10 Amazing Deaf Pets

They say that love is blind, but when it comes to pets, it can be deaf, too. And we’re not just talking about how you ignore your dog’s barking or your cat’s incessant meowing when they decide for no reason to sing at 3 a.m.

Deaf pets are full of love and affection. They are often misunderstood, and many of them are euthanized in shelters before they can find a home. But those who are lucky enough to find a forever human quickly show that deaf pets can be just as loyal, playful and amazing as any other pet. The 10 animals below went above and beyond to show the world just that.

1. Angelyne is proof that deaf dogs are trainable.

Angelyne is an Australian Cattle Dog who, like many of her breed, was born deaf. Her guardian, however, managed to train her with a clicker and now she knows more than 40 hand signals.

“Angelyne is well-trained, socialized and very intelligent,” says her owner, Eric, in a video that shows all of her prowess. “Her focus, sense of duty and agility is amazing. Her ability to learn and execute obedience, tricks and physical feats outshines even the best of hearing dogs.”

Angelyne is always focused on what Eric commands her to do and has formed a strong bond with him. Since 2007 the duo travels the country to spread the word on how deaf dogs can be just as well-behaved as any hearing dog.

2. Bonnie stopped a burglar from robbing her owner.

When a man broke in to Dan Strasser’s Oregon home in the middle of the night, his 3-year-old English Springer Spaniel, Bonnie got all excited thinking it was play time. All the noise, woke up Strasser who went to see what was going on.

“I figured a skunk or squirrel got into the house because I have a door that I keep cracked for her [Bonnie] to go in and out of,” said Strasser.

What he found was a man trying to steal his laptop instead. The man tried to make a run for it but instead went into the garage where Strasser cornered him and Bonnie promptly sat on him as he lay on the ground until the cops showed up and took the intruder away.

3. Kiko took a bullet for his owner.

kiko the deaf dog took a bullet for his ownerA man disguised as a UPS delivery driver tried to break into his owner’s Staten Island home so Kiko tried to stop him. Unfortunately, in the process he was shot in the head. Luckily, the bullet only ricocheted off his skull and he made a full recovery.

After his owner ran into rough times, Kiko ended up with the animal rescue Mighty Mutts and that’s when they found out he was deaf. They don’t know if he was always deaf or if it was a result from the bullet but it didn’t affect his loving personality. He still bonds with volunteers and loves a good back scratch and other physical attention.

4. Alice learned sign language to communicate with her deaf owners.

The Springer spaniel was abandoned by a breeder in Ireland when she was still a puppy because of her disability, but she was eventually adopted by Marie Williams and Mark Morgan, both deaf as well.

After finding her photo online, Williams says she wanted her right away because she could relate to her struggle. She thought to herself, “I can imagine if my mom abandoned me I would feel the same way. I want to rescue her. Thanks to my mom who rescued me when I was a baby now I can do the same for her.”

The couple then went on to teach Alice sign language so she knows commands to “sit,” “stand,” “come,” “roll over” and “pray” when her food arrives, and when she’s being asked if she wants to go outside.

5. Rosie learned sign language and it got her adopted.

The deaf pit bull was at the Nebraska Humane Society when one of the volunteers, Tracie Pfeifle, decided to teach her sign language to see if the dog would communicate better with the staff temporarily caring for her.

”It was just amazing to watch her just blossom into a dog, I don’t think she knew how to be a dog,” she recalls.

With her new training, Rosie caught the eye of an adopter, Cindy Koch, who is also deaf and was able to continue to care for Rosie using sign language.

6. Bambi showed cats can learn sign language and be trained, too.

Bambi the deaf cat knows sign language

Tim O’Donnell

Anyone who’s ever tried training their cat knows that it’s an uphill battle, but Bambi, a deaf cat, was trained with sign language.

She knows the commands to “come,” “more,” “sit,” “stay,” “shake,” “high five,” “sleep,” “circle,” “shrimp,” “play,” “canned food,” “finish” and “dance.”

7. True saved his family from a house fire.

When an electrical shortage started a fire that quickly engulfed an Oklahoma cabin in flames, it was True, a blind, deaf and three-legged Dachshund that saved the day. True started barking and woke up Katie Crosley and her baby son, Jace, who were able to escape the fire with True before the entire place burned to the ground.

“We’re thankful for him,” Crosley told KFOR of True. “This could have been a bad deal.”

8. Sugar survived a 19-story fall.

Although any animal can be deaf, white animals have an increased chance of deafness, and that was the case with Sugar. The four-year-old, white, deaf cat missed a step and fell off the balcony of her owner’s apartment — which is located on the 19th floor.

Amazingly, Sugar fell on a patch of mulch and grass, shook it off and ran into the building lobby where she hid under a couch.

After being taken to get a vet exam, Sugar was found to have gotten only a cut lip and a minor bruise in her lung.

9. Lothair provides emotional support to patients in hospitals.

Lothair the deaf dog gives emotional support to patients

Judith Lowery / Daily Press

Being stuck in a hospital all day is no fun and can be draining to both patients and the loved ones keeping them company, so Lothair, a deaf Blue Merle Sheltie, cheers them up. A registered therapy dog, Lothair visits hospitals and nursing homes to give humans a little pick me up.

“The therapy is not just for the patients, it’s for us, too,” said Monique Rolle, a civilian registered nurse working at one of the hospitals where Lothair makes his rounds once a week. “I wish they came more often.”

People get to pet him, play with him, get a few kisses and feel a little bit better because of this deaf dog’s company.

10. Tervel has a guide cat and BFF.

Tervel is a deaf and blind dog who relies on his cat friend for guidance

Nat Geo Wild

Tervel is a chocolate lab who is both blind and partially deaf. He used to just stay in his bed, afraid to get hurt when exploring until his owner, Anne, brought home a stray cat she named Putty Tat.

Although the cat is not friendly to other cats, Putty Tat immediately was drawn to Tervel and became not only his best friend but guide and protector.

“Putty Tat will seek out Tervel and then they’ll snuggle up and rub against each other,” says their owner. “It’s quite obvious that there’s a bond there. Putty Tat seemed to realize that Tervel was quite vulnerable, that there was a need there.”

Tervel will follow Putty Tat everywhere and relies on his sensitive cat senses to keep him safe.

Photo Credit: cynoclub/Thinkstock


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There is nothing wrong with adopting pets with disabilities.

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Animals look at their owners all the time to gauge emotions and figure out what the pack will be doing next, so it's no big deal after some effort to handle a deaf dog.

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Amazing! Dogs never cease to surprise you.

Pledge to adopt a rescue animal...so many dogs and cats need loving homes!


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