2 Officers Killed and 2 Injured in Louisiana Shooting

Gun violence has been of central concern in the United States these days. After the fatal shootings in both Aurora, Colorado and the Sikh temple in Wisconsin which occurred in startling proximity to each other, another shooting occurred at the conservative Family Research Council headquarters just this week. Even before the FRC shooting on Wednesday, Monday was host to another gun massacre which occurred at Texas A&M this month, making the number of violent attacks frighteningly high. After Thursday morning, another violent incident involving firearms can now be added to the summer’s total after two officers were killed and two more were injured in LaPlace, Louisiana.

Reuters reports that a gunmen shot and injured the first deputy early on Thursday morning while the officer was directing traffic in a parking lot. Reinforcement officers tracked the gunman down after the first shooting after he had fled the scene. They tailed the attacker to a trailer in a trailer park where they began to question witnesses. The gunman emerged from the trailer and fatally shot the two investigating officers in quick succession.

The two officers who were fatally shot were reported as Brandon Nielsen, 34, and Jeremy Triche, 27. Two other officers were wounded in Thursday’s occurrences and were named as Scott Boyington, 33, and Jason Triche, 30. Boyington suffered a shot to the shoulder but is expected to recover. The two officers with the last name Triche are believed to be related.

Other details in the case are currently extremely vague and uncertain at this point in the investigation. The BBC reports that five people are reportedly in custody, and some of those people suffered gunshot wounds as well. The identity of the gunman remains shrouded in mystery. Sheriff Mike Tregre told the press in a tearful voice that a “person exited that trailer with an assault weapon and ambushed my two officers… Two deputies were killed and a third was wounded.”

Thursday morning’s occurrences happened in St John the Baptist Parish just to the northwest of New Orleans. Politicians have been rather slow to respond to the issue of gun control and legislation during the current election cycle. I have to ask, why? These incidents are piling up and they are beginning to affect every segment of the population, from policemen and security guards, to young men and women attending the movies. Louisiana happens to have one of the highest percentages of gun ownership in the country.

Heartfelt sympathy goes out to the officers and the families affected by Thursday’s incident.


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Photo: St. John the Baptist Parish Sheriff Mike Tregre talks to reporters near a crime scene where two sheriffs were killed and two wounded in LaPlace, La., Thursday, Aug. 16, 2012. (AP Photo/Gerald Herbert)


Rin S.
Rin S6 years ago

There needs to be stricter regulations regarding gun laws, before there are any more tragedies.

Martha Eberle
Martha Eberle6 years ago

How long is this going to go on, before the question of too many guns/gun culture in the U.S. is addressed?

marc page
Marc P6 years ago

No one seems to have a problem when the police gun down some innocent schmuck by "accident." And those police are always exonerated. I guess it just matters who you are if you wantonly kill someone. Just sayin.

Dave Tohunga
Dave te tohunga6 years ago

The difference between freedom and slavery is the right to own and bear arms.
History repeatedly proves this assertion.
This 'news story' does not contain many facts about the situation
but the stupid 'war on drugs' that after all these years has not only failed to remove drugs from society but has resulted in drugs becoming far more prevalent because of the money involved in black markets.
Prohibition of alcohol was quickly realized to be creating more problems than it solved.
The prohibition officials promptly became the marijuana police because it was 'blacks and hispanics' who could not afford alcohol who were targeted and by being sentenced to 5 years or more in jail, disenfranchised.
Now the US economy has been gutted by fraudulent banksters corrupt politicians and fat corporates who exported jobs to be done by virtual slave labour in 3rd world countries.
Meanwhile a corrupt private enterprise prison system profits corporates who use inmates as slaves fulfilling commercial contracts ordainary business can't compete with.
Simultaneously your taxpayer dollars are vacuumed up by a corrupt war machine who's purpose is to invade other lands so the likes of Haliburton can rape the resources there.
A couple of the cops is a tiny part of the price you will pay for allowing corrupt politicians to pass laws to benefit criminal corporations.

Linda W.
Linda W6 years ago

The NRA has bought too many politicians in this country for there to be Any real gun control laws...Ever

Dennis Warren

If some random congresscritters and nra lobbyists were to become the targets of the next 3 or 4 crazed killers, I think there'd be an awful lot of gun control legislation proposed.

Elaine McAuliffe
Elaine McAuliffe6 years ago

The article asks why politicians are slow to act. The answer is simple the NRA. You know, the organization that wanted "cop killer" bullets available to any drug dealer, human trafficker or terrorist who wanted them. These persons pressure politicians to avoid reasonable gun regulations, then lie to Americans about what those laws would do to our right to own and use guns. They seem to be either an unregistered lobbying group for gun manufacturers and dealers, or a group that, for its own reasons, seeks anarchy and chaos.

David C.
David C6 years ago

@Kris L
I don’t follow your argument re SCOTUS and self defense. The 2nd is specific – it specifies collective security. “a … militia … necessary to the security of a free state”. The final wording of the 2nd was intensely debated. Reading in more than the words is judicial activism.

The enlistment oath is not in the constitution. Perhaps it was built by combining the president’s “defend the constitution” oath on taking office and the Article 2 “president shall be commander-in-chief”. You hint at rebellion by the army – this would be unconstitutional. Are you suggesting cafeteria constitutionality?

I’m glad you agree that restriction to a gun a month is not an attack on the second amendment. The NRA did and successfully fought against a Virginia proposal. Gun nuts continually bleat that if guns were controlled, only criminals would have guns. This is absurd. No party or politician has proposed elimination. But current loose laws allow straw purchases and subsequent sale to criminals. NRA opposition to reasonable restrictions helps criminals obtain guns.

Your desire to include mental health information in background check is impractical. Psychology is rarely predictive and information available, is restricted to only a tiny fraction of the population. Buying 6,000 rounds of ammunition, or multiple assault weapons would be a pretty good hint. Reduced availability of large capacity mag

Arild Warud

Just another "normal" week in the wild west.

Rene H.
Irene H6 years ago

Frank S. Canada lost a lot of jobs and industries to America when Free Trade was introduced in the 80's. Almost immediately, just as many Canadians had feared they would. It was Brian Mulroney who insisted it would be good for Canada, not her people.

And just who was going to invade Canada, Afghanistan, Iraq? Canada was never threatened with any foreign military invasion. The protection is largely imaginary.