4 Crafty Valentine’s Gift Ideas That Will Help Save the Planet

Written by Liz Coplon

The best Valentine’s Day gifts come straight from the heart — and they’re even better when you can make them yourself! Not only are they more personal, but they’re better for the environment too. You’ll avoid the excess plastic and paper packaging that comes with store-bought gifts, which produces less waste. Plus, making your gift at home rather than having it shipped from a stockroom thousands of miles away will save on fossil fuels — and so will not having to get in your car to drive to the mall!

Here are some of my favorite ideas for homemade cards and crafts that are fun, easy and sure to bring a smile to all your Valentines this year.  And if you have kids, they’ll love making them with you too.

I thought these tea bags were adorable and very simple to make. I’m making a box for my friend with different inspirational and Valentine’s Day messages.  They’ll be a nice start to her day!

Create a special tag for each tea bag out of recycled paper.

These homemade cards are super cute. You glue a miniature envelope to a piece of card stock, decorate it with hearts and sayings and tuck a gift — movie tickets, a gift certificate to a favorite restaurant, even a few homemade coupons — into the envelope. And the entire gift can be made out of recycled paper,  old buttons, lace, ribbon and other found materials. It’s a great opportunity to get creative.

Miniature envelopes hold your gifts for friends or family.

These heart-shaped handmade soaps are fun to make and always appreciated. Make yours extra special by adding a message of love for your gift recipient.

Soaps made with love.

And for only $10 each, you can send these sweet e-Valentines from NRDC that help save wildlife while bringing joy to your loved ones.  My daughter is sending her grandfather the “Glad You’re In My Pack” card that helps protect wolves in Yellowstone.  And for my mom, she will love the “You’re Purrfect!” card that helps keep bobcat kittens safe. You can add your own personal message to each e-card you send and schedule them to arrive right on February 14.


View the full collection of NRDC e-Valentines, all of which  help save wildlife and wild places. Happy Valentine’s Day!

Liz Coplon blogs at farmstandLA.


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