100 Dogs Rescued from Mississippi Puppy Mill (VIDEO)

On July 13, the Humane Society of the United States – along with assistance from a number of other animal groups — rescued more than 100 dogs from a Carriere, Miss., puppy mill.

The video below takes you inside the puppy mill and the horrific and inhumane conditions in which these animals were forced to live. It ends with the news of the puppies’ rescue and recovery.


Local residents contacted authorities regarding concerns they had about Sea Breeze Kennels, which had been advertising puppies for sale on the Internet and via classified ads. Sadly, Mississippi laws concerning puppy mill and breeder regulations are among some of the weakest in the US.

Rescue workers moved the dogs to a temporary shelter where they were — for the first time in many of their lives — introduced to fresh air and water and a clean place to sleep. The animals will continue to be cared for by the HSUS and the Humane Society of South Mississippi until they can be moved to shelters and evaluated for adoption. 

Warning: Some footage may be difficult to watch. 

Make sure you sign both petitions to help bring an end to this kind of heinous abuse:

Photo Credit: Michelle Riley/The HSUS 


W. C
W. C3 months ago


William C
William C3 months ago

Thank you for caring.

Jane L.
Jane L7 years ago

I love seeing rescue missions like this video here! It's an amazing thing to see, how the humane society is making such a difference in the world and how calm these animals are in the arms of caring people (as opposed to the freakishly hyper behaviour they exhibit on the floor). It just goes to show how animals simply need love and care above all else, and they feel it when it happens to them!

Mervi R.
Mervi R7 years ago

So glad these poor dogs were rescued; ALL puppy mills need to closed down now!!!

Gwendolyn H.
Gwendolyn H7 years ago

Puppy Mills need to be banned and outlawed period. The people who run them need to be caged the same way the animals they have are, and made to sit in their own "mess" day in and day out with only bread and water given every other day and see how well they fare.
Those poor animals deserve so much better! They didn't ask for a life of suffering!

Dee Espin
Dee Espin7 years ago

Thank God for the rescue, these poor babies deserve so much better.

marianthi z.
marianthi zabeta7 years ago

unfortunately in many countries this bad thing happens in my country greece too. we fight against puppy mills every single moment. it is so so so cruel and disgusting.

Juan Pablo de la Torre

This kind of news gives me hope and prove things are changing.

Maybe this is not the best solution, but it's a try.

Ruby F.
Ruby F7 years ago

Why don't you research where all the donation for Katrina animals went?? You are on here thanking the very organization that stole a very large chunk of it! OH and the VICK dogs that the H.S.U.S. wanted to kill because they were all fighting dogs?? Where are they now? Most are still alive and are doing well - some have even become therapy dogs. Imagine that - then the H.S.U.S. turned around and supports a confessed animal abuser... Now I see Vick is in the news again - this time a human is involved??? I'm sure he is innocent again! THINK PEOPLE THINK! The saddest part of all is most shelter dogs came from these factories to begin with. How do I know? Because a real BREEDER will insist that their puppies come back to them - or they will assist in the re-homing process... NO real BREEDER ever wants any of their babies to land in a shelter!

Ruby F.
Ruby F7 years ago

Not all breeders are puppy factories! The new laws being added just cost more money. Most areas already have laws on the books to cover human care, BUT they are not enforced. Enforce current laws instead of making new ones,,, PEOPLE PLEASE DO YOUR HOMEWORK H.S.U.S. is not the kind shelter you believe it is! The new laws being introduced will just make it more difficult to get quality purebred pups from anywhere. STOP PET STORES from SELLING animals and the factories will not have the demand. STOP BUYING MUTTS- no real breeder will sell mutts oh so sorry they call them "designer dogs"... who's design?? A cock-a- poo is a mix... A yorkie- poo is a mutt... AND THESE DUMMY PAY HUNDREDS of dollars for a mutt... if you want a mix go to the shelter... STOP donation to organizations like H.S.U.S. that are trying to end our right to have animals at all! You panic one sheep & the entire flock will run off the cliff... stop being the head sheep & do your homework, instead of following blindly! Thank you!