3 More Reasons To Unlike Facebook

Can it be said that Facebook is evolving into something Amazon-esque, an online site we can’t avoid but are, slowly but surely, having more and more reason to dislike?

(1) Facebook IPO Fallout Continues

There is the botching of Facebook’s IPO, which has led to lawsuits against it and the Nasdaq stock exchange. Formerly considered “friendly to start-ups,” the Nasdaq is now seeking to smooth things over with Facebook, which is reportedly considering switching to the New York Stock Exchange. Facebook is blaming the mess of its May 18th IPO on the Nasdaq, which suffered technological problems that delayed a flood of order confirmations. It is also expressing extreme unhappiness about statements made by Nasdaqís chief executive, Robert Greifeld, to reporters that the Nasdaq’s errors had not affected the stock’s performance.

(2) The Week You Discovered You Had An @facebook.com Email Address

Then there was last week’s @facebook.com email incident, in which Facebook summarily changed every user’s public profile email in one fell swoop. The feeling that Facebook was infiltrating itself into users’ data has only been heightened when many people found that their contacts’ email addresses had been changed too, to the @facebook.com ones. These must be accessed through Facebook’s site, with many ending up in a not too visible “other” inbox under Facebook messages.

Facebook is blaming a bug for overwriting emails in users’ address books. But as†Violet Blue writes on CNET, “making your company’s e-mail address (running off your mail server) each user’s primary and seeding it to everyone’s contacts with it via sync-enabled apps is another thing entirely” — is something more than just a”glitch.”

This unasked-for contact synchronization cannot be rolled back. Those with Apple’s new iOS 6 most likely suffered unwanted contact synchronization as Facebook is “integrated” into the new operating system; Facebook can simply “change address books without any warning.”

(3) Facebook Appears To Be Seeking Cosmic Communication Domination

In a broader context, the whole incident could just be a preview of what’s to come. It’s no secret that Facebook is trying to integrate (infiltrate) itself into users’ lives as much as it can. Facebook being technically “free,” users may be outraged, but Facebook has its “terms of service.” Facebook has certainly wound itself into people’s everyday habits and, despite deep annoyance, users keep using it.

It may only get harder not get in touch (“access”) family, friends and others as Facebook continues with its plans to integrate chat, messages and email to win the “message war” — the communications war — against Apple and Google. TechCrunch‘s Josh Constine writes that Facebook took a gamble in changing all users’ email addresses to @facebook.com ones to “box out Google and Apple.” Facebook’s intention is for chats, messages and email (@facebook.com ones, that is) to all “flow” into one (Facebook) inbox so that “if someone sent you a Chat and you were offline or immediately left your desktop, you could view it in your Messages inbox from mobile.”

Reviewing Facebook’s, Apple’s and Google’s social media, email and texting services, Constine predicts that Facebook will win the war (in part by annexing Apple’s iMessage, a texting alternative for Apple devices). Possibly within a year, or a matter of months, it could be “all Facebook all the time” for many of us, like it or not.

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Mannie De Saxe
Mannie De Saxe5 years ago

People can have intelligent discussions about facebook because it is a social medium which is causing a great deal of disruption in society in the 21st century. It is run by a bigot who designed the system for his own ends which are anything but useful as a contact medium when emails work better and don't expose people's views and pictures to the whole internet world to be abused or whatever else people deign to use them for.
It is a system in which, once one has joined, without knowing enough about it, is very difficult to remove yourself from. This is abuse of human rights. If I don't want to be on facebook I want to be able to remove myself without being asked about discussions which may or may not be intelligent.
That is MY choice!
Mannie De Saxe

Summerannie Moon
Summerannie M5 years ago

Havent joined, Wont join b/c of the privacy or non privacy and everything that goes along with it Also they allow things that are illegal and cause such pain and suffering and it appears nothing is monitored and people can say and do whatever they please.
Who wants that? The implications as you might have seen by the mere posting youre having a party or whatever finishes up in a disaster with some people dying. to make a balance too that it was posted about a serious matter and the situation was resolved quickly. I cant write about it because its sub judice
honestly is that good? I think not I can live without it.

Bonnie M.
Bonnie M5 years ago

We live in an imperfect world And so are we- imperfect. Facebook can be entertaining and boring, but it can be a way to see what's going on in the lives and minds of people on your list.
It allows many the freedom of expression- for good,bad,ugly ,hypocritical and sanctimonious etc. It is your personal choice to be or not to be on facebook. Surely, there can be more intelligent discussions.

Jen M.
Ms. JL M5 years ago

I mostly just use FB for games and for the business page. I have a ton of friends/family contacts there, though, and I haven't been able to convince them to use G . :(

I'm stuck with it for now, but I don't use it a whole lot.

Michele J.
Michele Jones5 years ago

Why would a teacher need to use Facebook to contact students outside of a class?? Why would a teacher need to contact my kids outside of class?? Very disturbing!

I find every aspect of facebook to be intrusive and twisted.

Tracey Stivala
Tracey Stivala5 years ago

never even been on facebook. now im really glad i didnt join.

Teresa Wlosowicz
Teresa W5 years ago

I use Facebook moderately, mainly to contact my students outside of the class.

Loo Samantha
Loo sam5 years ago


Miranda Parkinson

I only use it as an easy and free way of corresponding with loved ones that have moved across the waters. Wonderful for that!

Lika S.
Lika P5 years ago

I only use facebook to push my cause. That's it.