11 Responses to Pat Sajak’s Bizarre Climate Change Tweet

Written by Brandon Baker, EcoWatch. This post was reposted with permission from EcoWatch.

In 2014, climate change has become a debate for more than politicianshopeful candidates and scientists.

Game show hosts are getting involved, too, and things are getting strange.

Pat Sajak, the face of Wheel of Fortune for more than 30 years, took to Twitter late Monday night to not only deny science, but also to declare that you are likely a racist if you think the planet is warming. Alright, then.

The host essentially told his followers he was joking the next day, but the responses kept pouring in and they haven’t stopped. Check out 11 responses from environmental advocates, writers, comedians and former Wheel of Fortune viewers.

Photo Credit: The Official Pat Sajak Fan Club via Facebook


Warren Webber
Warren Webber2 years ago

Live long and prosper!

Julie C.
Julie C3 years ago

I'm so confused by celebrity comments. Am I an unpatriotic racist idiot manipulator manipulated neolib feminazi elitist communist scientist? No wonder I get migraines.

Sarah Hill
Sarah H3 years ago

This was just a publicity stunt!

Jennifer H.
Jennifer H3 years ago

I think Pat has had too many rides on the wheel. With all the science out there it is impossible to accept that climate change is not real and yet the republicans (and Pat) are happy to say so. Talk about irresponsible for the sake of greed.

Miranda Lyon
Miranda Lyon3 years ago

Another example of why paying attention to someone's comments just because the person is a "celebrity" is a waste of time. So is bothering to respond to them.

Grace Adams
Grace Adams3 years ago

We need to fight global warming as seriously as we fought World War II. However, due to the extreme political power of stockholders of Peabody Energy Enterprises and Archer Coal, we need to start buying and make a credible promise to continue buying coal as mineral rights but at the same high price as extracted and ready to ship coal until all 200 years worth of reserves are bought and paid for and OFF the market. Oil firms have even more power, but will probably be willing to settle for bartering their remaining reserves for Algae Systems modules to produce algal bio-fuels instead of petroleum once they get cost-competitive sometime in the 2020s.

Brian Foster
Brian F3 years ago

Paul B Your republican party lies, and says that Global Warming is not happening, because you are bought and paid for by the dirty fossil fuel industry that is causing it. Science has nothing to do with it. The overwhelming science has already proven that GW is anthropogenic, but your GOP can't admit that, because they would lose their jobs, and the millions the dirty fossil fuel industry, and the billionaire Koch brothers pays them to lie. Money is the only thing your republican party cares about, and they could care less about our severely polluted environment, which is rapidly being destroyed.

Kathy G.
Kathy G3 years ago

What do people need to see, hear or say before they get their heads out of the sand. climate change is real

Anne F.
Anne F3 years ago

Is there a reason we expect the pretty faces on television to have common sense? His fullblown insult is silly.

Rhonda B.
Rhonda B3 years ago