10 Reasons to Love Obamacare

The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act is called that for a reason. Otherwise known as Obamacare, it protects patients from HMOs’ common abusive tactics and makes health insurance more affordable. Here are some examples.

1. Health insurance for everyone

Everyone will have access to health care coverage, including people who don’t work full-time jobs that provide benefits30 million people who had no medical insurance before Obamacare will now get the care they need at rates they can afford.

If you don’t want insurance, you will pay a tax to cover what the rest of us will have to shell out when you show up at the emergency room.

2. No more worrying about pre-existing conditions

It used to be that people who had an illness and were not previously insured couldn’t get coverage for their disease. When they signed up for new health insurance, it covered things that might theoretically happen, but not the malady the individual actually had.

No longer. Once it is fully implemented, Obamacare will forbid health insurers from refusing to cover pre-existing conditions. If you have diabetes when you sign up for health insurance, that insurance must cover your diabetes.

This is a big deal. 1 in 2 Americans have a pre-existing condition.

3. No more dropping sick patients

Medical insurers have a shocking habit of canceling coverage as soon as people need it. Got cancer? Your HMO suddenly bids you adieu. The documentary “Sicko” tells the stories of many Americans whose finances and lives were destroyed when their insurers pulled this cold-hearted trick. Around 60% of American bankruptcies are related to medical expenses.

Obamacare says “quit it” to the companies that profit off your health but abandon you when you get sick. If an illness suddenly makes you expensive to insure, your health care plan has to stay the course and pay for treatment. Which, after all, is what you pay them to do.

4. Young adults can stay on their parents’ plans

Parents can include kids up to 26 years old on their own health insurance. Have you heard how much trouble young adults are having finding work these days? Without full-time jobs they usually have no access to affordable health care. Voila, problem solved.

5. Free preventive care

Colonoscopies are one of the most frequently used preventative medical tests. Under Obamacare, patients won’t pay one red cent for them and for other preventive care.

6. Free well-woman doctor visits

Women, going in for your regular check-up with the gynecologist — Pap smear, mammogram and all that stuff? It’s still no fun, but at least now it’s free.

Since men don’t have to get these kinds of check-ups, charging for them is one of the many reasons being female is more expensive. Obamacare to the rescue.

(If your insurance company gives you any hassles about this, call the National Women’s Law Center hotline at 1-866-PILL4US.)

7. Free birth control

No more co-payment or other out-of-pocket costs for some methods of birth control. Free options will be available in every one of the five categories of birth control: “barrier methods, hormonal methods, implanted devices, emergency contraception and permanent methods.” (Again, if your insurance company gives you any hassles about this, call 1-866-PILL4US.)

This is great news for the more than half of young women who can’t always afford birth control. It’s also great news for taxpayers, who will save billions by not paying for unintended births.

8. You will probably save money

The average American will save money thanks to Obamacare.

9. The country will save money

Obamacare will reduce the national deficit by two hundred billion dollars in its first ten years.

10. The Medicare donut hole is closing

Seniors on Medicare are intimately familiar with the infamous donut hole, in which they may pay up to $4,550 out of pocket for prescription medication. If you’re too young to know what I’m talking about, no need to worry your pretty little head over it: Obamacare will seal up the hole by 2020 so you will never have to figure it out.

Obamacare isn’t perfect from a progressive perspective. It was designed by The Heritage Foundation, one of the most conservative thinktanks in the U.S., and it was based on their worship of a free-market economy (making it all the more surreal that Republicans are screaming themselves hoarse about how awful it is). It won’t make the United States a health care utopia, but it will make things much, much better for millions of people.

House Republicans want to turn Medicare into a voucher program while also giving billionaires a tax break at the same time. Sign this petition to ensure Medicare continues for all Americans.

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Jonathan Harper
Jonathan Harper3 years ago


Lori H.
Loretta H3 years ago

The cheapest for me in VA is $623 a month with a $5,000 deductible, which I cannot afford. So much for being "affordable". I have a heart condition with an implanted defibrillator and right now, since my husband lost his job due to becoming disabled, I cannot even see my cardiologist. I was totally in favor of their being a nationwide healthcare plan, but since each state devises their own plan, it has been a total failure in numerous states, because they won't expand Medicaid to assist people like me. ---Someone who worked hard for over 35 years of my life and paid taxes, both federal and state can't get a penny of assistance from the very state I've paid into since my very first job when I was 17. --Yeah, there's a reason to love it, all right.

