4th Grader Asks KFC to Use Post-Consumer Recycled Paper

When Cole found out that Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC) was cutting down trees in wetland forests in his home state of North Carolina, he took a small group of his friends to KFC headquarters to speak to KFC executives and deliver over 6,000 petition letters. They urged the company to be a leader in environmental business by using more post-consumer recycled paper in their packaging.

The two executives gave each child a paper voucher for $5 off their next KFC purchase and sent them on their way. KFC has not made any changes to their environmental policy.

Here is Cole’s story:

This was not Cole’s first stint with environmental activism. Check out Care2′s article about his success with McDonalds.

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Photo courtesy of Marufish via flickr


Sarah M.
Sarah M6 years ago

Great children, too bad big corporations like KFC don't care at all what they are doing to the environment.

Zoe V.
Zoe V.6 years ago

KFC should of given money to reimburst what was spent on gasoline. It's a shame they wasted other people's time and didn't bat an eye.

John H.
john Haughton6 years ago

hemp is a perfect alternative which should be grown on a commercial scale as an alternative to the use of wood. Why does it have to be wood re-cycled or otherwise?

Kim R.
Kim Rivers6 years ago

More power to the kids, that are taking a stand and speaking out!

Cesar V.
Cesar Villanueva6 years ago

kfc equal dirty bird

Howard C.
.6 years ago

What a forward thinking young man you are Carl. Maybe you could raise a petition on Care2, I suspect that you will gain sufficient signatures to make KFC think again.

Elizabeth Zehren-Byers
Elizabeth Z6 years ago

KFC is so nasty!

Jeanette Steffi G.

Dear KFC,

Do listen to this inspiration child's words. It will do you good, believe me.


Catsy D.
Catsy D6 years ago

Go COLE!!! Young Ambassador! Keep up the good work!

Elizabeth M.
Elizabeth M6 years ago

Thanks Lindsay for this article of a very astute young boy Cole in wanting Kentuckey Fried Chicken to use recycled paper in the packaging.
I feel that giving these 4 kids a $ 5.00 voucher after all the work they had done was an insult.
I signed a petition already on the subject.
Final Words; Cole you are an amazing young man and keep up the good work!!!