15 Rages Against #MuslimRage

Newsweek must have known that its cover story on “Muslim Rage” by Ayaan Hirsi Ali, published after a week of violent protests over a YouTube video demeaning the Prophet Mohammed, would be controversial. As Think Progress notes, Ali — who escaped an arranged marriage in Somalia by immigrating to the Netherlands, was a member of the Dutch Parliament and wrote the best-selling memoir Infidel — is no stranger to controversy about Islam and Muslims. Since Newsweek tweeted the “Muslim Rage” cover and the promoted hashtag #MuslimRage, “the internet has fought back” as Colorlines puts it, with one parody cover showing up after the next.

Here are some of the best #MuslimRage responses.

@KaZ914: When people think FoxNews knows my religion more than I do.#MuslimRage



@DMogahed: When a “female assist” is called before I even walk through the metal detector. #muslimrage

@mar_i_amSYRIA: Being too scared to look my teacher in the eye when she discussed 9/11 in the third grade. #MuslimRage#TooYoung

@aishacs: Got cut off in line at the grocery store. Wanted to call her out but afraid she’d interpret this as #muslimrage

@WelshinGaza: On a plane and people mishearing me when I say I am a *tourist*. #muslimrage

@MansoorGuerilla: An episode of Keeping up the Kardashins–the only thing that makes me want to scream chants, storm streets & burn random flags.#MuslimRage


@LimeadeYouth: I think this dish could use a little something something #MuslimSage

@maaouad I just made some Mediterranean food#MuslimSage

@agraham999: Too much pork in Angry Birds. #muslimrage

@russ_jokes: Hearing Americans state publicly that they’re afraid that @BarackObama is an Arab. .

@theZroc: When people fear Shariah taking over the US constitution & same people have never read the US constitution .

@Shirin Sadeghi:

@MariamVeiszadeh: Prejudice often arises from a fear of the unknown. So make the ‘unknown’ known and #SmileAtaMuslim#Muslimrage.



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Bill Reese
Bill Reese5 years ago

Most of the posters on this Care2 site are bleeding heart liberals and have no concept about Islam or Muslim ideals and direction. One day they will find themselves forcing their wives, mothers, daughters, or sisters to abid by the Sharia Law and will scream for help, but there will be no one left to help them.

Ernest Roth
Ernest R5 years ago

@ John W..European countries well on the way are Belgium, Norway, Sweden as Muslims numbers increase disproportunately, also endangered are Germany and France. It is a matter of time. Muslims areas in those countries make their own laws as in Paris, Sharia in nature and produce more than twice the number of children as others. They then try to push Sharia law in all western countries such as Canada. Since your virgin ears have never heard such lunacy before, I suggest you read the book mentioned above by Ayaan Hirsi Ali, a Muslim refugee who has now had to flee to the US because of death threats. Which, along with the fatwa {death senternce] against Salman Rushdie, the parades of Muslim supporters of the fatwa, the renewed fatwa, the murder of the outspoken Dutchman, the attempted murder of the Danish cartoonist, the violent demonstrations about a b- movie in nearly every Muslim country, serve to illustrate “their view” of free speech. Is this news to you? I don’t propose killing anyone. In a Muslim population the word of the Imam is law. Refusal of individual Muslims in the group to cooperate is a capital offense as is saying anything uncomplimentary about Islam. I can’t help feeling that you are living in your own little imaginary world and you clearly can be that pathetic.

John W.
John W.5 years ago

Ernest R

Was that post satirical?

"more than one European country is due to become an Islamic state."

Which ones, pray? When and how? I've rarely heard such unadulterated, ridiculous lunacy.

"We have now clearly seen their view that free speech deserves murder."

"Their" view? You mean the possible view of a very small number of extremist Muslims who have, to boot, been driven out of town, had their arms confiscated and many of whom have now been killed - by other Muslims.

"Not all Muslims are evil, but they must all cooperate or die"

Did you really write that? How would you propose killing over a billion people? What form does the cooperation take? Why shouldn't "we" cooperate with them?

I can't help feeling that your trying to get a rise out of the rest of us as no one could be this pathetic.

Ernest Roth
Ernest R5 years ago

@ Joseph R “controlled by leading clerics and have one goal, to kill or force submission of all westerners.”. AS you say, why not take their word for it ? It isn’t just Paris. Angela Merkel also noted that Germany’s [Muslim] immigration program was a failure, and more than one European country is due to become an Islamic state. We have now clearly seen their view that free speech deserves murder. Not all Muslims are evil, but they must all cooperate or die. If someone accuses you of Islamophobia, accuse them of Islamophilia, which is far too widespread. I am unclear what role bigotry plays in observation of reality.

Bill Reese
Bill Reese5 years ago

Gene I appreciate your questioning about the Libyan attack. I hope you have by now read more about it in your local paper or watched a national T.V. show.

The comments about short of funds, still makes me wonder why we would send an Ambassador into a hot terrorist filled country without at least a full Marine contingent. The men they sent was a non armed security force from England. We are paying the Marines anyway so it would not have been any more cost that Obama and Michelle taking separate planes (one hour apart) to New York for dinner.

Gene Jacobson
Gene J5 years ago

Bill R.? "Our Libyan Ambassador had written several times to our State Department asking for better protection saying that he felt his life was in danger...There is no reason that the US should not have sent a larger US Marine detachment into protect our Ambassador."

Oh really? Have copies of those letters do you? Because this is the first I've heard of them and I pay attention. Perhaps this escaped your attention but Benghazi was NOT an embassy. And, it was the Republican House who slashed the Secretary of State's requested security budget. All sending a couple more marines would have done is gotten more people killed and to my knowledge the ambassador never asked for any such thing. Unless you can produce evidence that the ambassador requested more marines accompany him, which he could have done simply by telling the marines AT the embassy that is what he wanted, and it was denied by the Secretary of State, then you are just blowing smoke into the wind. And should know better.

Kathy Perez
Kathy Johnson5 years ago

all the hatred is sad and endless and getting old. love the people around you until you have a solid reason not to

Michael MacDonald

without speculation
the one thing we do know for sure

is that a lot of American conservatives intentionally tried to make this situation worse.

I witnessed it myself and I'm sure a lot of people like me saw it to.

Michael MacDonald

I'm not speculating either unlike most people.

I watched conservatives throw gas on the fire with this issue just to turn around and try to blame Obama for it so they could make it an platform issue for their party.

You should also note that they also tried to claim that the entire Arab Spring was a failure over this one incident.

It makes you wonder if this pastor's video was just a front to try and bring the war back on it's rails so that the conservatives could use it to win the election,
but I'm not going to speculate like everyone else.

Michael MacDonald

Bill R.

why the hell are you blaming Obama

he tried to prevent this whole ordeal from blowing up,
but conservatives like that American pastor had to keep throwing rocks at a hornets nest until this situation blew up.

I think that your news is misleading you.

I'm not even American.
The country I'm in has a broadcasting act which protects us from all forms of misinformation in the media.

The people who turned around and blamed Obama for this after that CONSERVATIVE American pastor created this mess
are the exact same people who have been supporting that pastor and this kind of recklessness all along
so blame who deserves it.