13-Year-Old Addresses The United Nations! (VIDEO)

On February 2, 2011, Felix Finkbeiner, a 13-year-old from Germany, spoke at the United Nations at the opening of the International Year of Forests.

Felix is the founder of Plant-for-the-Planet. In case you don’t know – at the age of nine, Felix announced that he wanted to plant a million trees in his native Germany. It took him just three years to do that, and now his organization, Plant for the Planet, is international.

Felix was invited to speak at the Cancun climate conference in December, 2010, and on February 2, 2011, he addressed the United Nations in New York.

In a ten-minute speech, which Felix, native of Germany, delivered in perfect English and apparently without needing any prompts, he presented the motives and goals of children from several different countries, and asked them to join forces worldwide in the fight for their future.

President Obama, are you listening? Felix dared to mention climate change, something which was sadly missing from your State of the Union address.

This is a truly amazing spectacle. Take a look here:

Photo credit: Trinity via Creative Commons


Aaron G
Aaron Gallo5 years ago

We can learn alot from children! Instead of just the other way around!

ii q.
g d c6 years ago

what's he been doing since???

Vlasta Molak
Vlasta M7 years ago

Children are unspoiled with hypocrisy of adults and can sometimes see things more clearly. The impact we humans have on planet eath is a product of population x energy consumption x technology Different parts of the world have different dominant factors. Latin America and Arab world have overpopulation problem while we in the West have over consumption and energy production problem (dependence on fossil fuels. China has polluting technology and had overtaken US in total CO2 emissions.

Linda F.
Linda F.7 years ago

Out of the mouth of babes! Save our planet...

Dan B.
Dan B7 years ago

very cool

Athena C.
Athena C7 years ago

Out of the mouth of babes comes common sense!

Vanessa S.
Vanessa S8 years ago

Kudos to Felix!!!!!!!!

Brenda Towers
Brenda Towers8 years ago

"Out of the mouth of babes and sucklings" says the Bible! How true!

Barbara Erdman
Barbara E8 years ago

thanx for posting

Manuela C.
Manuela C8 years ago

He's a very courageous child!