4 Service Animals in the Spotlight

Service dogs work hard to help their humans and sometimes don’t get the attention they deserve. These dogs go through rigorous training in order to help people in need, whether they have a disability or need emotional support and comfort.

Of course, most humans give their dogs unconditional love in return for changing their lives for the better. But most of these dogs go to work every day with little recognition. Here are four service animals who definitely earned their moment in the spotlight.

Seph Ware and Presley Ware

Earlier this month, a goldendoodle named Presley made headlines when she posed next to her person, Seph Ware, in Seph’s middle school yearbook. Presley is Seph’s service dog and she is rarely seen without her human. As a result, Good Hope Middle School gave her a special spot in its yearbook. Seph suffers from Duchenne muscular dystrophy and Presley helps him out by fetching things – like school supplies – when he is unable to get it himself.

Presley had become such a big part of the middle school that yearbook adviser Sonya Hogg told CNN that “there was no question” that she would be included in the yearbook.

The photo and the story went viral, showing how important service/therapy/emotional support dogs are to their humans.


Credit: Cole Lyle

Cole Lyle and Kaya

Cole and Kaya are working hard to make sure every veteran has easy access to a service dog if and when they need one. The Department of Veterans Affairs does not provide service dogs to veterans, but Cole and Kaya hope to change that by testifying in front of Congress to make sure the Puppies Assisting Wounded Servicemembers (PAWS) act goes through.

Cole is a Marine veteran and turned to a service dog when prescriptions weren’t helping his PTSD. Since Kaya came into his life, Cole has had fewer bad days. Kaya is even trained to recognize when Cole is having a nightmare and wake him up from it. Their story shows how important service dogs are to veterans and how the dogs can change their lives for the better.

Carrie Fisher and Gary Fisher

You may have seen Gary Fisher making the media rounds during press for The Force Awakens. Or you may follow him on his Instagram account, garyfisher. Either way, this French bulldog has become almost as famous as his actor/writer mom.

Most recently, Carrie brought Gary to the White House correspondents’ dinner and he was a huge hit. Carrie brings her pal along with her to help with her bipolar disorder, which she announced she had in a 2000 interview. Carrie said that Gary helps her to better manage the disorder and takes him along to red carpets and interviews.

Invictus Games Service Dogs 

The Invictus Games were held May 8-12 and the athletes had an incredible chance to compete in the games, while their service dogs stood by. The games were established in 2014 by Prince Harry and provide an opportunity for wounded, injured or sick armed services personnel and veterans to compete in multi-sport events. This year marked the second Invictus Games, which was held in Orlando, Florida. The dogs, which are an important part of their humans’ lives, got to stand by their best friends on the award podium and even competed in their very own race, right alongside their humans.

Photo Credit: swong95765


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Thank you for sharing.

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And we still have animal abuse..

Georgina Elizab McAlliste
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I met one not so long ago ..unbelievable how well trained he was

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Wonderful programs to help people who need service animals! :D

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there ARE service cats too

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Im so glad someone invented dogs.

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Service animals are the hardest working and the most loyal employees you can find!!

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These dogs really deserve recognition.