4 Ways Care2 Members Are Making a Difference

Written by Julie Mastrine

Care2 members have been busy making positive change this month! Check out our bi-monthly roundup of Care2 members who have had their petitions featured in the news.

1. The Karth Family Delivers More Than 11,000 Truck Safety Petition Signatures

In May 2013, AnnaLeah, 17, and Mary, 13, were killed in a car accident involving two semi trucks. This led their family to launch a Care2 petition demanding reform of the nation’s truck safety laws.

Nearly a year later, on May 5, the Karth family delivered more than 11,000 petition signatures to the U.S. Department of Transportation in Washington, D.C. They hoped to urge public officials to make changes to existing truck safety laws, such as decreasing driver fatigue by monitoring drivers’ hours on the road using Electronic Logging Devices (ELD) and improving underride guards, metal barriers on the back of large trucks designed to prevent cars from sliding underneath the vehicle during a crash.

Their petition delivery also got a slew of media coverage, including:


FOX 23 News


Way to go, Karth family! Their petition is now closed, but you can view it here.

2. 17,000 Demand School Stop Taking Away Students Lunches

At Dowagiac High School in Michigan, Dominic Keown had his lunch taken away when school officials realized his account balance was low. Dominic’s mother Amanda was outraged — so she paid off all students’ balances (totaling about $200) and started a Care2 petition demanding the school end the practice.

In her Care2 petition, Keown notes public shaming of students without sufficient balances should end, equating the practice to bullying by school officials. She writes, “Taking food from a child’s hand and throwing it away should NOT be tolerated! Posting lists with student’s names and account balances for all to see also needs to come to a stop!”

The Care2 petition was mentioned in plenty of news outlets, including:


Huffington Post

ABC 57


Support Amanda’s petition by signing here!

3. 28,000 Demand Firing of Abusive Police Officer

After a video of Green Bay police officer Derek Wicklund brutally assaulting a seemingly innocent bystander went viral, a Care2 member started a petition demanding the officer’s removal from the police force.

The viral video shows Wicklund brutally assaulting a man outside Stir-Ups Parlor & Saloon in Green Bay, pushing him on the hood of a car, then the ground. The Green Bay Professional Police Association defended the officer, calling the apparent assault “a justifiable, legal, and lawful arrest.” Still, the viral video has prompted an internal investigation.

Citizens concerned about widespread police brutality in the U.S. jumped on the Care2 petition, and many media outlets picked up on it:



You can support the Care2 petition to end police brutality by signing here.

4. 12,000 Demand Chase Bank Stop Discriminating Against Porn Stars

Earlier this month, the Internet was abuzz after notices Chase Bank reportedly sent to hundreds of adult film stars went public. The notices informed them their accounts would be closed — for no apparent reason.

Many Care2 members thought the action was inherently discriminatory and jumped to start a petition.

“Many porn stars are simply trying to make a living and support their families like everyone else,” wrote Care2 member Chris Wolverton.

The Care2 petition was mentioned in the following news outlets:

Business Insider


Denver Business Journal


Support the Care2 petition by signing here!

All of these stories are a great testament to the power of online petitions created on Care2. Is there an issue or cause you care about? Create a petition today, and show the world what you would like to be changed.

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♥THANK YOU CARE2 MEMBERS! Since 2009 I'm proud member of this community and now I'm asking for help for Serbia, BiH and Croatia. People and ESPECIALY animals need your help and support. Please make a real difference. Thankful in advance. ♥