3 Fur-Raising Animal Adventures With Happy Endings

Who needs the movies or reality TV? A glance around the news on the web provides all the death defying, hair-raising stories of adventure and derring-do that anyone might need. Not only are these accounts really real, they feature some inspiring heroes of the four-footed type.

1. Platypus survives trip in car engine

Quite a few kittens have been known to have wormed their way into the engines of cars and, despite the obvious dangers of being thisclose to machinery in full operation, been none the worse afterwards.

But a platypus?

Cameron Blaseotto figured an animal was under the hood of his car when he heard noises coming from it after driving through a flooded river crossing south of Canberra in Australia in early October. To his surprise, the animal turned out to be a female platypus!

Blaseotto contacted the Parks and Conservation Service, who got the platypus out. Regional Operations Manager Brett McNamara said,

“There’s [sic] obviously many moving parts within an engine bay and given platypus have claws there is not much to hang onto.

“How this animal was able to climb up inside, hang on, and then drive all the way back into Canberra is a truly remarkable story.”

The platypus was uninjured and has been successfully released back into the wild.

2. Pit bull saves his best friend, a cat, from coyotes


Kitty and Jack are both rescued animals and live with Sherree Lewis in Seminole, Florida. Kitty is, as her name suggests, a cat; Jack is a pit bull whose owner, Peter, is currently deployed in Afghanistan.

Quite belying commonplace notions about cats and dogs being at odds with each other, or about pit bulls as aggressive, Kitty and Jack are friends. As Lewis says,

“He probably feels like he’s the caretaker. He checks on her every day and sniffs her, seeing what kind of shape she is in.”

Jack’s care for his feline friend was recently evident when Kitty was attacked by not one but two coyotes. One had her by the neck and the other by the tail when Jack ran to save her.

“I didn’t know Jack could run that fast. He was on them so fast,” says Lewis.

Kitty was rushed to the vet; she has a broken tooth and some brain swelling. She can’t walk yet but is on the mend and, needless to say, she’s lucky she has Jack: other neighbors have reported cats and dogs missing and Lewis and her family have contacted a trapper to look for the coyotes in the mangroves behind their house.

3. A cow and a bull brave New Jersey traffic to escape the slaughterhouse

Last week, a cow and a bull destined for a Paterson, New Jersey slaughterhouse broke free from a trailer and made what turned out to be a successful dash for freedom.

The two cows had been purchased last Tuesday and were being kept in a trailer on the buyer’s property in Montvale in northern New Jersey. The trailer they were held in apparently was not big enough to contain the cows who got loose on Tuesday night.

Authorities were summoned to coral the two escapees. Roads were closed and drivers found themselves swerving to avoid hitting the cows.

The female brown cow was captured but the bull roamed where he wanted until Wednesday. At that point, he was spotted near the Garden State Parkway and “surrendered without incident.”

The bovine escapees’ efforts were not in vain. They will be living out their days at Abma’s Farm in Bergen County. Who says true stories can’t have happy endings?

Photos from Thinkstock, pit bull and cat photo from bastique via flickr


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Wow you don't expect to see a platypus in your life unless you're visiting one in the zoo and to find one in your car is pretty damn cool! It's good to know she got away safely unfortunately we don't see them in the wild much any more :( Jack's behavior is not overly surprising, he feels he is near the head of the pack (human members of the family are pack members too) and thus it is his job to protect the pack from any threat no matter how bad the odds are. My mini-foxie (Roudy) who was the alpha male in our pack took on a husky because the alpha female (Punta) was in the husky's yard and was therefore attacked. Roudy got the worst injuries and wasn't the same after but he did save Punta who was able to direct us people to what was happening. The husky had only a bit of a limp but was otherwise unharmed unfortunately about three weeks later he was put to sleep because of old age.

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The tale of Jack going off to rescue Kitty really touched a chord. Lucky Kitty to have him.