280,000 Seals Sentenced to Death

There’s been a lot of talk about Canada’s seal hunt this year, particularly about the European Union’s potential ban on seal products that would eliminate a huge market for seal products.

The European Parliament was scheduled to vote on April 1, but the vote’s been delayed until the first week in May. The bad news is this gives the sealing industry more time to spread their lame propaganda. The good news is this gives the world more time to put the pressure on efforts to stop the largest slaughter of marine mammals on earth.

Already, Spain along with the Netherlands, Ireland, France and Germany, among others, have voted to support the ban of seal products, along with Russia, which has also stepped up by banning the slaughter of seals less than a year old.

Along with declining pelt prices keeping sealers at home this year, now there’s even more good news. Last week a letter from Obama’s days as a senator back in ’06 that condemns Canada’s seal hunt as inhumane, and calls to see the slaughter finished was unearthed. Although, no one seems ready to want to comment on what Obama’s actions as president will be yet, it’s still another tool in the arsenal against the hunt.

The momentum against the hunt certainly seems to be growing. However, Canada continues to cling to its old ways defending the slaughter, along with raising the kill quota last week by 10,000 making the grand total 280,000, which also goes against scientific recommendations for Canada’s management plan.

It’s time for Canada to let go of this industry and, as Senator Mac Harb said, move the last of the sealers into jobs with a sustainable future. Let’s put an end to this barbaric slaughter once and for all.


You can also ask your senators to help stop the largest slaughter of marine mammals in the world by cosponsoring the Levin-Collins Canadian seal hunt resolution.

Also, if you haven’t already done so, you can still support Canadian Senator Mac Harb’s bill to end the slaughter. 

And Sign Care2’s petition to put an end to this. 


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Manel Dias
Manel Dias4 years ago

Those people who says that if the seals are over populated then it is OK to hunt? Oh by the way those very same people don't you all know that the Human population is way more overly has now increased and also running out of places on the planet to settles in?? How about culling them too? These seals are not over populated. They have their short life spans and they are not going to be over populated because there are so many other sea animals predate over these seals too. More over have you all seen the way these poor innocent seals being mercilessly clubbing vicously for a longest time until they die with agonizing pains & brutal sufferings?? How about if you all were clubbed to death the same way? Would you be happy? So please get a life people don't be so selfish and cruel to say that it is OK to butcher unethically and wicked way such helpless defenceless living beings. Have a heart show that you care about the other living beings as the way you would love to be treated.

Kamia T.
Kamia T4 years ago

If, as alleged, the reason for the hunt is that there are "too many" seals to be sustainable, then we need to look at why that would be the case. Polar bears eat seals, as to Orca and other predators. I don't believe in letting any animal over-breed to the point where instead of being hunted, they're starving to death, but nature tends to seek balance. So why the imbalance?

Scott haakon
Scott haakon4 years ago

What a bunch of poor managers. The population has grown out of control. Seals have uses from skin to meat. It is unrealistic to believe that huge populations are sustainable.

Neal Jeffries


Ken O.
Ken O4 years ago

Humans never cease to do horrible things for money, it's seriously disgusting. How anyone could possibly take part in the "hunt" (it's not a hunt, clubbing seal pups to death with pick axes isn't hunting) leaves us all with a really bad feeling about humans.

Tanya Selth
Tanya Selth4 years ago

Shocking this goes on. I'd thought seal hunting had been stopped years ago due to public outcry.

Mm M.
MmAway M4 years ago

"A" won't let me vote since it is older, but just saw this and please do a news about the La Jolla Seals here in California...People are going crazy ...this is their HOME and Hotels don't like the smell...plus these seals get shot with arrows, stabbed...Man, Greed, Ummm why am I not surprised at any outcome?

Steve S.
Steve S4 years ago

Humanity is Insane

Cynthia B.
cynthia l4 years ago

This inhumanity s is beyond disgraceful Stop the Insanity

Mom S.
Naomi S8 years ago

I am canadian and the seal hunt makes me ashamed to be one. It must stop and I will support anyone who has the same opinion. The seal hunt is a needless disgrace.