Goats climbing trees

You know goats are sure-footed, even if they’re not mountain goats, who are particularly famous for it, but this video is rather outstanding. Something tells me no one will need to call the fire department to get these kids out…

9. Piper the Pittie and her “puppies”

Piper the pitbull loves playing with kids, belying claims about “bully breeds.” This goat trio are clearly happy as clams to be romping around with their canine friend.

10. Tashi meets a goat

Tashi, a cat born with a neurological condition that causes rear limb weakness, apparently finds a kid quite the motivator when it comes to physical therapy sessions.

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Photo credit: kkirugi


Carrie-Anne Brown

thanks for sharing :)

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adorable,thank you for sharing

Eternal Gardener
Eternal G4 years ago

...geez, maybe we should have a couple!

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Christine Jones
Christine J5 years ago

Thanks for sharing. I just love goats. The first goats looked like they had a very barren yard with not much to stimulate them, so they were very clever to make use of the wheelbarrows.

Bill and Katie D.

We loved all the Video's too! How Nice!

betty h.
betty H5 years ago

Just adorable videos..Loved them all

Filippos Kastanomatakis

How funny no respondent so far mentioned goat cheese(s). Here in Crete, cradle of western civilisation as you (white folk) and I know it, every grocer who also sells dairy, certainly offers myzithra, a fresh soft cream cheese made (here) only from goat milk.

Melania Padilla
Melania Padilla5 years ago

Thanks, sharing!