108 Countries Are Better Than the U.S. at Vaccinating Against Measles

Written by Tara Culp-Ressler

The United States is currently in the midst of a record-breaking measles outbreak — and it’s perhaps no wonder, considering that the U.S. lags behind more than 100 other countries who have a higher percentage of their populations protected against measles.

Measles, a highly infectious disease that used to send about 48,000 Americans to the hospital every year, was virtually eradicated with the advent of the vaccine for measles, mumps and rubella (MMR). In fact, the U.S. is the most populous country to have successfully mounted a “sustained interruption of endemic measles” thanks to its vaccination efforts. But now, the disease making a comeback among pockets of people who haven’t gotten their MMR shots.

According to the latest data from the World Health Organization, about 92 percent of Americans were vaccinated for measles as of 2012. As Quartz points out, that doesn’t stack up so well compared to other countries in the world. When it comes to measles vaccination, the U.S. ranks 38th out of the 52 countries defined as “high-income” by the World Bank. And it falls behind several low-income nations — such as Cambodia, Kenya, Rwanda and Bangladesh — as illustrated on a chart created by Quartz:

Credit: Quartz 

This reality isn’t lost on federal health officials, who have repeatedly urged Americans to make sure they’ve gotten their recommended vaccines. Nonetheless, some people continue to resist, partly thanks to persistent conspiracy theories about the MMR shot’s potential link to autism, as well as unsubstantiated myths that it’s not a good idea to give kids multiple vaccines within a short time frame.

It’s difficult to counteract those deeply rooted beliefs about vaccines. Since the people who resist vaccination tend to be distrustful of scientists’ opinions on the subject, some research has found that there’s no amount of scientific fact that can convince them vaccines are safe. Another recent study found that even disease outbreaks, like the current spread of measles, aren’t enough to lead more people to vaccinate their kids.

Americans’ resistance to vaccines isn’t limited to the MMR vaccine, even though that’s the particular shot at the center of the debunked theory about autism. The rates of vaccination for the HPV shot, which helps protect Americans from several different types of cancer, hover just around 30 percent, far below the rates in other countries. For instance, more than 90 percent of teen girls in Rwanda are vaccinated against HPV.

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Dale O.

Pamela W, an interesting comment that you mentioned about jumping to conclusions and how Darlene B keeps on cherry picking quotes, putting her own spin on them.

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The Darlene.

Dale O.

Pamela W, if it is hot where you are, this should help cool things down a bit, with a bit of cherry picking in the video below.



Pamela W, for those in Ontario and Québec or other locales who want to spend almost a half hour reminiscing, here's to the Memories of 1998:


I had gone 13 days without power back in the 1998 Ice Storm, but we had a wood stove, so we kept cozy and warm in January, the military just stopped by and gave us water, but they did not have to evacuate us. There were a lot of cherry pickers on our street, but I was not among them, rofl!

Pamela W.
Pamela W3 years ago

6:25AM PDT on Jul 6, 2014 ................
“Of the more than 3,000 people exposed, 21 showed symptoms of the disease and 16 of those were not vaccinated." (Darlene) ..........

Now there you go, jumping to conclusions and putting your own interpretation on what you read ..... "showing symptoms" does not necessarily mean "had the disease" !!!
You "cherry pick" a quote from the article, put your own "spin" on it and "run with it" ..... when will you stop to think first ??? Hope you're really taking a break from here - you need to rest a bit and think this through.

Kevin Brown
Kevin Brown3 years ago

Here are some facts that are striking.


Frank Hanline
Frank Hanline3 years ago

A new batch of Vax Deniers


Dennis D.
Past Member 3 years ago

Frank H. Wrote:

The math DOES NOT look good for you Darlene

Read more: http://www.care2.com/causes/108-countries-are-better-than-the-u-s-at-vaccinating-against-measles.html#ixzz36mQ6yUUa

The math never looks good for, Darlene. Yet she continues to slog on through despite, or maybe in spite of, facts, truth, or even reality. All of which consonantly, and so consistently, keeps on showing how wrong her position is on this issue.

Frank Hanline
Frank Hanline3 years ago


Dale O.

Pamela W truly wondered about Darlene B not having values when it comes to theories. Then, Pamela was rather astounded when she found that Darlene's 5:01 p.m., July 2, comment filled with these very same things... theories. Positively overflowing, as Pamela W had put it, then Pamela had asked Darlene to provide some facts and not conjecture.

Well, Pamela, theories are only acceptable when it comes from the anti-vaccine sources, rofl!

Robert Hamm
Robert Hamm3 years ago

Darlene, if the parents arent scared the chances are the child wont be scared.

Parents many time broadcast their fear all the kid knows is "I dont feel well." If the parents are calm the child will normally be as well.

AS usual YOU are the one peddling fear about the vaccine casuing the disease instead of curing it. And you have been peddlling the same fear and garbage for 2 months. And your ludicrous question about why some never GOT the disease is laughable. SOME people are immune to any given disease. We are all different. That has been agreed to 2 months ago.

AS usual you PROVE nothing and simply muddy the waters to make vaccines the culprit instead of the disease. 2 MONTHS and all you have proven is you know how to create confusion and misinformation. Congratualtions and goodbye.

Dale O.

Frank H asked Darlene B:

"Tell us, where were all these herbs and oils when millions were dying across the globe BEFORE vaccinations?"

Not working up to their expectations? However, some of their flowers made attractive grave site tributes after the person had died prior to the era of vaccination.