3 Chemical-Free Gadgets To Ward Off Biting Insects

The work day is done. The sun is starting to slide below the horizon, and with a chilled beverage in hand, you head out to your back patio for some much needed relaxation. But no sooner have you settled into a good book then the annoying buzz of a mosquito interrupts your thoughts.

Despite your best attempts to shoo it away, the insect persists, and soon others have joined in the biting frenzy. Soon you’re flailing and slapping like a crazy person. You could slather yourself in toxic repellents that irritate your skin and leave you gasping for fresh air, or you could try one of these technological marvels instead.

Solar-Powered Bug Zapper

mosquito genie, bug zapper, solar power

Called the Mosquito Genie, this clever device uses solar power to ward off biting insects day and night. It looks just like a lantern and when placed on a fence post or patio table, its embedded solar panel activates a light to attract the bugs. Once they get close, organic plant ingredients decomposing inside release vapors to kill insects. Bugs (including gnats and no-see-ums) get a lungfull and then fly away to die. No nasty zapping sound and no electrical consumption.

Mosquito Sentry Portable Vaporizer

mosquito sentrySo the above mentioned lantern/bug zapper is cool for your backyard, but what about when you’re on the open trail? Mosquito Sentry specializes in portable bug repellent systems. Their entire line utilizes a patented vapor technology to disperse a natural repellent made from a blend of oils and natural ingredients like geraniol and cedar oil. They claim it’s more effective than Deet and citronella, the two most widely used repellents in the world. The product features a countdown timer system that can automatically turn off the device at a preferred time, and a low level warning light will flash and beep when it needs to be refilled. It’s even guaranteed to kill only biting insects, and not butterflies and bees.

DIY Orange Peel Repellent Device

DIY orange peel bug repellent
Maybe you’ve already invested in a brand-name plug-in mosquito killer, but don’t like the fact that it uses chemical refills. Well, this handy guide from Apartment Therapy shows you how to turn a plain-old orange peel into a non-toxic refill. Mosquitoes and gnats hate the smell of the oils from citrus like lemons and oranges. Insert the peel into an empty mosquito-repellent device, and you’ll be treated to a fresh scent without chemicals!


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Good to know, thanks.

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It’s my first time to visit this site & I’m really surprised to see such impressive stuff out there. kill bed bugs

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Practical tips. Thanks.

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I like the orange peel refill for the plug-in mosquito killer!

Debbie Crowe
Debbie Crowe5 years ago

I went to the website for the Mosquito Genie -$39.95.

Mosquitos used to never bother me, but within the past 4 years, they do! I guess I got sweeter as I got older (LOL)!!

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i have also read that a mixture of tea tree oil and water, lightly spray on you will deter fleas and ticks.

Eternal Gardener
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Or alternatively, plant a neem tree and consume a leaf a day :)