12,000 Girls Molested, 1,000 Teachers Fired

Last year, the Kenyan government released a report revealing that 12,600 girls were abused at school between 2003 and 2007. In some cases, teachers abused as many as 20 girls before they were reported. When caught, some were simply transferred to another school with no repercussions. Sadly, 90 percent of cases went unreported.

Now a new report shows that over 1,000 teachers have been fired in the past two years for child sex abuse.

Last year a total of 600 teachers were fired, and this year so far the number totals 550. However, the number of teachers actually guilty of sexual abuse may be higher. Besides the fact that sexual abuse is a widely underreported crime, some teachers pay off families of victims in order to prevent cases from going to court. In addition, many district education officers fail to report cases or parents do not want to involve the notoriously corrupt police.

Even if a case does go to court, it is still difficult for justice to be served. While the government passed the Sexual Offenses Act last year, strengthening penalties for child sex abuse, the judicial process is slow, evidence goes missing and officials are bribed. About 80 percent of the time the teacher interferes with the justice system.

Still, more victims are coming forward due to improved communication in rural areas, where most cases have been reported. In addition the government set up a nationwide confidential helpline for victims, with direct contact with the teachers union in order to suspend the perpetrators. The majority of teachers found guilty are men, but there are a growing number of cases of female teachers abusing young boys.

There are a number of theories as to why sex abuse is so rampant in schools. Ahmed Hussein of Kenya’s Children Services believes the epidemic is due to drug and alcohol abuse. However psychotherapist Heidi Pidcoke, who has counseled both perpetrators and victims of abuse, contends that many men feel inadequate due to poverty or politics, and abusing a powerless child is a way to assert their dominance.



Robert Coleman
Robert C7 years ago

I don't know what to say other than this is just terrible. I guess it's good that something is being done about it at least...

Lika S.
Lika P7 years ago

Sounds like Kenya needs April's Law!



Debbie W.
Past Member 7 years ago

Sounds like a U.S. role model in the making ... let's pray their solution is pure and swift, unlike our own!

Elizabeth J.
uma J7 years ago

This is a sad state of affairs prevalent all over the world. Let us allow the child to have a NORMAL life wherever they are...

Deborah M.

The women of any land are the creators of home; since colonisation has robbed African women of their lands (which traditionally were farmed by women) & forced men into slavery, Africa is no longer a home in any real sense to any but the rich & powerful; abused women & children living in abject poverty reflect the true nature of commerce; lack of respect, breeds lack of respect - a savage mentality rules all.

nancy sands
Nancy s7 years ago

Gross and disgusting!

Lora H.
Lora H7 years ago

This makes me sick. All of this and still African children dream about going to school. They work so hard to get an education. Why don't more people more involved? Oh right, they're too busy watching glee.

Ruby W.
Ruby W7 years ago

Now this is truly horrifying. I really would not know where to start to improve the living conditions in the countries of Africa. Talk about unmanageably huge problems!

Mary B.
May Brown7 years ago

When I become a teacher, I will NEVER do this. This is awful...: (

Deborah Litster
Deborah L7 years ago

It is amazing how much injustice one can endure We are out there promoting education and getting these kids to school probably financing in the name of charity Please keep a closer watch on who you hire like what is going on underneath it all the almighty dollar prevails once again It is a nightmare for these people we can not even comprehend what they go through on a daily basis and we do nothing but interfere
where do they go after this so called education all the adds that ask for money and have the nerve to say these people have nothing as we go into their mud huts and see how clean and organized they try to be under the circumstances We need to make sure they are happy, fed and treated when ill educate them to take care of each other maybe not send them to school where they can be abused by strangers on top of everything else most of them probably just want to farm enough food to eat and take care of each other Who do we think we are most of us haven't gone 6 hours without food let alone what they endure and most of us are definitely not abused by teachers at school