5 Reasons Withdrawing From the Paris Agreement is a Terrible Decision

In 2015, nations came together to make a concrete plan on how to counter climate change. Now, President Donald Trump just announced that the United States will renege on its promise.

Here’s why Trump’s decision to withdraw from the Paris climate agreement is pointless and destructive to the environment, the U.S. economy and human rights.

1. The U.S. has contributed more carbon pollution, over time, than any other nation.

As history’s biggest carbon polluter, the U.S. has a responsibility to help fight climate change before it claims more lives through increased flooding, severe storms and drought.

And yet, Donald Trump pulled out of the one agreement the rest of the world has made to help fight the problem this pollution is causing.

2. Pulling out of the agreement could be bad for the economy and jobs. 

In his announcement, Trump claimed the Paris agreement would cost Americans 2.7 million jobs. But as CBS Money Watch reports, “the estimate of jobs lost from America’s participation in the Paris deal doesn’t account for the positive effects of slowing down sea-level rise. And the study assumes energy prices will stay the same in 2025 as they are today, even though the cost of renewable energy has been dropping rapidly.”

As the cost for renewable energy has dropped, the job opportunities in the sector have increased. Renewable energy jobs have almost doubled over the last 5 years. There are way more jobs in renewable energy than fossil fuels, and those job opportunities are growing much more rapidly. Cutting off investment to that sector could be a huge disadvantage to the U.S. job economy.

Care2′s Aaron Viles argues in his petition, ”If Trump gets his way, our economy will forfeit any meaningful role in the developing clean energy field and U.S. goods would be hit with higher tariffs when exported… all while guaranteeing our communities will be hammered by rising seas, stronger storms, droughts, deluges and forest fires.”

3. We need more large-scale plans for climate action.

Often when we discuss climate change, we focus on individual actions or nebulous wishes for “regulating big businesses.”

These efforts are all important. However, it’s essential that those efforts combine with systemic changes across the globe — and the Paris agreement is an amazing opportunity to make those changes happen.

Nearly 200 nations committed to slash greenhouse emissions to try to keep global warming under the risky 2-degrees-Celsius level.

They have to make their plans more strict every five years and report their emissions periodically starting in 2023 for accountability.

4. The global climate deal helps developing nations. 

Rich countries vowed to give $100 billion a year to poor ones to foster sustainable development. Since climate change hurts poor people the most, this is essential.

“Climate change is one of the most pervasive threats to human societies that the world has ever experienced,” says Amnesty International USA Executive Director Margaret Huang. “As glaciers melt, lakes and riverbeds dry up, forests burn, crops die out and heatwaves rage; it will have devastating impact on human rights. It has the potential to make social inequality, famine and the refugee crisis even more acute…

“Hundreds of millions of people would be denied their rights to life, to health, food, water and housing.”

5. Most Americans support the Paris agreements.

According to a Yale Program on Climate Communication poll, 70 percent of Americans favor the U.S. staying in the Paris agreement.

As the Atlantic notes, this support cuts across political parties.

And nearly every other country has backed the agreements. In fact, Syria and Nicaragua are the only countries that haven’t signed the Paris agreement, and Nicaragua refused because the agreement “wasn’t tough enough.”

Take action!

What can we do now that Trump plans to withdraw? Care2′s Manager of Organizing, Aaron Viles, is urging state and local lawmakers to keep the tenants of the accord

New York, Washington and California legislators have already committed, and they are urging other governors to join a Climate Alliance.

Urge your governor to follow their lead and uphold the tenets of the Paris agreement by joining the Climate Alliance.

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Thanks for sharing.

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Indeed it is, what an idiot and ignorant this man is, how embarrassing for the US ignore science just because a moron does not understand science or he does and he is denying all of it to his convenience.

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Trump has never met a terrible decision he didn't like.

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All is not well north of the 49th.

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Where are you getting your information? I see nothing of mine on this post that would warrant such false and mean spirited attacked/

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Posters like David F. and Blossfeld sleazily promoting the destruction of clean energy agreements and global climate change programs and shilling for the dirty energy mafias should get off this site, since they have declared allegiance to the psychotic decisions of a criminal psychopath in the White House who is worse than the ISIS leaders, Hitler and Ted Bundy combined, therefore like Trump they care for nobody, much less the environment. Trump is worse than the top terrorists in history precisely because his insanity extends beyond just genocide. Trump's deliberate and calculated intention is destroy the future of life on planet Earth.