4 Great People And One Amazing Dog Who Saved The Day

Feeling gloomy about the state of the world? Try reading these wonderful stories of four people and one dog who did the right thing.

1.  Homeless man finds diamond ring, waits for owner to come retrieve it

When Sarah Darling emptied her change purse into a cup one day last month to help out Billy Ray Harris, a homeless Kansas City man, she didn’t know she had also handed over her diamond and platinum engagement ring.

It wasn’t until the next day that she realized she’d given away the ring her now-husband had given her four years ago when they got engaged. But she was lucky: Harris (shown above) discovered the ring and decided to hold on to it, figuring the woman who gave it to him would come looking for it soon.

Now, Harris’s decision has earned him worldwide praise and a flood of donations from people impressed by his honesty. Darling’s husband, Bill Krejci, started a fundraiser for Harris, and so far it has raised over $167,000. Nice!

2.  Woman finds and returns more than $11,000

A woman from upstate New York was driving to work at about 8:15 last Tuesday when a Brinks truck passed her and suddenly there were coins and dollar bills flying through the air.

Pat Wesner says more than $11,000 in bills and coins fell all over the road: $11,000 in $1 bills and $50 in pennies.

The truck driver had no idea what was happening and kept going, but Wesner immediately dialed 911. Pretty soon a state trooper arrived and together they scooped up the money, stuffed it into their cars, got it returned to Brinks.

Wow! One honest lady!

3.  Good Samaritan saves freezing man

A homeless man was stranded for almost two days and was nearly freezing to death in a wooded area. But a complete stranger walked by just in time to save him.

Last January, Christopher Matt was out for a walk in a wooded area near his home in Colorado Springs when he heard somebody calling for help and saying he couldn’t move. Matt couldn’t really see anyone, so he made his way across a creek and found a man who was so cold, he wasn’t able to get up. He discovered that the stranger had been lying there for two days, unable to move.

Matt couldn’t call for help, since he didn’t have a cell phone with him, but he managed to lift the 200-pound man onto his shoulders, and carry him over half a mile to safety.

Matt says he was inspired by the stranger who kept a positive outlook in spite of his situation. The homeless man is now doing well.

What a hero!

4.  Cab driver finds $221,510 in taxi and returns it

When a Las Vegas cabdriver was cleaning out his taxi at the end of the day, he found almost a quarter of a million dollars. Adam Woldemarin was determined to return the cash to its owner.

This large sum of money, stuffed into a black laptop case, apparently came from his passenger’s winnings at the Wynn Casino.

From The Daily News:

“I have never seen that much money in real life – just in the movies. When I saw it I was shocked,” Woldemarim told the Daily News.

Woldemarim, 42, from Ethiopia, brought the cash to his cab company’s security office.

“That’s not my money,” he told NBC News, explaining why he would not have felt justified in keeping the cash for himself.

He continued working for about an hour, when he was called back to the office.

A young man contacted the cab company claiming the money. The man tipped Woldemarim $2,000, reported the Las Vegas Review-Journal.

Hum, only $2000?

5.  Dog saves the day

A homeless man in a remote area of Washington State who suffered a medical emergency can thank his dog Buddy, an Australian Shepherd mix,  for saving his life.

On February 6, a woman was walking her dog along railroad tracks in the town of Tumwater when she spotted another dog with a note attached to its harness. The message read: “Help. Send help. No joke, cannot walk. Medicine not working. Need doctor.”

The woman handed over the desperate plea to the police. Since the note wasn’t signed, they weren’t sure where to look, but eventually tracked him down.

From Yahoo News:

Detective Jen Kolb told KIRO 7 Eyewitness News, “He was absolutely immobile. He was in his camp and couldn’t move from his location. He didn’t have a phone to call anybody. No way to reach out to anybody for help, and he was afraid he was going to die.”

Attaching a note to his trusty friend? A last-ditch effort to contact the outside world. And it worked.

The homeless, but not friendless, man was treated and released from the hospital, and has been reunited with Buddy.

Hooray for Buddy!


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Photo Credit: screenshot from kctv5 news


Mary T.
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there are still some good people on this planet of ours

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thanks for sharing

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Latoya Brookins
Latoya Brookins5 years ago

Now I am imagining being in that cab. I live in Vegas.

The most I've ever found is $20.

Connie O.
Connie O5 years ago

nice to hear of some honest people...thanks for sharing these wonderful stories

Latoya Brookins
Latoya Brookins5 years ago

I would be tempted to keep the money but I would know that it is wrong, put myself in the mindset of the person that lost it, and would not be able to do such a thing as keep that kind of money knowing that someone else lost that kind of money.

If the money belonged to someone I knew was bad, I may think differently. I would then think it was karma that they lost it and I found it.

Summerannie Moon
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great stories. thanks for sharing.

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