11-Year-Old Bullying Victim Commits Suicide

Mitchell Wilson was not delivered an easy hand in life.

Three years ago, when Mitchell was 8, his mother died of cancer.

Not long afterwards, Mitchell himself was diagnosed with muscular dystrophy. The diagnosis was bleak: he was eventually going to lose all mobility and end up in a wheelchair. His lifespan was going to be severely reduced.

Mitchell, despite everything, was optimistic. He tried to keep the beast at bay. His doctors told him that when it came to his mobility, he had to “use it or lose it” — so he used it. He walked. He walked six times a day around his neighborhood, trying to maintain his muscular function. Walking became harder and harder; at school he used a walker. But he fought.

Then another child, a troubled child, a child who for some reason needed an outlet for his own rage and anger decided that because Mitchell was weaker, because he was different, that he was an easy target. Mitchell was out with his father’s iPhone, listening to music and calling home about supper, when the 12-year-old bully decided to take the phone as his own. He jumped Mitchell. He pounded him. He slammed Mitchell’s head so hard into the pavement that his teeth broke.

The bully was arrested the next day and ordered to stay 500 meters away from Mitchell — an order he didn’t always obey. The school board transferred the offender to another school, but the bully’s friends remained behind to constantly torment Mitchell, following him home, demanding to know why Mitchell was taking their friend to court.

Mitchell began suffering anxiety attacks. School was no longer fun or interesting for the boy; instead, he told his father he’d rather die than keep going back.

The school tried to help. They gave him counselling; they assigned a grade 8 student to be his protector. But Mitchell was declining, physically and emotionally. The attack and subsequent ongoing stress were weighing on him heavily. He didn’t want to walk alone anymore. His physical health declined, and the wheelchair loomed. He became more reserved. He did not want to return to school this fall.  And he did not want to face his bully again. But at the beginning of September he was notified: a court date was ahead, one where Mitchell was going to have to testify against his attacker.

A few days later, on the first day of school, Mitchell’s father walked in to his bedroom and found Mitchell’s body. Mitchell had killed himself in the night.  Whether it was because of his anxiety and fear over the bullying, or the terrifying degeneration of his body due to disease, or another reason, we will never know.  But something caused Mitchell to not want to face another day.

The bully still goes to court next week. However, without Mitchell there to tell his story, the charges will probably be dropped. Still, Mitchell’s family plan to deliver their victim impact statements, in a desperate hope to get through to this boy and perhaps even to his family, to make him understand what he set in motion, to make him realize that sometimes, things are permanent, to make him think before he torments another child.

Today, his heartbroken father remains trying to put the pieces of his life back together. “It goes without saying I miss him every day. I love him. I hope he’s OK.”


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Lauren Senior
Lauren S5 years ago

I've created a petition for DMD awareness now which contains links to information, videos and petitions if anyone is interested in the little kids with DMD:

Lauren Senior
Lauren S5 years ago

I don't know if this will be of interest to anyone reading this article (because little Mitchell had MD) but if you click on my name, there's a list of petitions on my profile regarding MD and research for a cure etc.
(Please let me know if you can't access it and I'll send you any you're interested in! :))

I can't get over how terrible this story is :(
That poor little boy!

Lauren Senior
Lauren S5 years ago

This is unspeakably tragic. That poor little boy and that poor father! :’(
I hope that somehow he manages to recover :(

Troy S.
Troy S.5 years ago

there is no reason to treat someone the way that boy was treated. life is hard enough as it is with the way things are going. though he was 11 years old does not mean he does not know what the world is like. in my opinion the bully should spend the rest of his life in jail with no windows and only a picture of the boy he drove to ending his own life. bullying should be a crime and a serious one at that.

Agnes Khoo Schwenk

The point is this:

What are parents, caregivers of the 'bullies' doing? Aren't they supposed to be helping the 'bullies' out by going through therapies with them? What good will it do, when the 'root' issues within their own families, aren't being acknowledged?

Humans have to start being 'responsible' for their own karmas, their own deeds and understand why they are journeying on this Planet Earth. Ask themselves why and look within heart (not mind).

No one can help the bullies and their families unless they acknowledge their main core issues with unconditional love, within their own families and find help for themselves instead of allowing all these other innocent children to suffer due to their 'ignorance is bliss' belief.

Get to work People! Work on yourselves. Don't allow situations to 'control' your child's life. You are the caregiver or the parents - You are the 'driver' and the navigator of your child's precious life. You are partly responsible for what happened too!

If your child doesn't want to go to school because of 'bullies' - then don't let your child go to school. Let them have some time to 'recuperate' at another place where they have a specialist or a therapist to work with them ..or allow them to go stay with someone else whom they enjoy being with, living somewhere else ...far away from the bully and their bunch of sadistic friends.

School isn't the top priority when a child's life is in danger. Use your common sense, People, if you don't

Kasia Y.
Kasia Y.5 years ago

That someone commits suicide because of bullying is not the same thing as homicide, however, bullies should be treated strictly, should receive psychological treatment, and their parents should receive treatment and education as well. There should be hotlines for bullies and they should be immediately removed from contact with those bullied. Unfortunately Republicans will say this is fiscally irresponsible (because they're sociopaths) so we're going to have to put the Bullying Republicans into prison. Have a nice day.

Nicole O.
Nicole O5 years ago

I agree...any bully that causes someone to commit suicide should be charged with murder. This is so tragic that this kid will get off with no punishment.

Mark S.
Mark S5 years ago

IMO, anyone that bullies another person, causing them to commit suicide, should be charged with murder. And get the same penalty that killers get. Life in prison.

Quanta Kiran
Quanta Kiran5 years ago


Jez wildmoon
jayne TURNER5 years ago

poor little boy. I really feel for his family.