3 Reasons Why Barbra Streisand Shouldn’t Have Cloned Her Dog

Could it have been misty, water-colored memories of Samantha, her beloved Coton du Tulear, that inspired Barbra Streisand to have her dog cloned?

Sure, we’ve all probably fantasized at one time or another about cloning a beloved pet so we’d have a carbon copy of them around for many more years to come. Then we consider the cost and the ethics, and for most of us it remains just that: a fantasy. But not for Streisand.

In an interview with Variety, Streisand said cells were taken from Samantha’s mouth and stomach before the Coton du Tulear died last year.

Here’s what probably happened next: Scientists at ViaGen, the only company in the United States that clones pets, inserted a skin cell from Samantha into the nuclei of eggs that were harvested from donor pets. To start the embryo’s dividing process, it was given a shock. The modified embryos were then implanted, via invasive surgery, into a surrogate dog.

The result? Streisand now has two dogs, Miss Scarlett and Miss Violet, who are genetic twins of Samantha.

Happy New Year from my three girls… Pink, Blue & Violet.

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“They have different personalities,” Streisand told Variety. “I’m waiting for them to get older so I can see if they have [Samantha’s] brown eyes and seriousness.”

Sorry to rain on your parade, Babs, but even non-cloned Coton du Tulear dogs have brown eyes. And as for Samantha’s seriousness, cloned animals don’t share the personality of the original.

Streisand suggested to Variety that a photo of her with Miss Scarlett and Miss Violet should be captioned, “Send in the clones.” That’s funny, girl, but here are a few reasons why cloning her dog was seriously a terrible idea.

1. Adopt, Don’t Shop or Clone. Streisand has another Coton du Tulear who’s a distant cousin of Samantha’s. She adopted that dog from a breeder, according to Variety. While this is preferable to cloning, it would’ve been even better if Streisand (and anyone else wanting one of these dogs) had adopted one from a shelter or rescue group (the nonprofit American Coton Club helps find forever homes for Cotons in need). If you’re reading this, Babs, I once had a dog who was quite possibly a Coton du Tulear and was probably every bit as adorable as Samantha. I got her from a Los Angeles County animal shelter.

2. The exorbitant cloning fees would have helped a lot of homeless dogs. ViaGen charges $50,000 to clone a dog, plus $1,600 for “genetic preservation,” the biopsy to remove cells from the original dog. So Streisand probably paid more than $103,000 for Misses Scarlett and Violet.

3. Cloning pets is unethical. It’s opposed by major animal welfare organizations including the ASPCA and the Humane Society of the United States (HSUS). According to a Gallup poll last year, the majority (63 percent) of Americans believe it’s morally wrong. Considering that 1.5 million pets are euthanized in animal shelters every year, it makes much more sense to save their lives than to create clones that won’t share the original pet’s personality.

Our new basket of adorables

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“The pet cloning industry targets grieving pet owners who desperately want their pet alive again,” states the HSUS on its website. “Our companion animal friends are irreplaceable. We can best honor them by helping local shelter animals find loving, safe homes.”

Take Action!

Streisand is known to be philanthropic, so please sign and share this petition urging her to make a donation to an animal rescue or shelter to honor her beloved Samantha in a much more appropriate way.

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Nicole H

I would like to add 2 little things to my previous comments :

1. When the first animal, viz. Dolly the sheep, was cloned, scientist immediately cried out that this was against nature, and that we had to foresee that at a certain stage people would ask to clone themselves, their partner or this children. Luckily - to my knowledge - it is not yet so far. But when this goes on and pets are being cloned, we should not wait another 20 years or longer to make serious laws concerning cloning of animals or humans. Furthermore, they then said that these cloned animals had the risk of not being healthy at birth, or to have shorter lives. Is this problem solved then or what ?

2. When big money is involved, there are always people who will start their business in a remote location, far, far away from any village or town. And I wonder what will happen there ? I would not be surprised if effectively children or partners would be cloned, in case they should die in an accident. Big money always attract people to do illegal things. Therefore I would like that CLONING of each and every living being would be prohibited in every country / state of the world. There will be an International outburst which we can not stop when we don't take steps now.

Nicole H

@ Roslyn M : In general I fully agree with your comments. However this time NO. you say : as long as she did not harm anyone. SHE HARMED hundreds and hundreds of shelter dogs. With all the money she spent to obtain 2 clones of her Samantha, how many dogs could be taken care of ? And how many dogs could be spayed or neutered for poor people who can not afford to have this done for their pet. There are so many ways she harmed dogs and people with her extravagant attitude.

Nicole H

I admired her as an actrice and a singer. But this, NO Barbara, I feel ashamed in her place. It is a dishonor for Samantha, as being a female dog, she prevented her to become a mom and have her own babies, but instead cloned her. Although their appearance will be the same, the characters are not. She will never see Samantha's qualities in the 2 cloned dogs. Not to forget the money she spent for these dogs. Has she ever thought how many poor ones she cld have supported who are staying in shelters, sad and abandoned by their owners. NO ? Well, I wld suggest her to visit some shelters and see the misery and sadness in their eyes. Surely she then will realize that she would have found a couple that she would like as much or even more as the clones. I loved my Sheba (rescued from a shelter) so very much. But even if I had the money, I would never have cloned her. I wld never see the same way of greeting me, begging me for something, or her stupid and comic things she used to do. It would have me made even more sad.
And how can one ADOPT a dog from a breeder ??
She has been giving a wrong signal to many other wealthy people who will follow her example now. SAD, SAD, SAD !!

Angel W
Past Member 14 days ago

never liked her

Trish K
Trish K15 days ago

I don't agree with cloning animals but what is done is done. Hope they are healthy and maybe the petition will help Barbra change her mind about trying it again.

Judy t
Judy t15 days ago

The time she had with Samantha will never be the same with her 2 new look a likes. A 100,00 dollars could have helped a lot of animals in need at shelters. So many abandoned animals in shelters who need to be loved and only want a home. Saving a dog from a shelter is the most rewarding experience you can give to them and yourself and they will be forever devoted to you because "they know" that you have rescued them. When your pet passes on, you have to spread your love to another animal that needs you. I know my past dogs would want me to keep doing that. I don't know why Babs went off the deep end and went to such an extreme level. Animals can't out live humans you have to accept that and keep going with getting another pet. She will see Samantha again. Samantha is waiting for her at the Rainbow Bridge.

No Way
No Way17 days ago

Cloning company laughed all the way to the bank with this IDIOT'S money, but she's too stupid to realize FACTS = ALL DOGS of this breed LOOK EXACTLY the same AND personality cannot be cloned. Dogs and shelters could have used that money! Sure, it's her money to do with as she pleases, to show the world her DISGUSTING ARROGANCE. Shame On This Ignorant Rich F'ing Witch! She has the nerve to spew her opinion on social media about our country and our government, about how so many of us are stupid because we don't' share her viewpoint. SHE OBVIOUSLY has nothing in her head except an ability to sing - IF you like that kind of crap! Best she STFU and stop complaining about our nation, and be proud she lives here, OR GTFOH! Try running your mouth in another country Babs and see how long you last there with your know-it-all rhetoric. You are shameful - ignorant and selfish! I pity your dogs because of the reason you had them made. YOU ARE NOT GOD and all the money in the world won't make it so!

Danii P
Danii P17 days ago

Thanks for sharing

Jan S
Jan S17 days ago

thanks for sharing

Janis K
Janis K18 days ago

Could have helped so many animals! Apparently, being rich or talented doesn't make you smart.