4 of This Week’s Most Racist Quotes

‘Tis the season for peace, joy and kindness. Unfortunately, some folks don’t appear to be getting the memo. Between Fox News and their holiday opining on skin color and the New York Post’s inappropriate attacks on the President of the United States for having the audacity to have his picture taken with a female world leader, it’s starting to sound like some of the media is hitting the eggnog hard. Politicians, sadly, aren’t doing much better, either, when it comes to racist public statements.

It’s a big week for total racism. Here are four comments it’s hard to believe people actually said this week:

1) “Jesus (and Santa) were white men.” That declaration came from Fox News television show host Megyn Kelly, who wanted the little children to be absolutely certain about the racial identities of two big figures at this time of year. Kelly was reacting to a Slate column that was explaining what it was like to grow up with the assumption that Santa Claus was always a Caucasian; the thought experiment sent the host into a rage.”Just because it makes you feel uncomfortable doesn’t mean it has to change. You know, I mean, Jesus was a white man, too. But you know it’s like we have — he was a historical figure, I mean that’s a verifiable fact. As is Santa. I just want the kids watching to know that.”

Of course, no, Jesus wasn’t white. And Santa isn’t real. Sorry, kids.

2) “I’m like Abraham Lincoln, but instead of freeing slaves I’m busting unions.” Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker is many, many things, but this generation’s Abraham Lincoln isn’t one of them. That didn’t stop the governor from making a comparison between his new book focusing only on Act 10, the controversial union-busting bill of 2010, and Steven Spielberg only using the story of the 13th Amendment in his movie “Lincoln.”

“[T]his is not the comprehensive review of Scott Walker’s life and career, this is really the story of our reforms, which are unique to Wisconsin, which is a story I thought would be interesting,” he said in an interview, according to The Progressive.”The same reason, similar reason I should say, not the same, to when Steven Spielberg made the movie Lincoln, he didn’t take the book Team of Rivals and cover the whole book, he took a piece of it, the 13th amendment, which was one of the more compelling parts of that book and made that into the movie– that’s what we did with the book, we took one part that we thought was the most compelling and most interesting to the people in this state, to the people in this country.”

It’s a pretty bold step to compare eliminating worker protections to ending slavery. Yet not only does Governor Walker feel comfortable making that comparison, he seems to have few qualms about usurping that legacy for his own pro-corporate, big business agenda. A big business that has grown exponentially hostile to people of color in recent years.

3) “Desegregation ruined schools.” Wayne Coleman is running for state senate in Virginia. Diversity training is obviously not in his background. When asked what he planned to do to address the state’s failing schools, Coleman replied, “I’m old enough to have lived during the desegregation of the schools here locally. And busing children, in my opinion, around the different districts, getting them out of their local neighborhoods, really was the beginning of the decline in some of the school districts.” Coleman, after receiving flack, said his remarks weren’t racist. It was just that he meant kids will do better when they are at a school near their homes. No doubt especially if that home is an affluent neighborhood and everyone else is kept out of it.

4) “The Danish ‘Hellcat,’ the philandering President, and the angry wife.” Conservatives are calling it an “international incident.”MSNBC pundits, meanwhile, note that criticism of the “selfie” seen round the world, which involved British Prime Minister David Cameron, President Barack Obama and Danish Prime Minister Helle Thorning-Schmidt, is more than tinged with racism, too. According to Mediaite:”MSNBC.com reporter Irin Carmon blasted the selective focus on some photographs of the ‘selfie’ moment for elevating a ‘confluence of racist and sexist stereotypes.’ She said that the focus on first lady Michelle Obama scowling presented her as an ‘angry black woman’ while the suggestion that the president was flirting with the female Danish prime minister presented him as the ‘oversexed black man.’”

If you don’t believe that analysis, read a little of the New York Post’s column by Andrea Peyser, where she calls the Danish Prime Minister a “hellcat” in black pantyhose and accused the President of leaning in to feel her “body heat.” “Thorning-Schmidt placed her hands dangerously close to Obama’s side,” relishes Peysner in glorific, Harlequin romance detail.

It should be noted that the photographer who took the picture said there was absolutely nothing going on.

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Kathy Perez
Kathy Johnson4 years ago


David B.
David B4 years ago

what makes me laugh is all these so called Christians following a jewish man ! and as for the color jc and sc , well I'd kinda like an eye witness account of that , please and thankyou .ya know that;s the sad difference tween north merica and Europe . Europe has traditions built over generations, where the us started with them and now they can't wait to tear them down and all apart.who gives a crap what color there skin was ?that's why America is dissinagreating as a major power and as a leader .no tollerence one area moves forward (gay rights) another area moves backward , women's rights .so very sad.but as long as it is totally controlled by od grey haired white menand over half the population is pushed aside so be it.

Carole L.
Carole L5 years ago

Bruce K
“and if Jesus was alive today and shot a African American on the streets of America he would be called "White"

and why would Jesus shoot anyone. if Jesus were alive today would you even recognize him.

Stephen Greco
Jason T5 years ago

The woes of living in a world full of idiots...

Jan W.
Jan W5 years ago

In response to Megyn' s obviously ignorant (of the facts) comments, I thought this was good...


Christine Stewart

Ouch, they all make my head hurt!

Mother E.
Sandie M5 years ago

Elise T, Alan, Nancy, et al.. The accepted categories of race are Caucasoid, Negroid and Mongoloid. There are sub race breakdowns. The area where St Nicolas is from is part of the Caucasoid, not Negroid. The same goes for Jesus, even though he may have had darker, more tan like colored skin rather than white - but not black. Incidentally, skin shade is not the determining factor.

Caucasoid sub races: Aryan, Semitic, Hamitic (Meyers Blitz-Lexikon (Leipzig, 1932) divides Caucasian or "Caucasoid" types into: the Nordic, Dinaric, Mediterranean, Alpine, East Baltic, Turanid, Arabid, and Irano-Afghan).

Negroid sub races: African Negro, Hottentot, Melanesian, Negrito, Australoid (Australoid is sometimes categorized as a separate race)

see here:


Elizabeth Vick
Elizabeth Vick5 years ago

People are so closed minded.

Polly Churchman
Polly Churchman5 years ago

I hope these people learn some tolerance and focus on what's actually important in life.

Don L.
Don L5 years ago

If you look at which jackasses are making these comments, it comes as no surprise. It's very telling that they all are at least marginally race-related.