4 Bahraini Protesters Sentenced to Death

Four Shiite protesters who participated in the demonstrations that have occurred in the past two months in Bahrain have been sentenced to death. The New York Times reports that three other activists who were on the same trail on charges of killing two policemen last month have been sentenced to life in prison. The trial was held behind closed doors; the protesters’ lawyers have denied the charges.

The uprising against Bahrain’s Sunni-ruled government began two months ago. Protesters, opposition leaders and human rights activists numbering in the hundreds have been detained and arrested; at least 30 have been killed, four while in custody. Crown Prince Salman bin Hamad al-Khalifa’s government declared martial law on March 15 and called in Saudi troops and tanks to crush the protesters, who had first congregated in the Pearl Square roundabout.

Says the New York Times:

Human rights activists in Bahrain voiced fears that the verdicts could generate a new wave of protests in the tiny Persian Gulf kingdom. They also argued that the trial was rendered unfair by a series of legal abuses, including the arrest of one of the defendants’ lawyers, Mohammed al-Tajer, one of Bahrain’s most prominent attorneys. The suspects were also barred from meeting with their families, and the news media were not allowed to cover the trial.

“These verdicts will have a huge negative impact on the Bahraini society,” said Mohamad Maskati, who heads a human rights group in the kingdom. “We fear brutal violence in the days ahead. I am not optimistic at all — especially that there could be more similar verdicts in the near future.”

Other activists refused to talk, citing the wave of arrests that have swept the country in the past two months.

According to the Guardian, the last time Bahrain issued a death sentence was in in 2007; before that, only one person to die over the preceding three decades had been sentenced to death.

The US’s Fifth Fleet is stationed in Bahrain.

Despite these glaring examples of human rights violations and violence towards its citizens, Bahrain’s ambassador to the United Kingdom, Sheikh Khalifa Bin Ali al-Khalifa — the former head of Bahrain’s National Security Agency (NSA), which has been accused of torture and other human rights abuses — will attend the wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton tomorrow. Crown Prince al-Khalifa has already said he will not be attending the royal wedding, after many protested his presence while violence against protesters in Bahrain continues.

The pressure group Human Rights Watch alleges that in 2007 detainees in Bahrain suffered torture including electric shocks and beatings….

A Human Rights Watch report on torture in Bahrain found: “Since the end of 2007 officials again have used torture and ill-treatment, particularly during the interrogation of security suspects. Human Rights Watch’s conclusion is based on interviews with former detainees and others, as well as its review of government documents.

“Security officials appear to have utilised a specific repertoire of techniques against many of those arrested designed to inflict pain and elicit confessions. These techniques included the use of electro-shock devices, suspension in painful positions, beating the soles of the feet (falaka) and beatings of the head, torso, and limbs.

“Some detainees also reported that security officials had threatened to kill them or to rape them or members of their families.”

Yesterday, the UK’s foreign secretary, William Hague, said that it would be “‘unacceptable’” for Syria’s ambassador to the UK, Dr Sami Khiyami, the Syrian ambassador to the UK, to attend the royal wedding due to the Syrian government’s violence crackdown against protesters. 

Surely it cannot be “acceptable” for the former head of a Bahraini government agency that tortures people to attend the royal wedding?

In another sign that Bahrain is clamping down on any citizens who engage in pro-democracy activities, seven trainee airline pilots have been suspended from a UK flying school the Oxford Aviation Academy, after they were seen attending a peaceful demonstration in London following their government’s crackdown against protesters. The Guardian reports that the students face questioning on returning home and fear that they will be tortured:

The trainees believe it is a direct consequence of their decision to protest outside the Bahraini embassy in London in late March and demand democratic reform of the Gulf state and an end to the killing of protesters. The trainee pilots said about 70 other Bahrainis on the course who did not attend have not been affected.

At least nine other Bahraini students studying in the UK have also had their scholarships revoked and been summoned to return to Bahrain after they were seen participating in pro-democracy protests in Manchester.


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Photo 32-year-old Abdulridha Mohamed Hasan Buhamid who "suffered a fractured spine and severe brain injuries from high-velocity bullets fired at him as protesters approached security forces on Guloof Road near Pearl Roundabout on February 18" by Al Jazeera English


Sandra Tsl
Sandra T6 years ago

Salam Laura, This article is very interesting and enlightening.

Thank you for sharing it with us.

Scott Freewheeler

Jazakallah sister for this profound and thought provoking gem.

To all my brothers and sisters but particularly to those living in Bahrain, Iraq, Libya, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Lebanon, Syria and Palestine;

May you all be free of tyranny now and forever, ameen.

Nastaudi’ukumullaha Alladhee Laa Tadee’u Wadaa-i’uhu!

