Skoll Announces 2011 Skoll Awards for Social Entrepreneurship

Congratulations to the four social entrepreneurs recognized for their work in health, education and water by The Skoll Foundation. Rebecca Onie, Health Leads; Ned Breslin, Water for People; Ellen Moir, New Teacher Center; and Madhav Chavan, Pratham will all be honored at The Skoll World Forum in Social Entrepreneurship happening later this month in Oxford.

The four entrepreneurs join 85 other Skoll social entrepreneurs and will receive a three-year grant to continue working on finding solutions to some of the world’s toughest problems.

Ned Breslin is CEO of Water For People (and has guest posted on Trailblazers in the past). The international nonprofit organization is working on creating sustainable, locally-maintained drinking water and sanitation solutions. They have worked on projects in 11 countries in Africa, Asia, Central America and South Africa.

Rebecca Onie is co-founder and CEO of Health Leads. Started in 1996, while Onie was an undergraduate at Harvard College, Health Leads works with health care clinics in urban, low-income areas and pairs them with undergraduate volunteers. The college students help the families visiting the clinics fulfill other basic needs — housing, food, health insurance, job trailing, and other resources. Currently, Health Leads has volunteers in six cities in the United States and last year they were able to help nearly 6,000 families.

The New Teacher Center’s mission is to “accelerate the effectiveness of new teachers through comprehensive mentoring and professional development programs.” CEO Ellen Moir founded the organization in 1998 and has been honored many times in the past for her work in developing teacher development programs and proposals for school reform. The organization currently has 150 employees that work with teachers across the United States with one-on-one coaching, regional trainings, manuals and videos that can be ordered from their website, and research into the effects of mentoring on teacher effectiveness.

Madhav Chavan is the President and CEO of Pratham, an NGO working in India to extend the educational opportunities in India to all children. Originally started to help children in the Mumbai city slums, the group now reaches millions of children across India in both rural and urban areas. For Chavan and Pratham, the grant from the Skoll Foundation will help continue to run existing programs and also to foster new ideas for education issues throughout India.

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Photo courtesy of Water for People


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