20 Ugandan Teenagers Expelled Because of “Lesbianism”

More than 20 teenage girls have been expelled from their high school in Uganda for “lesbianism.” It is yet another sign of the destructive homophobia in the country and of the discrimination and persecution that LGBTs face in Uganda, where, under the just-passed Kill the Gays Bill, LGBTs could face life in prison.

As Gay Star News notes, a former politician in Uganda started a campaign earlier this month to create more support for the legislation which had been delayed and is opposed by the Prime Minister. As a result of this, Chris Mubiru, the former manager of one of the country’s main soccer teams, was arrested earlier in December after graphic photos of him were published on the cover of Red Peppar, a Ugandan daily.

The 20 students who were expelled all attended Iganga SS in eastern Uganda. They have been accused of forming a society to “recruit” girls into homosexuality, according to the Ugandan Observer.

Based on local news sources, the girls (four of whom were only 11 years old) were expelled because they had allegedly “formed a ‘society’ on campus where they regularly met to discuss how to ‘convince’ more students to practice the ‘act of lesbianism.’”

The school’s officials reportedly feared that they would be “questioned on why the girls were realizing lesbians existed, and did not want the parents to blame the school.” School staff, that is, feared that they might be accused of condoning homosexuality and so expelled the teenagers.

Whether any of these claims are true or not is not at all clear. Gay Star News says that, when it contacted Isanga SS, it was told that “no comment would ever be made” about the students’ expulsion.

What the school, or at least its staff, thinks about homosexuality — that it is a crime — is apparent from what one teacher said to the Ugandan Observer. According to the teacher, Iganda SS was “resolved to bear with [homosexuality] until the end of the year such that the innocent students are not affected” and to maintain order because “you sometimes get learners going on rampage when their colleagues are expelled.”

One parent of a child at the school, Tom Kimaliyo, has said that expelling students is “bad and even evil” and would be “disastrous” for the girls’ future. He called on the government to “intervene,” saying that school is a place where students should be “sensitized and educated” and that the girls should be allowed to return to school and have their protection “ensure[d].” Kimaliyo’s comments show that not everyone was in favor of expelling the students,  in no small part because of what are very likely to be permanent and disastrous effects on their lives.

Kimaliyo also said that, “if found to be of any negative influence, the best is to get the young girls involved in counsellng and monitoring to help them change behavior or support them in coping with the situation.” While he believes the school’s action to be irresponsible, his words still show traces of the homophobic attitudes that have led to Uganda being a country where something like the Kill the Gays Bill has been passed into law.

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Rose Becke4 years ago


Jane C.
Jane C4 years ago

So what happens now? Are these girls going right from the school into prison? What a travesty.

Teresa Wlosowicz
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Marilyn L.
Marilyn L4 years ago

What happened to Uganda? American religious ministries and religious American politician.

Robert O.
Robert O4 years ago

That's absolutely insane and shows how much trouble Uganda is really in.

Luis Antonio Bravo L?pez

I thought a very important thing in a teenager life was education, not who they liked or sleep with.
When are all these goverments going to learn that everybody deserves to learn? they could be missing a good doctor or a lawer, the next Noble Prize.
I still can´t understand the way some people still think

Mary L.
Mary L4 years ago

Hideous. Any can point a finger until all of society is in a straight jacket afraid to move afraid to breathe and still people will be accused with no evidence.

Welcome to the 50's in America only worse, brought to you by Americans.

David Lawrence
Past Member 4 years ago

This is just the start - they'll be burning witches next. There is something deeply, deeply wrong with this country's political and cultural ethos. I feel for these people, I really do - another country with leaders who are utterly devoid of any common sense (I live in the UK and can speak from experience)

Danuta Watola
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Thanks for the info.

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