2,500 Beagles Slated For Vivisection Are Freed!

Great news for all animal lovers!

2,500 dogs that were destined for scientific experimentation are being rescued from the notorious Green Hill breeding facilities in northern Italy.

Although slated to be shut down, Green Hill hasn’t legally closed yet, but for now campaigners have the task of removing 2,500 beagles from the farm in less than 10 days, beginning on Friday, July 27.

With over 2,000 requests for adoptions already being processed, it seems that this will not be a problem.

The announcement was made by Italy’s State Forest Police, who also said that 50% of the confiscated beagles are 3-8 months old, and many are pregnant as adult females have been used to produce puppies for research.

From Animal Equality:

The dogs were seized during inspections last week, in preparation for the closure of the facility, which is owned by the multinational company, Marshall Farms – a commercial breeder of animals for vivisection based in the States.

Police have also said that three managers at the facility are under investigation for animal cruelty following their inspections.

But Marshall Farms is appealing to the courts, so there is a risk that the dogs may still be returned to the facility.

A little background here. According to PetPardonsNews, Green Hill consists of five buildings where 2500 adult dogs and several litters are housed. They are kept in small closed cages without natural light or air. Dogs grow in rows and rows of cages before being shipped to laboratories.

The company profiting from the pain of these animals is Marshall Bio Resources, an American firm located in North Rose, New York. Marshall’s dogs are shipped all over the world, but since the company’s purchase of Green Hill as its European headquarters and the construction of a huge farm in China, Marshall is attempting to monopolize the market.

Today’s announcement comes after many protests by scores of animal activists including, most notably, last April, when thousands of protestors marched on the company asking for the immediate release of all 2,500 dogs locked up in the facility.

Thirteen protestors actually made it inside the buildings where they opened cages and took beagle puppies and pregnant female dogs. The animals were handed over the fence to protestors waiting on the other side amid cheers and applause, with 30 beagles in all rescued.

Let’s hope Green Hill remains shuttered, dealing a blow to the horrible practice of vivisection.

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William C
William C11 months ago


W. C
W. C11 months ago

Thank you.

Bella M.
Bella M4 years ago

I hope all those dogs will rehome in good home safe from their abusers and vivisection.

Penny B.
.5 years ago

I hope they are truly free and don't have to go back. Green Hill should be burned to the ground so this never happens again. Thank you to everyone who has freed prior dogs and these dogs, wonderful job!!

Pamela W.
Pamela W5 years ago

Thanks for the update Beth !!

Lynn D.
Lynn D5 years ago


Beth M.
Beth M5 years ago

Glad to see that as of September 20, the last 170 beagles who were still there were freed. The breeding centre is empty!

Stella Nobrega-Garcia

Thank you!

Loesje vB
Loesje Najoan5 years ago

I agree with Michele V. I guess 7% of poll respondents who believe vivisection SHOULD be legal are misread questions. Vivisection, Yes, SHOULD be ILLEGAL!!

Mark Donners
Mark Donner5 years ago

If I ever met any of those monsters that call themselves "vivisectors" it would take all my energy not to punch them in their throats or perform a lobotomy on them.