3 Ways Care2 Members Are Making a Difference

Written by Julie Mastrine

June is off to a great start for Care2 campaigns. Check out which Care2 members had their petitions featured in the news this month!

1. More Than 28,000 Demand the Tony Awards Honor Sound Designers

The press was buzzing after the Tony Awards made the controversial decision to remove all sound design categories for the 2014-2015 season. Award-winning sound designer and composer John Gromada, who lobbied to create the sound design categories in 2007, was appalled to see his hard work cast aside — so he started a Care2 petition demanding the Tony Awards reinstate the sound design categories. It took off quickly among theatre and art lovers — Cyndi Lauper and Stephen Sondheim are among the big names appearing on the petition, and countless stars expressed their support (more on that below!)

Gromada’s Care2 petition was covered by more than 200 news outlets! A few highlights:

The New York Times

The Associated Press

CBS News

Entertainment Weekly

Broadway World

The petition also sparked a social media campaign. Broadway stars and other big names in theatre expressed their support for sound designers’ recognition at the Tony Awards with the Twitter hashtag #TonyCanYouHearMe? and #Stars4Sound. A few of the photos can be seen here and below:

Actor Joshua Henry

Terrence Mann and Charlotte D’Amboise of Pippin

Caroline Bowman, of Evita

Show your support for sound design in theatre! Join more than 28,000 others demanding the Tony Awards reinstate the sound design categories by adding your name here.

2. Nearly 3,000 Demand Texas Rescind Rule Preventing Shelters From Giving Vaccinations

In a dramatic break with animal rescue laws around the country, the Texas State Board of Veterinary Medicine recently passed HB 1767, which makes it illegal for animal shelter employees to provide basic medical care to dogs and cats without a licensed vet present. Care2 member and shelter supporter Maggie Forbes started a Care2 petition to rescind the rules, which are harmful to nonprofits and shelters that cannot afford to keep a vet on staff at all times.

Texas-based Montgomery County Animal Shelter also endorsed the Care2 petition on Facebook, writing: ”MCAS took in 107 animals yesterday. We have one vet that is dedicated to caring for shelter animals – and she is here 3-4 days per week. We would like to be able to provide a basic level of care for every animal that enters our doors – but with our intake levels and current staffing it is almost impossible.”

In addition, Dr. Wendy Blount, a small animal veterinarian, spoke to Texas reporters to show her support for the Care2 petition. The petition was featured in nearly 10 local news outlets, including:


WMC Action News



Show your support for Texas animal shelters by signing the petition here!

3. More Than 78,000 Advocate For Laws Against Leaving Pets in Hot Cars

With summer upon us, many animal rights activists are drawing attention to a pertinent issue: leaving pets alone in hot cars. That’s why Care2 members Nicole Mong and Valerie Burgess started petitions urging Pennsylvania legislators to introduce bills that would make this a crime and allow police and bystanders to intervene.

There are currently only 14 states with similar laws. Mong started her petition after two incidents in which she noticed pets left alone in cars in hot weather. Burgess started hers simply because she was tired of hearing news stories on the issue, including a story in which a Canadian dog walker left six dogs to perish in a hot vehicle.

Public Opinion News published a great story on the issue. There’s still time to join the campaign — sign Burgess’ petition here and Mong’s petition here.

All of these stories are a great testament to the power of online petitions created on Care2. Is there an issue or cause you care about? Create a petition today, and show the world what you would like to be changed.

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