(We leave you in the safe and sure hands of God who knows how to take care of those who are left in His care)

Laura W.
Laura W.6 years ago


Parvez Z.
Parvez Zuberi6 years ago

What will you do if their is revolt in your country the people will be arrested as traitor what happened of American civil war why did you killed your own people so if in Bahrain if they execute people who revolted against their govt why such hue and cry

Scott Freewheeler

Lots of countries have the death sentence, including America. I don’t see how that is relevant to this topic.

Tom your vague post is rather difficult to decipher. Neither Islam nor tribalism has anything to do with the “potentates” killing and destroying Mosques.

The Monarchy is just killing religious leaders to fog the issue and provoke violent reaction. Then once violent reaction ensues they can kill and arrest all those who want democracy and continue to reign unchallenged for another few years.

People don’t want tyranny; it is as simple as that.

Tyrants don’t wish to step down peacefully so they kill people in order to scare off the protests.

It really couldn’t be simpler to understand.

The only reason to complicate matters is if you want to hide the truth or gain some other agenda out of it.

The monarchy had a good run, got very rich indeed and now it’s time for democracy before there are any more murders of innocent people.

Tom Y.
Tom Y6 years ago

Another crackdown on the Arab Street. Is anyone really surprised at this development? Islam and tribalism shore up these potentates, and they do pretty much anything to break any threat to the status quo. No wonder there's such a fatalistic view on life where these influences predominate. Nor is there any guarantee that today's protesters represent a true break from the past.

Dominic C.
Dominic C6 years ago

Death penalty is ATROCIOUS! The Middle East is still very far away on the abolishment issue so basically I am not surprised.

Scott Freewheeler

Drivin. Female Genital Mutilation is mainly practiced in Asia and Africa. It predates Islam and Christianity. Islam strictly forbids harm of innocents and is against this practice. It has nothing to do with the Teachings.

UNICEF reported that: "... Al-Azhar Supreme Council of Islamic Research, the highest religious authority in Egypt, issued a statement saying FGM/C has no basis in core Islamic law or any of its partial provisions and that it is harmful and should not be practised."

There are some cases where ancient traditions across the world still maim young girls but in Arab countries this is in decline now.

Egypt's Ministry of Health and Population has banned all forms of female genital cutting.

In the US, a Federal law prohibiting FGC was enacted in 1996. Seventeen states enacted similar laws between 1994 and 2006. The practice was widespread and supported by the Medical Authorities in U.S.A. as a medical intervention, justified by Victorian doctors in exactly the same way as they rationalized circumcision of boys: to deter masturbation, to treat obscure nervous disorders such as hysteria, neurasthenia and epilepsy and thereby to promote health.

Thankfully this practice is in world decline but more work is needed to hasten this. Islam has done much to wipe out FMG so please do not be mistaken that Islam was in any way responsible.

Scott Freewheeler

The cold blooded murders of the Bahraini people have been going on for several weeks.

To suggest that it is the protesters fault is ludicrous. They are protesting because their tyrant leaders are blowing up mosques and slaughtering innocent people including targeting their religious community leaders.

In any case, if that video you saw was true, it is likely to be CIA/Mossad driving the police car. It does happen; on 19th Sept 2005 two British agents were caught in Iraq after they shot and killed an Iraqi policeman and set fire to a soldier while dressed in Arab clothing and false wigs in order to start a riot. They were held at the police station while awaiting trial for murder but the British forces stormed the police station, killed everyone and rescued the suspected murderers.


Don’t get sucked in to the religious debate on this issue. It is plain old evil tyrant who controls massive financial and oil refining interests verses the oppressed and abused people. It is as simple as that.

The tyrants are not Muslim at all. They may claim to be just as Hitler claimed to be Christian but it is our actions that define us and ordering the deaths of innocent people is far from any religious beliefs.

Sandra Tsl
Sandra T6 years ago

Are you the one who put out that outrageous petition?! I live in the UAE, you live in the USA, what possible clue do you have of what goes on this region?

I have a sister in law in Bahrain and know FIRST HAND what goes on in the region. Whatever video you may have seen was then purposefully "staged" by the regime itself. Iat wouldn't have been the first time, because the world is outraged and Knows the TRUTH.

They have seen the picuters of the tortured bodies,buried their family members, including innocent children fired at close range with rubber bullets, and have over 600 people still missing, the ones that did show up out of these so far, wered dead and tortured ones.

You are no Muslim, you should be ashamed of yourself, and do hope you get your due punishement for your sick slander.

Get your facts straight and do your research on the horrific events in Bahrain and what has been done to these people!!


Why don't you say who you really are? Why be such a coward!