4 Spectacular Political Trolling Attempts by the GOP

It’s summer vacation, and everyone in the U.S. seems to be†planning road trips, hitting the pool and watching fireworks. Of course, many of those fireworks are happening online.

Political trolling hasn’t taken a vacation at all — in fact, the battles are only heating up. As Americans grow more divided over the Trump administration and its cronies, the hits are becoming†harder and more vicious — oh, and did we mention amusing?

Here are four recent instances of spectacular political trolling.

1. “Where’s your health plan, Hillary?”

The Obamacare repeal has been an utter disaster for the GOP, so they have fallen back on their old standby: Blame Clinton. Of course, this doesn’t work nearly as well now that the former presidential candidate is no longer running for public office.

Nevertheless, Republicans†persisted, attempting to goad Clinton†on Twitter regarding the new healthcare deal. “Where’s your plan?” the Republican National Committee tweeted at the former Secretary of State.

And†she responded beautifully: “Right here. Includes radical provisions like how not to kick 23 mil ppl off their coverage. Feel free to run w/it.”

2. “Enjoying the beach, Chris Christie?”

New Jersey Governor Chris Christie initially claimed he “didn’t get any sun” when he used a†closed public beach†for his own private party during the state’s shutdown. But†photos showed otherwise, causing his spokesperson to clarify, claiming†that Christie†meant he was wearing a hat.

That hat, and the rest of Christie, soon became its own meme on†Twitter. The posts†ranged from pictures portraying†Christie as a cast member of “Jersey Shore” to those†showing him†blocking the notorious New Jersey bridge that caused his “Bridgegate” scandal. One Twitter user even placed†Christie in the Oval Office — quite possibly the closest he will ever come to being president himself.

3. “How’s your Apprentice doing now, Mr. President?”

Former California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger and GOP President Donald Trump have a bizarre and complicated relationship. Both are Republicans and coastal stars who parlayed their public media personas into elected office. They both have even been the ultimate bosses on NBC’s reality TV show “The Apprentice,” with Schwarzenegger taking over when Trump left the show.

But their similarities turned into a strange rivalry during the Trump campaign when the California governor refused to back the New York businessman’s campaign. And once Trump got into office, that rivalry continued. The president even taunted Schwarzenegger over his poor television ratings.

Now the Governator has turned the tables, joining forces with French President Emmanuel Macron to return the favor.

“Environmental BFFs President Emmanuel Macron and Arnold Schwarzenegger poked fun at President Donald Trumpís signature slogan in a trolling tirade that seen them traverse Snapchat, Twitter and Facebook,” writes†Rt.com. “In a video captioned: ‘with President Macron, a great leader!’ former California Gov. turned environmentalist Arnold Schwarzenegger says he and the French president are ‘talking about environmental issues and a green future,’ before a smiling Macron leans in to deliver his totally unrehearsed: ‘and now we will deliver together to make the planet great again.’”

4. “Have you read the Declaration of Independence?”

And finally, in what has to be the greatest of all trolls, Trump supporters actually trolled themselves.

Up in†arms over what they perceive†as the “fake news” produced by†the mainstream media, numerous conservatives†lashed out†at NPR over a series of July 4th tweets that they were convinced attacked President Trump.

There was only one small problem — the news station was simply tweeting lines from the Declaration of Independence. The “tyrant” NPR warned about was the King of England, and it was the Founding Fathers setting the alarm — not the liberal media. Sort of makes you wonder who the true “patriots” are in America right now.

Photo Credit: Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff/Flickr


Marie W
Marie W2 months ago

Thanks for sharing

Margie FOURIE7 months ago


heather g
heather g7 months ago

Noted, thanks

Regus Slantei
Regus Slantei7 months ago

And, oh by the way....

Claiming that the bloated-butterball Gov. "didn't get any sun" because he was wearing a hat, is like claiming that he didn't have sex during intercourse because he was wearing a condom.

I think the reason that someone from a whale-like species, like butterball-boy, doesn't have sex has nothing to do with a condom, but instead has something to do with most homo sapien women disdaining sex with the males of other species.

Debbi -
Debbi -7 months ago

Between some of the terribly stupid ideas many Republicans have and Trump's ignorantly dangerous ideas, this is now fight, once again, fighting for our independence only from Pence, trump, McConnell, Ryan, and the cabinet. Just wipe the slate clean with the majority of Reps. and senators working together across party lines. They used to, before the Tea party demanded they control the R's, then the country, and McConnell fell into step with them so keep his prominent position. He does love those millions in donations from the insurance and pharmaceutical companies. He's no better than any other whore.

Julie W
Julie W7 months ago

Chris Christie initially claimed he “didn’t get any sun”. Hilarious! I see that statement as on a par with "but I didn't inhale"! What the hell difference would it make whether he got any sun or not? What he did was wrong.

Lori Hone
Lori Hone7 months ago

Republicans political bias out weighing the facts, that is not ignorance, that is stupidity.

Bill Eagle
Bill Eagle7 months ago

These people are ignorant, mean, and very greedy. A terrible combination and a prescription for disaster for our country.

Freya H
Freya H7 months ago

Folks, the best way to react when trolls - and we all know who those f---tards are - slither out of their caves and smear whatever they find in their diapers onto Care2 comment sections is IGNORE THEM. They thrive on controversy. If they really upset you, flag them as trolls instead of responding directly. Besides, I wonder if those banana-brains really believe any of the bilge they vomit onto the Internet. I wonder if they post that rubbish just to cause a stir. I have managed to read some of their posts - not easy to do because of all the gagging, eye-rolling till I could almost see my own brain, or laughing my arse off - and come to the conclusion that, to put it politely, none of them are candidates for Mensa.

Just Human
Just Human7 months ago

Trump, worst president ever (said like comic book guy)