14-Year-Old to Mother: No Boob Job, Please.

Britney Marshall, a British 14-year-old, does not want breast implants. Despite her mother’s (?!) desperate pleas, she just doesn’t want them at this point in her rather young life. Marshall and her family recently made the pages of The Huffington Post, The Sun, and the Daily Mail for this rather bizarre twist of mother-daughter roles.

When I was a teenager, my mom complained about my clothes. “Less (skin showing) is more (appropriate)” seemed to be her motto. “Cover your midriff!” “Those shorts are too short!” “I can see your bra strap!” (Gasp!) Probably things that most teenage girls have heard over the years, whether or not they listened to Mommy Dearest’s seemingly antiquated complaints. The overall dilemma seems to be that teenage girls want show more skin and feel sexy–grown up even–while oftentimes their mothers want them to cover up. This can be either to preserve an image of chastity and modesty, or to instill in them the idea that women young and old have a right to feel sexy and beautiful, but that there are ways to do that while still presenting yourself as strong and self-assured.

Oh, the times they are a-changing.

Not only does Britney’s mother, Chantal, encourage her to get breast implants, but she and four of her daughters are the proud owners of 50,000 worth of breast augmentation. I guess more is more in the Marshall family. The Sun quotes Chantal Marshall:

Britney idolises her older sisters so we’ve already starting talking about her getting a boob job. At the moment she doesn’t really have what I would say are boobs–but I’d like her to follow in her sisters’ footsteps.

Yep. You read that right. Britney’s mother actually said that she doesn’t really have breasts. To the media. About a young teenage girl. There are a few pictures accompanying the Sun and Daily Mail articles, and I’m quite sure that at age 14, Britney is much better endowed than I am, as well as many of my female acquaintances. So does that mean I need implants as well? And all my friends?? And anyone whose smaller than a 32GG (Chantal Marshall’s breast size)?

Britney’s mother may be ushering her daughter into rather dangerous territory here. If Chantal Marshall wants huge, fake breasts, more power to her. Her breasts seem to make her feel younger and more glamorous, and it’s her right to do what she needs to do to feel beautiful and empowered. I’m not sure cutting down a developing girl’s breast size and persistently urging her to get implants is the best way to help her develop a strong, healthy self image. Girls face so much pressure from all directions to look a certain way–thin, sexy, flawless, essentially perfect–and it must be overwhelming to have your own mother push you into fulfilling that image. If Britney is like most teenage girls I’ve come into contact with, she’s probably still figuring out who she is and what version of herself she wants to project to the world. Acceptance and support would likely come in handy at this stage in life.

Britney, who has aspirations of being the first in her family to attend college, admits she’s thought about breast implants, but isn’t so sure she’s ready to jump on the boob bandwagon. From the Daily Mail:

I’m too young to be thinking about having a boob job–I just want to work hard at school. I believe a girl should do what she wants and at the moment I don’t want to get a boob job…sometimes I look at them and think [fake boobs] look ridiculous. I have a thick skin and make up my own mind.

Right on, Britney! Her cheerleaders? Her four brothers, who range in age from 15-24. Who knew adolescent boys and young men in their 20s would be the ones in the family not obsessed with breasts?

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Austin Munn
Austin Munn4 years ago

The incompetence and ignorance of some parents is astonishing. She's just become a teenager, and will already have a multitude of insecurities without being constantly told that she needs to change her appearance. It's mind-blowing to see how much smarter a 14 year old girl is than her mother.

Sheri P.
Sheri P5 years ago

good grief! just how many kids does chantal have anyway? i counted four daughters who already have boob jobs, plus 4 sons, plus britney? that's NINE! are there more? that's great that britney's brothers cheer her on to do what she wants to do, rather than encourage her to do what her mother is trying to get her to do...

Amber Beasley
Amber Beasley5 years ago

that woman should be in jail.

Dale Overall

Agree with Terry K in his comment "Why is this not child abuse?" The other three daughters had obviously succumbed under pressure from Mom to have their surgeries at whatever age. The constant pressure of their mother to alter their bodies to mirror her own altered body is bizarre.
This is a decision to be made when one is an adult, not before.

Britney's mother must have very serious self esteem issues to have badgered all four of her daughter's to follow in her footsteps or bra size. Ridiculous!

Sarah M.
Sarah M5 years ago

Way to be Britney! What a terrible mother...

Erin Delancy-Hummer
Erin Hummer5 years ago

Some mother. It's a shame the daughter has more common sense than her mother. I would NEVER tell my daughter she needs a boob job or anything else. She's beautiful just the way she is!!!!!

Julia W.
Julia W5 years ago

How nice that this young woman has the maturity to withstand such pressure.

Joy L.
Joy L5 years ago

That mom is nuts ...Kudos to Britney

Aino Viita
Aino Viita5 years ago

Good for her

guiri t.
Georgi Penev5 years ago

Lisa P, I'm with you and I must be one of the few guys that does NOT like plastic titties. Stupid idea if you ask me, ESPECIALLY when people do it young or/and for reasons say, NOT related to having them removed due to cancer or something.

I can't stand all these good looking girls on tv and movies that have a silicone job done. Frankly, it turns me OFF!