10 Ways to Prevent Birds From Striking Your Windows

Migrating birds are magnificent. May 12 marks World Migratory Bird Day, and this year’s theme is to celebrating how we can protect birds every day of the year.

One critical step for conservation is helping birds avoid striking the windows of our homes, since millions of birds die this way every year.

1. Decorate Your Windows With Decals

Place decals no more than two to four inches apart, since birds may try to fly through larger gaps. The idea is to make windows look like barriers. Commercial stickers with designs intended to scare birds away — like spiderwebs or the faces of predators can be effective.

2. Place Indoor Plants Away From Windows

You may think you’re giving your plants a treat by placing them in direct sunlight, but birds could be attracted to them and not notice the pane of glass directly in front of them.  

3. Close Window Drapes or Blinds

At least partially close curtains in front of sunny windows to reduce reflections. This has the added benefit of keeping your home cooler during the hot months.

4. Move Bird Feeders Away From Glass Windows

If a bird sees the reflection of your bird feeder in the window, it may go for that instead of the actual feeder. Alternatively, attach the feeders to the window with suction cups.

5. Install Netting or External Screens on Problem Windows

External screens can break up reflections or at least slow birds down before they hit the glass. Many new homes are built with screens on the outside nowadays. Netting might not look aesthetically pleasing, but it is one of the most effective ways to deter birds.

6. Suspend Unusual Objects in Front of Windows

If you don’t want to install netting or screens, consider other objects that will scare birds away Shiny and reflective items like tin foil, aluminum pie pans or strips from a garbage bag should do the trick, letting birds know to stay from the scary, moving material.

7. Attach Temporary Tape Strips

ABC Bird Tape is one tape that is easy to apply and remove. Applying tape will help reduce the possibility of a bird crashing into your home during spring and fall migrations. 

8. Use Bird-Safe Glass

This is an option if you are building or remodeling a home. Ornilux bird-safe glass has a special layer reflecting a UV spectrum that is visible to birds but not to people. 

9. Plant Trees Close to Your House

Growing trees near glass reduces the likelihood of bird strikes by obscuring reflections on the window panes.

10. Install a Slatted Fixed Screen on the Outside of Your Home

Slatted screens will change the open reflective panes of your windows into patterned panels, thereby reducing the risk of bird strikes.

Photo Credit: John Flannery/Flickr


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Only ever had one silly pigeon fly into my window in 25 years and he recovered, so do not think I need to do anything but this is a good article for people who this happens to a lot.

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I have yet to find anything that absolutely works. I have numerous bird feeders, all away from the house but the hummingbird feeders. I have tried everything from Christmas tinsel, not very aesthetic in July. Last fall I bought some old tall screens to shield the bay window in the kitchen because they seem to prefer it, and it was useful but not perfect.

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