LB Lewis
LB Lewis3 years ago

Article is from 2013. Obamacare Nov 15th rollout is coming soon. I looked at rates and I can't afford. It's like a new car payment every month, $300 plus a $6,000 deductable needs to be met. I guess I will pay the fines involved instead. After being unemployed for a long time I am trying to dig myself out of debt, this would just add to it.

Angela P.
Angie P3 years ago

Thanks for the article and the comments.

Diane Pease
Diane P3 years ago

Wow! I agree that I do not want the government spending my tax dollars to shoot wolves and slaughter wild horses. It is a terrible misuse of funds and the killing is needless and senseless. I also agree that everyone needs some form of health care. I have a friend that is 65 and she has not had a woman's wellness exam for over 40 years because she has no health care insurance and cannot afford the out of pocket cost. Lucky for her, she has not had any catastrophic illnesses over all of these years. Don't know what she would have done. I don't know what the answer is.

Tamy Vermande
Tamy Vermande4 years ago

Robby, you are an idiot. The problem is, Obama and the Democrats have compromised so much, the teabaggers think they can walk all over them. The ACA is a LAW. Supposedly, those "constitutional" laws are only good when the republicans are the ones who like them. When it is something that takes away from their own pockets, or maybe keeps people alive and taking responsibility for themselves, that is another matter entirly.
Even though I am in Ohio, I can't wait to find out what I will be able to sign up for. Or, since I am in Ohio, where I will have to move to in order to get some respect. Probably back to Illinois.

Robby K.
Past Member 4 years ago

Care 2 does funny things sometimes... lack of compromise here that 'caused' a small percentage of gov't shut-down (this isn't nearly as bad as it's been made out to be, except that our democratic administration is trying to shut down memorials- talk about classless!) was largely the democrats. The republicans wanted some compromise, they didn't get it & here we are. It's a back & forth thing, but it's anything but a game. People one each side look at it like a football game & want the other side to get their a$$es kicked. But it's really silly. Compromise is how a free nation thrives.

Robby K.
Past Member 4 years ago

Actually Suba- this is the first time (that I'm aware of) that Americans were forced to buy. You're not forced to buy a car, but you're forced to drive one sober & w/in some realm of safety. If you do not, and you are caught, you can have your right to drive revoked, etc.

It's also not "panicking" when Dr's are actually considering leaving their practices & many of us have already lost our healthcare before obamacare has even started. Also, something no one here will ever mention- the lack of com

Jenny Sejansky
Jenny Sejansky4 years ago

Sevonya- With all due respect- WHERE WERE YOU?????? There was a three month (entire summer) period in 2011 where the ACA was ON LINE and ANYONE who was REALLY interested could go read it and see for themselves exactly what was in it. The problem is that CONGRESS didn't bother to read it because it was 2500 pages. Well, if you can't read that, then you don't belong in COngress. How do you expect a bill this big, a task so monumental to be anything LESS THAN 2500 pages?
Judging by your pst, you know NOTHING about it and you are still eager to comment on what a train wreck it is. Tell that to the 2million people who tried to get on line yesterday. That's not even including how many without computers had to get the write-in applications. Systems crash when people are trying to process information. It is NOT like watching somebady fart under water on Youtube. When your system has to actually calculate and process information, it will crash when over-loaded. Evidently, millions of people are eager to start this. And as for your ridiculous comment about the poor not being able to afford getting insurance, well THAT'S who MEDICAID is for. So, before you go stomping on something that doesn't work because it hasn't started yet, why don't YOU go on line, read for yourself, and THEN make a decision based on information you actually gathered for yourself instead of letting idiots like Ted Cruz and John Boehner dictate what you will or will not want.

Dale O.

'Happy Shutdown Day?' Dare we say instead, Goodbye, Teabaggers, Goodbye Republi-can't Party!

They need to have their squalling tantrums first, pounding their fists with anger and frenzy, shutting down the government, interrupting so many things even people having a well-deserved vacation in National Parks. The Tea Party and Republi-can'ts hold their collective breath until their faces become beet red with fury then turn blue from lack of oxygen. We can hear them squalling loudly with self-pity and immoral outrage.


The right wing malcontents will be forever swept aside by the floodgates of history, taken out to sea and marooned on the Isle of Scrooge with their right wing Scroogeology. Thus marooned, they so richly deserve to live out their days fed by a salty brine of right wing pablum while listening to the inanities of King Cruz pontificating from the salty beach. On the Isle of Scrooge they will be forever consigned to the irrelevancy that they so richly deserve.