New Year’s Eve Challenge, 2,009 Leaflets for Animals

Today is New Year’s Eve and this year my resolution is to challenge myself to do more to protect animals, especially those animals who are abused and killed for food.

Last year, over 10 billion land-animals were killed for human consumption in the United States. Add in the number of aquatic animals who were killed for food and the number skyrockets even higher. And don’t believe for a second that those animals led happy lives either. Those animals suffered, and what for? A burger? So this year, I’m upping the ante and pledging to do more to fight animal abuse. There’s no day like today, so tonight I’m going to personally hand out 2009 “Why Vegan?” leaflets on the Boston Common. Wish me luck!

If Slaughterhouses had glass walls…
I believe that if everyone could see first-hand how animals are systematically abused in factory farms and brutally killed slaughterhouses, no one would continue eating animals. That’s why I have decided to spend my New Year’s Eve giving out booklets with information about vegetarianism. Want to see what I’m handing out? Download a pdf of it.

I’ve already received my 2,009 leaflets from the kind people at Vegan Outreach. It arrived in 7 neatly-packed priority mail boxes. I even have my spot on the Boston Common picked out. All I have to do now is show up this evening, hold a booklet in my hand, smile, wait for someone to walk by, then give him or her a booklet and say, “Would you like a pamphlet about vegetarianism?” or “Have you seen one of these yet?” I’m excited!

Leafleting is effective
If knowledge is power, then leafleting is a fantastic way to empower people to make a change for animals. Handing out leaflets is a good investment in the future of the animal protection movement. It raises awareness about animal protection issues, and surely inspires some people to take action and go vegan. And it’s easy! In just an hour’s time, one person can reach hundreds of people with a message of compassion. I’m definitely going to spend more time this year giving out leaflets. The people at Vegan Outreach even have a nice section on their website with tips for leafleting.

I’m psyched to hit the ground running this year.

If you’re in Boston tonight and want to help out or just say hi, come by the Park Street T stop this evening. Look for the guy handing out the vegan leaflets. That’s me! :)

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Sandra S.
Sandra Schofield9 years ago

I think what you are trying to do is a great thing and I understand totally,but we have to be REALISTIC here,you are not going to stop everyone from eatig meat in fact not near enough to accomplish what you are trying to do.So what I think we should be focusing on is how we can do this in a more humane way,I agree these animals suffer terriably and something deffinatly has to be done about that,so why dont we start with that,ONE STEP AT A TIME.It really is unrealistic to think that North Anerica is going to stop eating meat,or anywhere else for that matter.and maybe these domestic animals would become exstinct if that was to happen Sandra S.

Barbara Bates
Barbara B9 years ago

I think you're brilliant and I wish you luck, if we all do what we can wgere we can we might make some small difference one of these days.

Lisa L.
Lisa L9 years ago

Kudos & Good luck to you! I am far away from Boston, however, your post has given me th opportunity to look at what I can do for these animals as well. I agree that most people don't even think about what is on their plate or how it got there, but, if they knew they would think differently..